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On the last day of summer, a wonderful event had taken place in a beautiful garden inside the private villa of the President of LME. There was an artfully decorated arch where a minister stood in the middle facing everyone who were there to witness this fairytale-like event of the year.

At the end of the lavender carpet aisle between the rows of chairs where family, loved ones, close friends and important and respected colleagues sat, was a simple white arch artfully decorated with green vines and various flowers of the shade of blues and violets. Before it, stood a tall man with blonde hair and blue eyes looking very dashing and debonair in his dark blue tuxedo, silver tie and on his chest a boutonniere of a single white daffodil which in Japan means "Joyousness." And perched on his forearm was his best man and the one who brought them together, the little baby in his own matching dark blue tuxedo, silver tie and white daffodil boutonniere on his adorable little chest. Standing beside the two Rens in their matching tux and looking handsome as ever was the real grown up best man, the groom's manager, Yashiro Yukihito.

The first row of chairs on his side of the aisle sat his dad and his mom, clutching each other's hands in pure joy for their son and soon-to-be daughter-in-law. Beside them were Lory who was dressed in a very unique, custom designed tuxedo that stands out with his son, Maria's father, who was there to see his lovely daughter as a beautiful flower girl for the event and Sebastian in, thankfully, a normal looking tuxedo. Two rows behind the president and the Hizuri couple were their very close and important colleagues and friends like Director Ogata, the Ishibashi brothers, Sawara Takenori and the other two heads of singing and acting section of LME and Director Shingai.

On Kyoko's side were the Okami and Taisho of Darumaya. They had invited the Fuwas but they couldn't leave their Ryokan in peak season. Kyoko and Kuon sent them a gift of gratitude and appreciation for everything that they had done for Kyoko. They even did free recommendations and referrals to their colleagues of the Fuwa Ryokan. Two rows of chairs behind the couple were the new extended family of baby Ren and Kyoko, the Takaharas. Maeko and her husband and other Takahara relatives who were curious to meet and those who already were crazy about their nephew were there. At the very back were the most important and close employees in the president's mansion who had been taking care of them in their stay there such as the cooks, the maids and manservants, and nannies of Maria and baby Ren.

When everyone of the guest arrived the day before the wedding, they had dinner and there Kuon revealed his true identity as Hizuri Kuon, the son of the famous Hizuri Kuu. Everyone was surprised to say the least. All their colleagues were stunned and couldn't believe it. They were in awe and at the same time felt somewhat cheated. The Takaharas felt happy for Kyoko who was very lucky to have a great catch. However, in the eyes of the Taisho and the Okami, Kuon was still the guy who was hopelessly in love with their precious Kyoko-chan. But those who didn't know were all beyond surprise when they announced baby Ren and that they were going to keep the baby. The baby who Tsuruga Ren had announced he found on the hood of his car one winter night. They also introduced the Takaharas to everyone as the baby's father's relatives and that they allowed Kyoko and Kuon to take custody because the baby has grown to love them and couldn't stand to be apart from the couple and vice versa. But they didn't tell them that the gorgeous baby was Kyoko's half brother. It was best to keep it simple.

The music started and all the audience turned their heads to look at those who will walk down the aisle. A melodic song started to the right of the arch that was supposed to be an altar. There was a grand piano there and standing near it were Matsunai Ruriko and one of LME's best male pop singer. Ruriko started first.

I set out on a narrow way, many years ago

Hoping I would find true love along the broken road

But I got lost a time or two

Wiped my brow kept pushing through

I couldn't see how every sign pointed straight to you

The first one to walk down the aisle were the bride's maids together with their respected partners, the groom's men. The first one was Chiori with Hiou, who had a growth spurt and was now suddenly almost as tall as Chiori in her heels. (Don't worry, he's still growing.) The next one was Momose with Kijima. The bride's maids were wearing different shades of blue and violet and the designs of their dresses where different but pretty similar. The groom's men were wearing silver tux with different shades of blue and violet neckties.

