The Galactic Council recognized our claim to this world. The sacrifice of thousands has left a trail of destruction behind us like a path across the galaxy . . . to Hiigara, our homeworld.

So much destruction, so many lives lost, for this place. A place of wonder to those who knew only the sands of Kharak.

Our colonists were released from their long sleep.

All symbols of the old empire were destroyed. But the conflict will never be forgotten.

A celebration marked the beginning of a new time.

No longer Fleet Command, Karan Sjet survived extraction from the Mothership's core. She insisted that she would be the last person to disembark and set foot on the homeworld.

Our heroes go on to live and prosper for a long time to come. The new city was named Tiir Nova, and everyone helped in the construction.

John got married to his assistant Fiira which surprised no one as they hadn't really made a secret of their engagement months prior to Landfall. He remained a carrier captain for many years until his retirement.

Isel got to rank nine for leading the cloaked fighter squadron in the battle for Hiigara, and is still dating Karu, who had become involved in the medical field.

Triikor met up with her brother and was very happy to finally be at home. She chose to stay on Hiigara with her new friends instead of leaving with the Republic to their newly founded capital. Her brother Caleb stayed behind also as a consultant between the Republic and the Hiigarans.

Eric had helped create a library in the new city, and kept it organized. He also released a book covering the entire events of the Homeworld War, which sold incredible amounts of copies.

Saiin exercised his artistic talents even after landfall, and helped paint a mural above the meeting place of the New Daiamid with Mark's help showing the old city of Tiir in the middle of the desert and on the shore of a large lake. Everyone loved it. He became famous and his paintings sold for a lot.

Arazis led a group who tried bringing more Kadeshi technology into the new city such as sleeper tubes, which were now in hospitals and the newer ships were being built with them to reduce the space needed for housing crew. A lot was accomplished by the group.

Mark had become the Kiith'sa of the Soban. Something he never thought would happen, but they had voted on it, so he was. He, with Cromell, organized and continued the training program for pilots that started on the Mothership in order to make sure they could be prepared for another attack if one ever came.

There were thousands of suicide cases, but it was expected. The rest, the ones who knew they would have to remain strong for the future of the entire hiigaran race, knew better. They accepted that there were things that mattered more than themselves, and now, they felt truly united as a species instead of separated by their clans.

They found their homeworld from among the stars, and they fought for it. After a year, the Homeworld War was now over.

The End