A/N: Written for a prompt on LiveJournal where someone's wish was to have "G BEING THE BAMF THAT HE IS". Emphasis not mine, but I wholeheartedly agree to it.

Warnings: worksafe.

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A gale is just a storm in the making

G cursed overlooking the rows of enemies blocking his path. This was unexpected, he thought with annoyance, hands stuck in his pockets with the fingers of his right hand curled around a small item Primo had asked him to find. This assignment wasn't supposed to draw such level of attention from the opposing families, and looking at the small army in front of him, he couldn't even discern which family hadn't gathered its men here. Some of them were even from opposing parties, now all gathered here together. And to think that such a small, utterly insignificant artefact had caused such a commotion!

After considering his options, G sighed and closed his eyes briefly. Not counting the Vongola (and especially Primo) awaiting his return, there was also that planned meeting with a wonderfully cheeky barmaid tonight, and he'd be damned if he missed that. Grim determination settling in his facial features, the first Vongola's storm guardian reached for his weapon. He would have to rip through the rows of his opponents in record time to get to both meetings (and then drop a passing-by mention of this in front of Alaude and – maybe – Daemon just to see them fume).

When G had promises to keep, a mere bunch of ragtag delinquents wasn't going to deter him. He was going to show these idiots one hell of a storm, right here, right now. Not, he smirked to himself in satisfaction, that there would be a single survivor to tell the tale.