Every long lost dream led me to where you are

Others who broke my heart, they were like northern stars

Pointing me on my way, into your loving arms

This much I know is true

That God blessed the broken road

That lead me straight to you

The next one was Kanae, the maid of honor. She wore a simple soft pastel pink flowing dress. Kyoko personally requested it as a symbol of the second stone Kuon gave to her, princess Rosa. Kanae was reluctant to wear pink when Kyoko first mentioned it because it reminded her of the hideous pink jumpsuit the president forced them to wear in LoveMe section. But she heaved a sigh of relief when Julie showed her the shade of pink Kyoko had agreed to use.

Now I'm just rolling home

Into your loving arms

This much I know is true

God bless the broken road

That lead me straight to you...

The next one was none other than little Maria. Even though she was not that small anymore to be a flower girl, she was still happy to do it for her Onee-sama and she looked really pretty in her one shoulder fairy-like tutu dress. The tules in her tutu were in different shades of blue, purple and pink with a big white ribbon wrapped around her waist. She scattered white petals on the lavender carpet for her Onee-sama to walk on.

The singers went to their appointed seats as the music changed into the bridal chorus. Everyone stood up and turned to look at the blushing bride who was standing at the beginning of the Lavender carpet. She was wearing a very simple wedding gown. It was very modest with a short sleeve, wide round neckline and from her breast to her sleeves were beaded beautifully. Under her breast to her waist had folded designs that hugged her figure spectacularly. Then, the design downward was semi-mermaid style that just outlined all the right curves and fell simply down to the ground. It really fitted who she was.

She had a simple thin veil that did not overly cover her stunning smile and twinkling golden eyes. She was clutching a bouquet of shades of bluish purple flower of Irises which meant inspiration and Lisianthus which means appreciation, white ranunculus which says 'I am dazzled by your charms,' white roses which means innocence and greenery to compliment them. Her hair was long again and was dyed back to her original color. It was curled and was done in a side romantic curly cascading on one shoulder with orange blossoms pinned to her hair courtesy to the Okami's elder beliefs for fertility and fruitfulness. Some others also said it means eternal love.

She took a deep, shaky breath and started walking on the lavender carpet filled with scattered white petals. Her eyes were only trained to the two Rens of her life who were her love and her home. Everyone of the people who looked at her caught their breaths in her beauty. She just looked so blooming and glowing and breathtaking. Halfway down the aisle, Kuu and the Taisho went to met her on either side of her and escorted her to her very own soon-to-be family, Kuon and baby Ren.

Most of the ladies in the audience gasped and all the men's eyes widened as they saw the back of the modest gown of the bride. The design in the back of the gown was not modest at all. The back was open from shoulder to the small of her back in a V design cut with a pretty embroidery design. The simple modest gown had a flair after all like most wedding gowns do. And it showed a little side of the woman who played Natsu and Maddie Powers perfectly.

When they arrived in front of the two Rens, Taisho glared at Kuon one last time to remind him of the consequences if he ever hurt Kyoko. He gave the older man a reassuring smile. He perched baby Ren on his other arm and took her right hand in his while Kuu sniffed dramatically as he let go of Kyoko's hand. All three climbed on the elevated archway altar and stood in front of the minister. Kyoko and Kuon kissed the baby before Yashiro took him from Kuon as all the bride's maids, grooms men, maid of honor, best man and baby Ren went to their assigned seats and sat down. Everyone also sat down as the minister began the ceremony.

It was a blur as they undoubtedly said their 'I do's and no one objected to their union when the minister asked. It was now time for the rings and the vows. The pianist started playing in the background a meaningful song entitled "From this moment On."

"I do swear, Kyoko, that I'll always be there. I will give anything and everything and I will always care. You are my happiness, my heart and my life. Through weakness and strength, happiness and sorrow, for better for worse, I will love you with every beat of my heart, Kyoko." Kuon vowed as he slid on her wedding ring.

Kyoko's eyes misted and pooled as she smiled up to her groom. "You're the reason I believe in love again, Kuon. You were my strength in my darkest hours. You make all my dreams come true. You are my prince, my dream and my happily ever after. I, my heart, body and soul, belongs to you and I will love you with all of my heart." She vowed with a happy tear falling down her cheek. She slid the ring on his finger.

