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Chapter 1 – How did it come to this?

- Draco's POV -

I lay here, all day. I have no motivation to do anything anymore. I feel so alone – I always was alone, I never had any real friends, I merely had followers and cronies – but at least I had someone to talk too. Now all I have is my own thoughts, and even they seem to hate me at the moment as well.

Closing my eyes I sigh deeply, forcing my brain to focus on nothing – it is just easier this way – otherwise I will think of...Him.

"Draco, dear, your father has a hearing at the Ministry this morning to appeal his house arrest, we are leaving soon, would you like to come along? Or would you rather stay here?" my mother called, striding purposely into my room.

Opening my icy grey eyes slowly I look up at her – the war had taken its toll on her – she was still beautiful with her flowing blonde hair and pale blue eyes, but she had aged almost five years overnight it seemed – she had slight marking across her forehead and around her eyes causing her to look much older than she did before the war.

"No mother, I think I would rather stay here" I replied, pulling myself up from my bed and walking over to her "but please give father my well wishes. I hope the appeal goes well"

"Ok sweetie, but I do think you should get out more, you haven't been the same since you returned from your holiday over in the United States" my mother said, running her soft pale hand down my cheek "I worry for you Draco"

"Don't worry about me mother, I am fine" I replied monotonously knowing for a second that she didn't believe me no matter how many times I repeated it over the week.

She gave me one last fleeting look before leaving the room, closing the door with a soft thud behind her.

The United States – why did she have to mention that? The mere thought of my trip abroad caused my eyes to water and my throat to tighten and go dry; the feeling of unshed and traitorous tears threatening to spill over.

But, no – Malfoy's do not cry, they do not show emotion – and I would do well to remember that.

"Get a grip Draco, there is nothing you can do now" I said aloud, hoping to convince myself of this. But the voice in my head seemed to think otherwise telling me there was something I could do; I could look for...Him.

Maybe a warm bath would help clear my thoughts.

So I made my way into the bathroom across the hall, turning the handle slowly – everything I did these days seemed to go slowly, it made sense really – there was nothing on the horizon for me to look forward to at the moment, so there was no need to want the time to speed up.

I turned the hot water faucet to the right, watching as the white fluffy bubbles and steaming hot water began filling the tub. Using my pale, perfectly manicured hand I checked the temperature – deeming it suitable I began removing my clothing.

I threw my Cashmere robes to the ground, followed by the dusty black tailored pants I was wearing. My underwear was removed next – the black silk boxer shorts landing on the marble tiles with a soft flutter. The only item of clothing I had on now was my form fitting black shirt – although it didn't fit to well at the moment, but it held me tight enough together that I still hadn't had to say anything to my parents.

I lifted the black shirt above my head and threw it to the other side of the room – a house elf would collect it all as soon as I was finished bathing.

"Wow, gaining a bit of weight their son" the obnoxious magical mirror to the left of me called out.

"Shut up you stupid piece of junk" I muttered, swinging my left leg over the side of the large tub and gently lowering myself in.

The hot water felt good on my body, it soothed my aching limbs and relaxed my body and mind.

"Falling asleep are you fatty?" the magical mirror called out much to my displeasure.

My eyes were getting heavy and I could feel my body shutting down – maybe sleep wouldn't be a bad idea – the house elves won't let me drown – and with that final thought my mind shut down and my body slumped neatly against the side of the porcelain tub.

"You really are gorgeous, Draco" he said, his warm hands trailing up my naked torso, his dark eyes raking over my body with a hunger in them. He pulled his head down and pressed his warm lips into mine, using his tongue to lick my bottom lip, begging for entrance – which I eagerly allowed.

"Take me, please" I breathed when he pulled up for air – he was gorgeous. He had beautiful tan skin, the complete opposite of my pale white skin, he was tall; I would guess about seven foot. He had muscles on top of muscles – his stomach was made up of deep crevices making a beautiful six pack of abs visible even when he had a shirt on. He had a gorgeous smile – it would literally light up a room.

But most of all he had a brilliant personality; he was down to earth and fun, he treated me above anyone and everyone – he treated me like a prince – and I had known him only for a few short weeks.

"I want you Draco" he whispered, his deep and husky voice causing heat to pool at my groin and cause my already aching erection to throb even more.

