Summary: Eywa has a plan for Tsu'tey, a plan he doesn't like. But like it or not, Tsu'tey has been mated to Jake Sully: Jarhead warrior, ex-dreamwalker, and the possible bane of Tsu'tey's existence. Slash, AU.

Future warnings: sex and mpreg.

This is AU as in Neytiri died and Jake has no Avatar anymore. Jake never became Toruk Makto and the final war at the end of the movie never happened. The Clan Leader and his mate are the only ones able to talk with Eywa. Details will be brought in later. Please see the glossary at the end for Na'vi translations.

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Italics are for thoughts and the Na'vi language.


Tomorrow is Ometia'Alog, the first celebration of many, commemorating the dead that have died protecting their fellow Na'vi.

Tsu'tey wanders about his daily routine in a mixed sort of attitude; sadness for Neytiri dying, and happiness that he'll be able to celebrate her, and maybe, finally let her go. Though he does not want to admit it, he knows that he is not the only one to feel this way about the female Na'vi.

Jake Sully.

The human has lost his Avatar as the demons call it, and now is stuck in his inferior body that requires a machine to get around. Tsu'tey wants to feel sorry for him, but his anger and pride will not let him. Because if Jake hadn't shown up into their world, Neytiri would still be alive and they would be mates.

Jake has not only ripped his mate away, he's ripped her life away from him too.

His ear flicks at a random flying plant seed that floats by, everything. Now he has no one. In a rage, his hands squeeze on the sapling he's been skinning, cracking it. He throws it down and walks off in a huff, deciding that, no, he doesn't need to make anything for the Fekd. There are others.

Jake Sully can do it for all he cares.

He calls his ikran and is soon soaring above the trees, the cool air breezing across his skin. The ikran flies in circles a few times, then darts over the waterfalls, unsure of what to do without its rider communicating with it. The spray tickles Tsu'tey's feet as the ikran flies low over the rushing water, flashes of bioluminescent fauna glowing beneath.

Tsu'tey breathes in deeply, inhaling the clean and pure scent of his homeland. The air pushes away his angry thoughts and feelings until his mind achieves a state of numbness.

In this moment, he feels nothing.


His eyes open at Eywa's steady voice, and he reluctantly focuses his thoughts to talk to her. 'Yes, Eywa?' The ikran hovers in the air, obviously hearing their thoughts and knows not to make any sudden moves in any direction as the Na'vi makes the sacred union with his Goddess, connecting their minds.

Eywa sees the red dusting of turmoil over his thoughts, the black sparks fritting over the edges of his mind. The anger.

Tsu'tey sees the pink and blue and green of her presence, pure and beautiful. The color yellow-the color of question-is smeared around in swirls. She is curious.

'You have a new mate', Eywa says.

Tsu'tey almost falls of his ikran in shock. 'That...What? No. Neytiri...'

'-is with me now. Surely you did not think you would remain alone forever?'

The Na'vi shakes his head in denial, his brow lowered. 'I cannot bare to connect myself so deeply with another when I've...already lost so much.'

'You will. It is your destiny to be mates. Both of your fates are entwined together. You cannot escape it.'

His thoughts cloud with anger at her, but his inner voice remains even, 'I cannot. There is no one left for me.'

'Do not let yourself be alone when you do not have to be, Tsu'tey. Do you not wish to be happy?'

'I do! But, Eywa, it is too soon, so soon after—'

'You must let her go, for she has done the same with you. Do not feel guilt for her death, but feel happiness for her life. You will get nothing from this life if you do not move on.'

He remains silent for a period of time, unable to deny the truth to her words. Then, 'But how can I give my mate the attention she deserves if I am still in love with Neytiri?'

'Neytiri is dead. Your love means much to her even in death, but at the same time it is wasted. Maybe you would like to know who your mate is before taking such a strong stance?'

His hands clench into the flesh of his legs, but he concedes nonetheless, 'Yes, I would.'