"I pronounce you husband and wife." The minister announced. "Hizuri-san, you may now kiss your bride."

Kuon grinned from ear to ear when he heard what the minister said. He took her veil off her face and cupped her face with his two hands and kissed her so sweetly and gently as if she was glass. Everyone clapped and stood up. Matsunai and the other singer stood up and sang the last verses of the song as the new husband and wife kissed each other.

From... this... moment

As long as I live, I will love you

I promise you this

There is nothing I wouldn't give

From this moment

I will love you, as long as I live

From this moment on...

Kyoko responded eagerly to his kiss and Kuon's hands went to her neck and the other down to her waist as he pulled her closer and angled her head so he could taste her more. When Kuon felt her bare back, he groaned in their kiss. The audience chuckled and laughed at their innocent turned deep and hungry kiss. Kuon reluctantly pulled away with a boyish grin on his face that showed he was stupidly happy. Kyoko's cheeks blossomed red with her eyes twinkling in happiness. They faced the crowd and they went down from the elevated archway altar. Yashiro handed the baby to Kuon and they walked down the aisle together.

The reception was inside the great hall of the villa. It was magnificently decorated with the combined powers of Julie, Maria and the President. Kuu, the Taisho and Okami were in-charge of the menu and the food. The ladies were in-charge of the program of the reception and the guys did all the heavy stuff and important errands. Now, everything was perfect and according to plan.

They ate, chatted and toasted to the newlyweds. Next was the slicing of the cake and feeding each other. Then, came the fun part of bouquet and garter tossing. Momose caught the bouquet and Kyoko blushed red from head to toe as Kuon slipped his hand under her dress to get the garter on her thigh. Kuon tossed it and the lucky guy who caught it was Yuusei from bridge rock. Momose blushed like Kyoko when Yuusei excitedly slipped on the garter on her thigh. Kyoko felt sorry for Momose while the guys cheered for Yuusei.

Music flooded the hall indicating that it was now time for the bride and groom's first dance. The first song was 'You and Me' by the Lifehouse. They glided on the dance floor.

"I think you and mom set out to drive me crazy today." Kuon told his bride as they danced.

"What did we do exactly?" Kyoko asked in confusion.

Kuon didn't reply out loud and just stroke her bare spine which sent shivers and electricity down to her core. Kyoko blushed red.

"It's a surprise for me too." Kyoko told him. "She only showed me the front design of the dress."

Kuon chuckled and leaned in to her ear. "I can't wait to get you alone, sweetheart." His head dropped to her bare shoulder and kissed her bare skin. "I love you. I can't wait to eat you."

Kyoko gasped and turned another shade of red.

"Get a room, guys." Kanae called to them as she and Yashiro danced by them. They were the first one to join them. They had to, they were the maid of honor and the best man. The next were Momose and Yuusei. He asked her and she didn't know how to say no to him.

Kuon chuckled in response to Kanae's teasing. "You have no idea how I want that." Kuon murmured to Kyoko. Kyoko slapped a hand on his shoulders sternly but the effect was ruined when she couldn't help but smile at her husband.

Their parents joined in on the dance floor, as well as Chiori and Hikaru, some of the Takaharas too. Maria and his father also joined in together with Lory and his precious grand-godson, if there was such a thing, who was the one who made his dreams for the two people most deserving of love to finally give in to their hearts and give love a second chance. Baby Ren giggled as Lory dance in waltz with him. He twirled him around and around which he very much enjoyed. Kyoko and Kuon laughed and beamed in happiness as they watched the two. Kyoko leaned her head onto his shoulder and sighed in joy and contentment.

By the next song, Kuon and Kyoko couldn't stand of just watching their baby, so they went and got him from Lory and dance with him themselves. Baby Ren was enveloped in their arms full of love and laughter as they now twirled and moved around the dance floor to the song called "God Gave Me You" which was very fitting for the three of them. God truly gave the two of them baby Ren as a blessing and miracle to the two people who needed it the most. And they were very much grateful and thankful for it.

But suddenly there was a commotion in the direction of the front door of the Villa. They stopped dancing and then they looked at the entrance to the great hall.

