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Max was in the lair reading the book of spells. April Fool's Day was tomorrow and he was looking for a good spell to use to prank his siblings, who usually prank him before he gets a chance. "Hmm…what's this?" he said after finding a love spell.

"Maybe I could use this to make Justin fall in love with Alex! Let me try it out. - Let love be love, soar from above, and fall into the hearts of-"

In that instant, Justin entered the lair. "Max?" he called out. "Justin?" replied Max who turned around, frightened that he might get in trouble. Max's wand was glowing.

"What are you doing down here? Why is your wand glowing? You know better than to be messing around with magic."

"I'm sorry."

"You're just lucky that I'm not going to tell dad."

Max left the lair and went to his room. He decided to go to sleep. An hour later, Max was woken up by a knock at his door. "Who is it?" Max asked.

"It's me, Justin."

"Come in."

Justin entered the room and started talking. "Listen Max, I'm sorry about what happened between us in the lair, I shouldn't have scolded you like that."

"It's okay Justin, I didn't even understand what you were saying."

"Heh, you're so cute when you don't know what's going on."

Justin sat on his bed. "I want to make it up to you." he said. "How?" Max asked. Justin then leaned over and kissed his brother on the cheek and kept moving down, not stopping until he reached his neck. Max, confused as always, pushed him off.

"Justin, what are you doing?"

"Shhh. Don't fight it."

Justin continued kissing his brother on the neck. Max didn't know what was going on but he didn't stop Justin. He actually kinda liked it. Justin kissed him once more, this time on the lips. Justin put his tongue out, knocking on the door that was Max's mouth to gain entry. Max allowed it and Justin went right in. He explored every part of Max's mouth licking everything he could reach.

He picked Max up off the bed and they stood up on the floor still kissing. Max hasn't kissed anyone before, but he's watched Alex and Justin do it with their boyfriends and girlfriends and he knew it wasn't anything like this. Justin's arms were wrapped tightly around Max's body. Max's hands were around his back but instinctively kept moving down towards Justin's ass. Once he got there, he started squeezing it and pushing Justin's body closer to his. As close as it could be.

Justin started kissing Max's neck again. Max moaned when Justin licked the part of his neck below his Adam's apple. Justin immediately noticed that it was a sensitive spot on Max's body. He kissed it, licked it, and even bit it once. Max's moans made him hot, in more ways than one. He took off his shirt and then put Max on the bed. He took off Max's shirt next.

Then, starting at Max's newly found sensitive spot, start kissing Max's body, going lower and lower as time went on. When he reached Max's chest, he immediately went for his nipples. Starting with the right one he licked it and licked it, trying to get it hard. Then he started biting it, stretching it out by moving his head back with his teeth still attached. And while he was doing that, he also used his hand to make Max's left nipple erect.

Max stood back and let Justin do his thing. "Ohhhhh, Justin." Max moaned. Justin couldn't take it anymore. Rubbing his shirtless chest against Max's body, kissing him like never had before (they have kissed before, but only because they were brothers), and biting and licking and feeling his nipples, and on top of that, hearing his brother moan his name in with a soft, innocent tone, it was all too much. He had to have Max….NOW. He went back up and started kissing Max on the lips again.

Meanwhile, Justin's hand went inside Max's pants and he felt on his dick, which was covered up by Max's underwear. He took his hand out and unzipped Max's pants. He got off of the bed to pull them off along with his underwear.

For a 14 year old Max had a pretty big dick. Justin estimated that it measured around 9 inches. Justin took off his own pants and underwear to reveal an 11 inch dick.

"Wow" Max said in awe of what he saw before him.

Justin put his head by Max's dick and then kissed it. Then he started licking it. Max expected Justin to suck it but instead, Justin flipped Max over on his back. He started kissing him on his back and then said in a quiet tone: "Max, this is going to hurt but it will feel good eventually, for both of us. Trust me." Max, a bit scared of what Justin said, decided to relax and let him do what he was going to do.

Max instantly felt a sharp pain in his ass. He knew what it was. Justin put his dick in there. "Max are you okay?" asked Justin.

"I'm fine, go on ahead."

He didn't need to tell Justin twice. He immediately started thrusting. Max was in a lot of pain but it was that good kind of pain. Maybe it was the adrenaline, or the passion, or the heat of the moment but Max liked it, what was happening to him. Justin kept going deeper and deeper with each thrust until finally, he found Max's sweet spot. "Right there Justin! Right there..." Max said as soon as Justin found it. Now that he knew where it was, Justin hit it with pinpoint accuracy with each thrust. "Damn Justin, I feel like I'm gonna fucking explode."

Justin didn't know that Max talked like that, but he liked it. It made him go faster, harder. As a result, he made Max cum all over his bed. Justin did the same after removing his dick from Max's ass. He turned Max's body over and they started kissing again, lips to lips, chest to chest, dick to dick. "Max, that was amazing." Justin said after removing his lips away from his brother's. "What were you doing in the lair today anyway?

"I was looking up a spell to use on you and Alex for tomorrow. Before you came in I was gonna say Let love be love, soar from above, and fall into the hearts of Alex and Justin." A light came out of Max's finger.

"O-Oh, I see."

"Yeah, but it doesn't matter anymore. I love you Justin."

"I-I love you too Max."

Max cuddled up next to his brother and fell asleep in his arms. Justin looked down at him with a rather sad expression on his face. Max woke up at 5:04 in the morning. He noticed that Justin wasn't there with him. He got up out of bed and put his clothes on, also noticing that Justin's clothes were gone. He left his room to see where Justin was. He noticed a sound coming from Alex's room and opened up the door.

It was then that he saw Justin and Alex on her bed naked and kissing, with Justin moving his hands all over her body. Justin turned his head and noticed Max standing in the doorway. Justin immediately left Alex's side to talk to Max. "Max, what are doing here? We're kind of busy."

"What are you doing Justin, I thought you loved me?"

"What are you talking about Max? I never said that."

Max couldn't believe what he just heard. After giving Justin a punch in the face, he burst into tears, ran to his room, and locked the door.

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