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His Mist Guardian

The quiet Bossu broke Tsuna out of his morose thoughts and made him look back where he saw Chrome standing, a lunch box in hand. She looked hesitant and nervous and Tsuna smiled at her, trying to provide encouragement. It had already been more than a year since she'd joined his guardians (was it really that long, he wondered absent-mindedly; it certainly didn't feel that way), but she'd still retained some of that uncertainty.

"I brought you lunch," she said simply, offering no further explanations. She was a person of few words and didn't speak much around the rest of the family. Not to mention that she looked about to dash because Gokudera and Yamamoto had appeared down the road and were coming this way. Gokudera still hadn't lost some of his suspicion and Yamamoto's friendliness felt suffocating for her; hence, she opted to mostly avoid them and interact with them upon utmost necessity.

"Thank you, Chrome." Smiling, Tsuna reached out and took the package from her hands and the moment it left her, she made to leave, parting with a quick and relieved smile and a small nod. Tsuna sighed. Even though Chrome had improved in her cooking considerably, he was still the only one who dared to eat it. Well, and I-Pin, who had become very close friends with her.

After responding to Gokudera's frantic waving, he opened the box and took out a nigiri – now almost normal-looking. Tsuna bit into it and even though the taste was still a bit off, it was okay. He sampled another one, and tested it with wasabi for the hell of it; that evened out the taste.

What were they, Tsuna wondered grimly, afraid that Chrome was going to poison them all with her cooking? That's what they had Bianchi for.