"Take me" I breathed, pulling him flush against my body. The feeling of his rock hard cock rubbing against mine as he ground into me sent my head spinning and my mind racing. Desperately I pressed myself closer to him – wanting and needing more of him.

Carefully and with such skill I wondered for a second how many sexual partners he had had, he undid my pants, sliding them down my body – taking my green silk boxer shorts with them.

The hunger in his eyes as he looked down at my naked pale body was enough to almost push me over the edge.

He reached between us, taking my throbbing cock into his large hand and giving it a few swift and rough tugs before lowering his mouth down and taking me whole – stars seemed to explode behind my eyes – the warm caverns of his mouth sending my brain into a fog.

"Please, now" I begged, pushing myself harder into his mouth. I felt him chuckle lightly around the length of my shaft before pulling himself up with a small pop.

"Are you sure Draco?" he asked, running his warm hands down my sides.

"Yes" I said, pressing my naked erection into his still clothed one and pouting.

"Too adorable" he whispered as he slowly undid his jean shorts and threw them to the side of the room. His large cock seemed happy to be free of the tight confines of the pants as it snapped loudly against his chiselled stomach.

He took his time to prepare me. He covered his index finger in orange scented lube and slid it slowly into my puckered hole, causing me to arch off the bed and hiss at the slight burning pain it caused. "Don't you dare stop" I hissed, somehow sensing that he was about to remove his finger.

It took me a moment to adjust to his finger as he pushed another one in making the burning sensation return again – I ignored it this time and concentrated instead on his gorgeous face and the warm feeling of his spare hand rubbing my inner thigh for comfort.

"I-I-I'm ready" I whispered, spreading my legs a little more to allow room for him to enter me.

It was agonizing. It felt like my anus was on fire - but I wasn't going to stop now, not after I opened my grey eyes and seen the adoration and lust clouding his dark eyes.

It took a couple of minutes, but I know when I was ready, so I pushed myself up a bit using the palms of my hands on the mattress and pushed myself further into him – allowing his large penis to impale me.

He began moving slowly at first – in and out, in and out – but it didn't take long before he quickened his pace and began thrusting in and out of me harder and faster – somehow he managed to hit that bundle of nerves inside of me every time – causing brilliant and bright stars to explode behind my eyes.

I didn't last long and I came hard and fast into his hand which had found its way to my cock and was pumping in time with his thrusts. He came two thrust later with a deep growl that almost sprung my erection back to life.

The feel of his juices inside of me was amazing – I could feel the warm and sticky liquid deep inside my anus and running down my legs – but I didn't mind – I was sated and thoroughly shagged for the first time in my eighteen years of life.

He fell asleep almost right away – his perfect smile gracing his gorgeous features.

A soft tapping noise on the window bought me back to reality though and made me remember something – he was a muggle with no magic in his body at all – and I, a pureblood with values and expectations.

I opened the window and looked down at the letter the brown eagle owl had in his mouth – of course it was from my father informing me that I should be home by the weekend for a dinner party to help regain the status and power that comes with the Malfoy name.

"Goodbye Jacob Black, please don't hate me, I will miss you, but I know this will never work, you can never know the truth about me, and I have duties to fulfil. I am sorry Jacob" I whispered, pressing a soft kiss on his brow and running my pale hand through his cropped black hair.

Ensuring I didn't wake the gorgeous sleeping male muggle I gathered my clothing and swept silently from the room, leaving Jacob Black from La Push behind me forever.

I awoke with a start and a burning erection – oh how I missed him – but no, there was no need to think of that at all – he is gone from my life and I will never see or hear from him again.

Pureblood, pureblood, pureblood – I have to keep reminding myself of that – I should never have gotten myself involved with that muggle male. My father and mother would be so disappointed if they knew. I am expected to marry a nice pureblood girl and bear and heir to the Malfoy name and fortune.

Deciding not to think of any of this anymore I pulled myself from the tub and grabbed the fluffy white towel off the rack. Wrapping it around my waist I left the bathroom and headed back into my large, ornate bedroom.

A loud crack resonated from somewhere just outside my bedroom door – a house elf.

"Master Draco sir, Missus Malfoy is wanting to know, is you going to be joining her and Master Lucius for dinner sir?" the small house elf squeaked, his large bulbous nose touching the soft pale blue carpet in my childhood bedroom.

