A/N:.Written for a prompt over at LiveJournal where someone thought that "evil Break is always fun". I delivered.

Warnings: not worksafe. Minor sexual content.

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Break leaned over Gil who looked just as uncomfortable as he felt, and smiled. His eyes were narrowed, though his gaze was still sharp and searching. One Break's hand was resting on the teen's shoulder, keeping him pinned down to the couch, while the other gave him support.

"We've discussed this before," Break reminded and Gil nodded in defeat. "I was willing to wait for a significant amount of time and time has all run out now."

Gil swallowed, knowing full well that it was true and feeling torn up between his choices, because he still hadn't managed to decide. He suspected that he wouldn't be able to, even if allotted some extra time. But Break wouldn't give him any more than he'd already given.

"I want to hear your answer," the older man purred in Gil's ear, suddenly leaning in so alarmingly close, his hands slipping under Gil's shirt, as he adjusted himself on the couch.

Gil hesitated for a moment. He couldn't see Break's face and it worried him a little.

"I don't have one," he confessed in a shuddering whisper.

He thought that Break's rolling laughter was going to taunt him for the rest of his life.