A very unexpected person came forth with white hair and outrageous Visual Kei clothes. Sebastian discreetly went into the shadows and sneaked as near as possible to the unknown man who crashed the most wonderful event of Kyoko and Kuon's life. He was measuring the situation and the person who came in ready to jump in and protect everyone in the room, especially the bride and groom.

"Beagle?" Kyoko recognized the white haired singer.

"Hello, my Queen." He greeted her with a princely bow. "Congratulations! And I am overwhelmed to finally see your true form, Mr. Lion King." He greeted Kuon with a caution in his eyes.

"What are you doing here?" Kuon's face went hard and his voice menacing.

"Hey, hey. Hold your horses." He quickly assured Kuon. "I just wanted to come congratulate you and give you my present."

"Going to the post office would have suffice." Kuon replied.

"Yeah, but my gift is unique and I can't really send it through the post office." He smiled nervously. Everyone around looked at him expectantly because he was standing there with empty hands.

"Oh, my gift." He snapped his fingers and a really familiar blonde singer came into the room. But he looked like he was walking against his will and he was struggling to get free.

"Hey, you freaking beagle. Let me go! How dare you! How are you doing this anyway, you freak?! What the hell do you want from me? I'll really break your face this time." Fuwa shouted angrily at the other Visual Kei singer.

"Shotarou?" Kyoko asked in surprise. Sho stopped his shouting and finally noticed his surroundings. Then, his eyes found Kyoko's and he gaped.

"Ky-Kyoko?" He gaped even more when he realized she was wearing a wedding dress and was in the arms of a very tall and handsome foreigner, who obviously was her groom and between them was an adorable baby. He didn't know why but the little boy looked very familiar. "What the hell is going on here?"

"Fuwacchi, she just got married today to Tsuruga Ren who is obviously the foreigner standing beside her and that's the baby Mr. Lion King found on his car last winter." Reino informed Kyoko. "Tada! Kyoko this is my gift. Your revenge on him." He smiled evilly.

The edge of Kuon's lips twitched as he tried to stop his lips from curving up into a smile at the bewildered expression on Sho's face.

"Ho-how?" Sho stammered. "Th-this can't be happening. That is not Tsuruga Ren, Kyoko is not married and that is not their baby! That is not Kyoko. She's mine and she still hasn't fulfilled her goal of getting revenge on me in showbiz." He was clearly in denial.

"I think her goal is actually coming true right this very moment." Kanae commented with a snort. "And it's very entertaining."

"Uhm, thanks for the, uh...gift, beagle, but I don't think I have much use of it." Kyoko told the beagle. " I have everything I need right here." Kyoko squeezed the hand that was holding her close on the side of her waist and her other arm holding baby Ren.

"Oh, I know! This is just for filming right?" Sho shouted. "Everyone here are actors and actresses. There's even a director." But when he looked around, he saw no lighting crews, microphones or even cameras. Just one photographer who took a picture of his face when he looked at him.

"I don't think you saw any directors, cameras and crews at the doctor's clinic, Fuwa." Kuon snorted in reply to Sho's denial.

"Doctor's-?" Sho started to ask in confusion but the picture of the little family he saw at the clinic's waiting room when he went to accompany Mimori because she had fainted in his arms while he tried to take her out on a date just for publicity and a ploy for Kyoko to get jealous when she saw his picture with Mimori. "Holy shit! Tha-that was... YOU?!"

Kuon now openly smirked at the singer. Reino filled a chill on his spine. Sure, the lion has been conquered by his all powerful queen. But when a lion mated and has a cub, they even get more aggressive when you mess with their mate and cub. And he did not want to be eaten or shredded to pieces by the lion's fangs and claws.

"Well, I'm glad you enjoyed my gift. I just wanted to repay what I did to you before because I'm coming back to Japan for good and I don't want to keep looking over my shoulder in case I'd be eaten by a lion." He smiled evilly in reply. "Enjoy the rest of your special day. I'll just take my gift back wherever I found him."

"He can stay if he wants to." Kyoko suggested while Sho was struggling very hard in believing the beautiful couple who were flirting with each other at the doctor's waiting room were his Kyoko and the pinhead actor. "He was my childhood friend after all."

