Chapter 1

Sometimes when I used to sit on the edge of the pool of tears I had the urge to throw myself off and plunge into the salty depths. I wanted to disappear from the pain that had shadowed everything since Redd's invasion. I tried to avoid delving into my feelings because I was desperate to ignore the broken heart that had ensued. It was difficult to do when I had suffered two painful losses, but my determination to dodge my feelings fuelled my want for revenge. I fed that desire, I fantasised about the moment that I could thrust my sword into the Cat. I made sure that I would better my skill until I could overcome and defeat the feline.

It was an obsession, a desperate but not unhopeful desire. I would end the life of the creature that had destroyed my life. That beast had ripped its claws through my past, present and future and left me with the remains of a broken mirror. And the only thing that I could see in the mirror was the scars that he was left on my cheek. But it served as nothing but a reminder for what must be done.

Despite my obsession to kill the cat I was reckless. I lived for nothing but to cause trouble for Redd, I lived to fight and kill, to destroy her empire, even if it did little more than irk her. But I saw it as a way to better my skill; to become a better fighter. My recklessness helped me in many ways, it meant that I took risks, stupid risks, but I could do it because there was no else left to hurt with my death. And with those dangerous death-defying risks I got more skilled with my weapons, I got faster, and more agile.

SMASH! Shards of glass threw across the room like Shrapnel. I threw an arm across my face and turned my back a little. SMICK! I almost gasped as a piece of glass lodged itself in my back. Oh well I'll get it out later. I laughed as the chase begun and as the Glass Eyes kicked into gear. It was all too easy. Redd liked to think that she was invincible and tough, but those like me; an Alyssian knew better than that. She had a powerful Imagination, and okay she was armed with Black Imagination, but she was still human. And she had little control over the very human emotion that was anger. I knew how she would turn Red with her rage, how she could scream in her throat-claw of a voice, and how she would smash anything within her vicinity. I liked that imagining, of her in full rage, and because of an action that I and the other Alyssian's had made. I laughed to myself as we raced ahead.

We had just destroyed one of her factories that processed strange imagined creatures that Redd thought up. That would make her so mad, that all her hard work had been ripped from her Jabberwocky claws. We continued to run, I threw a look over my shoulder, any second we would skid to a halt and dive through the Looking Glass and would run the Crystal Continuum. This was always fun, the few Glass Eyes that managed to get into the mirror would never leave it working. They all ended up destroyed when they followed.

'Here!' I called as we raced and skidded to a stop, we jumped in the concealing bush and into the Crystal Continuum. For those like me and the Alyssian's, running through the continuum was easy, it took practise and we had a hell of a lot of it. Redd's Glass Eyes didn't have a problem with staying in the continuum either, but only because they had no real thoughts, plus they'd been created to do their job, a job chasing those like me.