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Max was sitting quietly in his room. He couldn't believe what he just saw, what he just did. Seeing Justin with Alex made him so mad, but did he really deserve to get punched in the face? He didn't know what to do. Random thoughts were flying throughout his head. Soon he noticed a voice inside him conflicting with those thoughts. It wasn't his own. It was his conscience. The one that Max brought to life. He had forgotten that he existed after Conscience was put back inside of him. He took his wand and began to cast a spell.

"My inner thoughts of right and wrong, come out, come out, where you belong."

Instantly a boy, small and cute, seemingly appeared out of nowhere.

"Hey Roy! How are you doing?" Max asked innocently.

"How many times do I have to tell you that my name's not Roy. And you messed up the spell...AGAIN. You were supposed to use it in front of the mirror." Conscience replied.

"Wow, Gordon. For a boy who's been turned into socks, you sure do complain a lot."

"…What does that even mean? And…Gordon?"

At this point, Max wasn't listening. He just sat on his bed, with a sad face that would make anybody cry. His arms were crossed and so were his legs. He was staring at the picture of him and his siblings. Alex and Justin were hugging while Max was just standing next to him. After a while, his face changed from sadness to anger and jealousy.

"You know why Justin got together with Alex, don't you?" Conscience asked, expecting Max to not be as stupid as he seemed to be most of the time.

"No." Max replied

"It's because of the spell you used. That love spell. When you first used it, Justin said you're name, then you said Justin's name. And that's who the spell worked on, although, it took a while for it to actually take effect."

"Then why was Justin with Alex?"

"Because you used it on him again and you mentioned both his name and Alex's name. When you saw him with Alex, that should've broken the spell, but I guess you developed real feelings for him."

"It doesn't make much of a difference to him I guess. Not now anyway." Max said with a tear rolling down his cheek.

His conscience, being sort of like a guardian to him, gave him a gentle hug. Max hugged him back. The hug lasted for about a minute. But there was something about Max's hold on him, that made Conscience not wanna stop. And there was something so inviting and comforting, that made Max not wanna stop either.

Eventually, the hug turned into a kiss. There were many more after that. Max noticed something about the way Conscience kissed him. It wasn't like Justin at all. Conscience's kisses were light and sweet, even when Max allowed him entry into the insides of his mouth. Justin's kisses were hot and heavy. Max couldn't decide which one he liked better. When Justin did it, he went too far. When Conscience did it, he didn't go far enough.

For a while, they just laid there on Max's bed, kissing. But things got interesting as Max decided to take things to the next level. Max snuck a hand up his conscience's shirt and playing with his nipples which made Conscience flinch.

"What's wrong?" Max asked.

"Nothing, they're just a little sensitive." Conscience replied.

Max continued doing what he was doing. Conscience made small little jerks here and there every time Max applied pressure, but it made things hotter. More enjoyable. Conscience even started deepening his kisses as well. Eventually Conscience sat up and Max helped his shirt off. Three seconds later, Max's shirt was off too. They kissed, rubbed against each other's bodies, played with each other's nipples.

Not long after, both of them were rolling around on the bed, still holding each other, still kissing. It seemed less and less like a sexual encounter and more like two boys having fun. Even so, Max couldn't help comparing everything that Conscience did with how Justin did it. How he touched him, how he kissed him, how he licked him. Did Max like Conscience better?

Conscience does make Max feel like he's having fun. And he makes him feel loved. Justin made him feel good but less in control of what happened, as if Justin was the leader and Max was just doing what he said. But maybe he liked having someone in control. Later, both of the boys got down to their underwear and soon ditched them.

After for what seemed like hours of fooling around, Conscience decided it was time to show Max how skilled his is with his mouth and his tongue. He took Max's erection in his mouth and sucked it like there was no tomorrow. Wrapping his tongue around it and licking it as he did so. Max was ready to bust at any moment, he didn't do anything like this with Justin. He actually enjoyed it. Max's cum soon invaded the insides of Conscience's mouth.

After, the two boys cuddled together, holding each other tightly. "So what do you think Max? Would you rather have me or Justin?" asked Conscience.

Max thought about it for a while. 15 minutes to be exact. He spent the first 14 trying to figure out what Conscience meant by would he rather have him or Justin, but it only took a minute to know what the answer was.

"Justin. I'm sorry Conscience but no matter what happens, I'm still going to love him…I don't even know why I did this."

"I know Max. I'm your Conscience. I always know how you feel. But you were confused about how you felt and so I did this to make you realize it."

"Did what?"

"Never mind." Conscience said with a smile and a laugh. Then he disappeared. All of a sudden, Justin burst into Max's room.

"Justin! What are you doing here?" asked Max, who was naked and therefore embarrassed.

"I have to tell you something…" Justin replied. "That spell you put on me, to make me fall in love with Alex…I just want you to know that isn't how I really feel."

"I know, and you don't love me for the same reason…"

"No, that isn't true. When you cast the love spell and your own name is mentioned, it will only awaken that other person's desire to love you."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, if that person doesn't love you at all, physically or otherwise, the spell wouldn't work."

"I still don't see what you mean."

"It means I love you Maxie. I really, really love you."

Tears were rolling down Max's face. When Justin said that, Max could tell that he wasn't lying and gave his big brother a hug and a kiss.

That night they slept in the same bed, together, cuddling, and loving each other like no other brothers could.

The End.

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