Kuon chuckled at his very oblivious wife. "I think his heart had enough surprises for one day, my love. He deserves a break."

The limp and shock Sho who was mumbling to himself his denials and about having a nightmare of Kyoko married to a foreigner looking Tsuruga Ren was dragged out of the room by the same invisible forces of the beagle.

The night went on as if that incident never happened and the newlyweds kissed their little baby goodbye as they departed for their honeymoon in a small romantic cabin not far from the villa deep in the woods. It was like their very own clearing in the Kyoto forest where they had first met.

All their family who stayed in the villa after the wedding spent the next five days entertaining baby Ren who missed his mama and dada. While Fuwa Sho in his chaotic state of mind had received a call from his parents asking him if he attended Kyoko's wedding. They told him they had received an invitation from her. Sho felt like a joke and he was the punchline which nobody gets and nobody laughs at. He was now sitting there in that ugly expression of a statue. Shoko canceled all of his appointments and had thought of resigning as his manager. It wasn't worth all the stress.

Kyoko woke up the next morning which was the true beginning of the rest of her life Kuon and their baby Ren. But for now, they were given the opportunity to enjoy their beginning with just the two of them first in the next few days. She opened her eyes and saw the love of her life. It was the most wonderful experience to be able to wake up in the arms of the one you love after spending the night showing all your love to each other. If she had known it was that wonderful, she would have done it with him the night they confessed to each other. But the traditional and modest side of her reprimanded her.

"Good morning, my love." He greeted her with a lazy smile that turned her legs to jelly. Good thing they were lying down. He kissed her sweetly. "You're so beautiful." He caressed her cheek with his thumb. "Is your body alright?"

Kyoko blushed adorably. She moved around to check and then nodded. "I'm fine. Just a tiny bit sore in certain places." She replied shyly as she turned a deeper shade of red.

Kuon pulled her closer and kissed her on the lips. "I love how you blush so easily." he dropped a kiss on her bare shoulder. "I love every single thing about you."

Kyoko smiled brightly in joy and happiness. "I love you, too, Kuon."

The next five days passed by too quickly and their honeymoon came to an end. But on the other hand, they were very eager to see their baby and see how he was doing after five days of separation.

They each hugged him tight and kissed him hello. He was so happy to see his mama and dada he was bouncing in Kyoko's arm.

"We're home, baby Ren."

"We missed you so much, cuddle bear."

The three of them then went to their new home and started living their own happily ever after...

Which included baby Ren's first birthday at their new home. The theme was 'cars' which was what he was in to for two months now. He was so delighted to see so many car decorations, be it on paper or a real toy car. He also received a set of small toy cars from Kuon and a set of books and DVDs about cars and other vehicles from Kyoko. But his grandparents really gave him a real battery operated driving car. Kyoko was going out of her mind at their expensive gifts which the baby could still not use. Lory gave him a little cute bed with a car design bed frame. Lory was so happy he almost topped Kuu and Julie's gift. His Kanae Obaa-chan gave him PJs with car prints on them. Yashiro gave him fluffy shoe slip-ons that literally looked like convertible cars. The open roofs were the holes where you put in your feet. It totally went with the PJs. Some of the Takaharas came too and gave him their very own set of baby care products along with clothes, toy trucks and cars.

But baby Ren wasn't the only one receiving gifts, Kyoko also received a gift from Kuon. A charm of a car to put on her charm bracelet from baby Ren. She couldn't reprimand him of spending too much money because she liked it too much as a remembrance of their baby's first birthday.

But the most wonderful gift Kyoko received of all was when the adorable baby walked from Kuon's arms to his that day. His first time walking all by himself. There were two yards between them and he walked on his own to his mama. He lost his balance halfway and fell on his diapered bottom but he wasn't discouraged. He stood back up on his two little still a bit shaky legs and beamed so adorably at his mama. He excitedly walked over to her as he stretched out his arms to her and called out for her. It was a precious moment for all of them.

He was the greatest, most precious than any jewel or gem of gifts that she and Kuon had ever received in their entire life. And they were very lucky they were the ones who got him.

Their little miracle worker.

Their little Baby Ren.

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