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Notes: No Beta, just saw it yesterday. There is a woeful lack of Arthur/Eames slash on the interwebs. ENJOY~

Inception Soundtrack is so pretty.

Jobs with the Forger Eames involved are always difficult. Whether they twist, or unexpected things jump out at them, they never run smooth. This is very rarely the Forger's fault though, if it is a job that requires impersonation to fool the target, it was a complicated job to begin with. Eames is good at what he does at least, perhaps a little too good. Arthur would not like to be the subject of his attention. He is already much too often the subject of Eames' attention outside of the dreamscape.

He has always been the cool-calculated one, needing to hold down, to roll with the punches. Too many moves as a child, too many lost homes, and then you end up here. End up with Cobb, who has too many dark places. Arthur knows them, can map them, but it's not his place to tell Cobb what he already knows. Arthur's job is to investigate, to know, to take down every single detail, to know their clients in and out. He can't just shut it off, this ability to study, learn, quantify.

Study the way Ariadne fights to keep Cobb from falling under the weight of his own shadow. The way Cobb spins his little top when no one is watching, and what that means. How Eames' hand lingers always a little too long against his shoulder, arm, lower back when they work side by side. Arthur knows people, he knows Eames' hides behind so many masks, it's impossible to see his real face.

Arthur wonders sometimes if Eames dropped that last mask, that last layer of self, in bed. If when they fucked, Arthur's hands clenched in sheets, Eames pushing so slick and fast, if he could just turn that little bit. He wonders that if he could just turn around would he see that last mask drop? See what is under the layer of passionate lover, the mask of the professional. Arthur is so very good at his job, he knows their marks, in and out. He is the one to get hit first by the subject's subconscious because he is always the one who drags the most threat the one up front, the one with the guns, taking the spot-light off of Cobb.

He has to protect the team, whatever team, he does not have a choice, Cobb is the one who builds and directs. He has to protect the team, which means Eames, hands slick and clutching Arthur's slim hips. Arthur will never turn around, it's not his place to steal protection from a friend.