A/N: Written for a prompt over at LiveJournal where somebody wanted an SHM threesome. Not my usual cup of tea, but a challenge is a challenge.

Warnings: not worksafe.

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Kadaj reclined on the couch, laughing when Loz lost his balance and slipped off it, landing on the floor. Yazoo chuckled and leaned over the backboard to run his hands down Kadaj's exposed chest. To this, the youngest closed his eyes and let his head fall back with a sigh. Yazoo leaned down even lower and lightly ran his lips down the side of his brother's neck. Loz, meanwhile, had gotten back up on his knees and with a shy smile ran an eager hand up Kadaj's thigh. Never one to disappoint, the youngest moved his leg to the side and rested it on Loz's shoulder as a go ahead sign. The oldest grinned and shifted his position, bringing himself closer, now running both his hands over Kadaj's thighs, rubbing and kneading them through the leather, until he reached the front of his trousers. All the time Yazoo's eyes were on him, watching his every motion.

"Can I?" Loz asked in a whisper, hands stopping on his brother's hips. There was always the possibility that Kadaj was up for a little game and would decline. He'd feel sad if that would be the case this time because the front of his trousers was steadily growing tighter.

"No," Kadaj muttered low, lost somewhere behind the curtain of Yazoo's hair because the middle brother was currently pulling the zipper of his coat down as far as it could go. "You must."

Yazoo laughed against Kadaj's neck, a low rumbling sound against his skin that made his brother purr in delight. Yazoo's fingers rubbed Kadaj's nipples and Kadaj reached up to run one hand through his brother's hair, pulling slightly. His other hand wandered up to the zipper of his brother's coat – already slightly open – and pulled it down to allow his hand to slide under the leather coat. After some struggle with that task, his hand finally found its way behind the garment and he could reward his brother with the same attention.

"We'll take good care of you," Yazoo muttered, responding to that touch eagerly. Now that was something he didn't really need to say out loud. It was already a given.

"Of course." Kadaj smirked confidently and immediately bit back a gasp because Loz went straight for the kill; never one to stall or wait, having barely any patience, even for this task.

He'd undone Kadaj's trousers and, without trying to remove them, had gotten straight to the deal. Kadaj wiggled around a little, ordering Loz to take them off, which he did. Partially. Yazoo pried Kadaj's hands off himself and pinned them down to the back of the couch, restricting his movement. Kadaj groaned and strained against the hold of both his brothers, but to no avail. Loz was relentless and – not to mention – in a hurry to finish the youngest to move on to the next brother, to eventually have his own growing problem be taken care of.

Yazoo, knowing this, sneered at the oldest brother through the silver curtain of his own hair before lightly biting down on Kadaj's neck, eliciting a deep groan from him.

"More," Kadaj gasped. "More." And he got what he wanted.