The blue—the color of happiness—burst of light on the surface of her mind calms him and humbles him, and the anger fades away to pure curiosity as to whom Eywa has chosen for him.

'You will be brought together by your shared grief, for the loss of the same person.'

Confused, Tsu'tey's mind runs through the possibilities, for there are many people who have lost a friend in Neytiri.

'This not someone you are emotionally fond of, but I know that this will change.'

Well that narrows it down, he thinks sarcastically; there are many people he is not "emotionally fond of". 'Eywa, please just tell me.'

Her laugh sounds like the greatest music. 'Oh, Tsu'tey, you are very naive for such a strong warrior! It seems that in your constantly mocking him, you have lost much of your previous valor!'

'Him?' Is all he can think, becomes more apprehensive. Two male Na'vi being mated is not common, but it happens occasionally.

'Yes, your mate is a male. Do you have an idea now of who it is?'

He takes a moment to put the facts together; male, connection to Neytiri, doesn't like him...mocking...

A sense of foreboding stills his eyes. 'Eywa, this mate...he is Na'vi?'

He feels her smile, 'In his true form, yes.'

His breathing picks up, tail moving back and forth, agitated as he guides the ikran to land on a grassy cliff, no longer wanting to be in the air. His feet touch the ground as he slides off the creature and then sends it away.

'Eywa, surely this mate is not...not, that demon!'

'It pains me that you would call him such, Tsu'tey.'

"Poan kawng!" Tsu'tey yells, wishing she could understand that him being mated to a human is just...horrible and goes against everything he's ever stood for.

'Calm yourself. You have not gotten the opportunity to get to know him, he is not of the Sky People in mind, Tsu'tey. His soul is with the Na'vi. He has saved us from his very kind! Surely this means something to you?'

'Why...why have you chosen him for me? Why not...someone else? You know I do not-'

'I have chosen him because you two are much alike, believe it or not. Think about this. And you are both very lonely right now. You need each other. You will understand each other better than anyone else. You both have a warrior's soul; mating you with any other being would leave you empty, Tsu'tey; you need the fire, the fight. And Jakesully is it.'

Tsu'tey sighs, his ears folded back. "I will try, Eywa. For you."

'That is all I ask.'

'If I should be mated to this...human, how will I go about starting a relationship? We're not even friends...'

'Than that will be what you do first. A mating without friendship is like a mansion built upon sand, Tsu'tey.'

'I'm not sure how I would even do that...'

'You can start by helping him; he grows weary of asking others for things he cannot reach, and others carrying him to his bed. Assisting him will be a step in the right direction. Do not let him see the ignorant side of yourself, for you are far better than that.'

Tsu'tey sighs, and begins his trek back to the clan. 'Yes, that sounds easy enough. Thank you, Eywa.'

Her presence in his mind glows and then recedes from his thoughts.

As he walks in a long and graceful gait, he thinks about the future of his clan, and the beginning of his new matehood with Jakesully, a human among Na'vi.

When he gets back to his spot of twining together saplings for Neytiri's resting place, it is nearly dark, and glowing seeds of the Hometree are floating around the beginnings of the wooden structure he is creating. He takes a moment to look up at the stars, wondering if Neytiri is looking down at him from the shadows of the sky.

He adds a few more branches before it is time to go to sleep, and recalling Eywa's words from earlier, makes his way to where the human is working on a Stuia, a special type of figurine made of leaves and fauna to be placed on top of the dirt where Neytiri's body will rest.

As he wonders into the clearing, it's apparent that Jakesully is almost done with said figurine from where he sits on the ground next to his machine; the small tower of glowing plants is elaborate. Tsu'tey stops about ten meters away, watching as the human's small hands wrap a vine around the middle and then thread it through the top of the Stuia. A few moonlillies later, and the figuring is complete and beautiful, glowing and sparkling.

He steps closer as the human yawns, setting the figurine on the ground before he pulls himself onto the chair, watching as he picks it up again to look it over, alien blue eyes illuminated by the soft light that casts its glow onto his simple clan clothes; a necklace with ikran teeth, loincloth, and shoes made out of animal skin. His hair, Tsu'tey thinks, is wierd; lighter than the Na'vi and newly grown out, the strands just touching his cheekbones. No braids or beads.

The Na'vi steps into the clearing and Jake looks up, his curious eyes quickly narrowing in anger. "Suppose you've come to pick on me some more, huh? Tell me, Tsu'tey, what do I have to do to make up Neytiri's death to you? Though I suppose there is nothing, right?" Jake snorts softly.

Tsu'tey swallows his pride, "I not come to mock you, Jakesully." The English sounds thick on his tongue, unaccustomed to speaking this language. "Let me see." He gestures to the Stuia, trying to keep his voice undemanding.

Jake watches him wearily before slowly handing it over, eyeing him carefully as the long blue fingers hold it gently and turn it around to see from different angles. "This nice. I have not finished the Fekd yet, so I fear I must wake very early for it to be complete by time festival arrives." He places the ornament on top of its destined place, knowing that the human cannot reach.

Jake looks up at him, confused at the amicable tone and action. No words come forth.

"Are you ready for bed?"


In one move the Na'vi bends down and picks Jake up into his arms, the human's unclothed skin soft against his own. In the dark, the blue and white contrast so sharply it appears as the rest of the color has been sucked from the world.

"Hey! What the hell?" Jake struggles in his hold. "Tsu—"

"Well, you cannot get there by yourself. Do you really wish to ask another?"

Jake frowns. "Why are you—"

"That is not of the matter." The alien is light and small in his arms as he carries him back to their tree. Like a child.

"I still don't understand! You hate me, why are you doing this? Why are you helping me?"

Tsu'tey chuckles slightly, but it sounds more like a rough and stuttering growl. "I not hate you, Jakesully."

"Well you hated me before! What changed?"

"Ke'u." He arrives at the tree and bends down slightly before taking a huge jump, feeling the small left hand dig into his right shoulder as the air rushes past them both. He lands in the makeshift bedroom lightly, balanced on the balls of his feet, having to duck down because of the low ceiling. Since the human, in the absence of his avatar body, preferred to not to sleep up high in the tree in the cocoons, the Omaticaya had decided to build him a Sky People-based room, with Jake's instructions. Tsu'tey had grudgingly allowed it with some persuasion from the clan.

He puts Jake on the bed of leaves and grass gently before turning his back on him to look out at Pandora, not wanting to leave just yet.

Jake watches the green light from Tsu'tey's bioluminescent spots reflect on the wood of the treehouse for several moments, to the long tail that twitches at the end, a cat-like gesture of attentiveness, and wishes for his Na'vi body back so bad his heart aches. He longs to run miles, slender limbs taking him yards at a time across the beautiful landscape, the air whipping his long braid, feet pounding against the earth.

As if hearing his thoughts, the Na'vi's ear cocks towards him before he turns his head to look at him. The expression in the large golden eyes is unreadable. Jake's smaller blue eyes meet his, and they stare at each other for a long while, though there is no hostility. It is obvious to him that Tsu'tey has changed somehow. Neytiri's death, perhaps? Such a sudden change in his attitude must have been caused by an outside source.

Tsu'tey shifts. "Good night, Jakesully," he says in accented English, struggling to make the words right. Eywa, this language is difficult.

"Sìltsan t'xon, Tsu'tey," Jake says back in Na'vi, the words foreign on his human tongue.

The Na'vi nods and jumps out of the treehouse, and the flash of blue tail and black braid is the last Jake sees of him. Jake stares at the empty space for awhile, before rolling over and closing his eyes, slipping into a dreamless sleep.


Poan kawng- he's evil!

Ke'u - nothing

Sìltsan t'xon - good night