"Yes Twinkle, please inform my parents that I will join them shortly" I replied curtly before turning toward the large white wardrobe and wrenching it open.

How long had I fallen asleep for if my parents are home? It doesn't matter, at the moment all that matters is finding some suitable robes to wear down to dinner – something loose but still respectable.

Finding a suitable deep green robe, at the back of my closet, I pulled it out and placed it on the top of my large four poster bed before turning back around in search of something to wear beneath my robes.

After finding a black dress shirt and tailored pants I quickly dressed and fixed my hair – my hair always needed to be perfect, even if it was simply just for leaving my room for another in the house.

Looking over myself in the large mirror behind my door I smirk – nobody would ever know the heartache and pain I am in. I really am a Malfoy – I am beautiful and confident, and nobody, not even my ever observant mother will suspect that something as serious as this is going on.

I found my parents in the dining room, both sitting at the far end of the large mahogany oak masterpiece in the centre of the clean and crisp eating quarters.

"Good evening mother" I drawled, leaning down and placing a small kiss on her delicate cheek "and father, I suspect that your appeal went well?" I added, nodding curtly at him before taking the seat opposite my mother.

"My appeal went as well as can be expected, son. Potter was there actually, he was to testify on my behalf, to tell the Ministry that I did not do anything during the final battle at Hogwarts as I was wandless" my father told me, his cold grey eyes – so alike to my own – staring intently at me.

A house elf arrived – thankfully saving me from having any further conversation with my father.

Dinner was a quiet affair consisting of five courses – the first was a prawn cocktail with a lemon vinegar dressing, followed by lemon sorbet to cleanse the palette; the main course came next, a warm and homely rack of lamb ribs with a peppered sauce, served on a platter of garlic mash. Another lemon sorbet palette cleanser was after that. Dessert was a scrumptious strawberry and chocolate tart with a caramel sauce which I had two helpings of – much to the confusion of both my mother and father – that have never seen me eat so much. After dessert came the dinner mints.

"Thank you for inviting me to dinner mother, it was divine" I said, nodding in her direction and smiling slightly "may I please be excused?" I asked, looking over at my father who had his eyes narrowed in my direction.

"Yes, Draco you may leave, but first, could you please answer me something?" he said, straightening himself up in his chair.

"Yes, father?" I asked nervously, trying desperately to mimic him and sit up straighter in my low backed chair.

"What is wrong with you son? And don't you dare tell me that it is nothing. You haven't been the same since you came back from the USA. We had that dinner party here the weekend you came back and I spent the evening introducing you to charming young pureblood women worthy of your hand in marriage and you shrugged them all away as though they were some common muggle. So please tell us Draco, what is wrong? We worry about you"

Of course you worry about me, I thought, but how much will you care about me, or worry about me if I tell you the truth, if I tell you why I have been so down since my return.

"I just wasn't feeling too well when I got back, it may have been something I ate when I was in America. I apologize father, I can only imagine how embarrassing it would have been for you when I ignored those women " I answered, deciding that lying was the best option at the moment – there was no need to tell him, or anyone for that matter, about Jacob.

"Very well then Draco, but if there is something else" he said, his stormy grey eyes flickering slightly down to my mid section "please feel free to come and talk to me at any time, my door is always open for you, son" he finished, his eyes landing on mine again as he nodded curtly, signalling the end of the conversation.

I left the room in a hurry and headed back toward the comfort of my bedroom.

How did it come to this? How did this happen to me? Why did I, a respectable pureblood, fall for a muggle – why did I fall so hard? Why is Jacob still the only thing I can think about – It has been over a week since I left him; with no note, no explanation; no nothing. A clean break as some would say – clean, but painful.

"Oh Jacob, I do wish I could see you, hear your voice and talk to you. I can't though, and I know you wouldn't understand" I said aloud to myself knowing that I would never have the opportunity to say these words to him in person "but our child will know about you Jacob, he or she will know what a wonderful and caring person you are, he or she will know what you were like through my pensieve memories"

It felt better to say these things out loud – there was nobody I could talk to – I was and am alone – Jacob was the first person to make me feel and it scared me – but now I need someone and I need help with this male pregnancy. But who am I going to turn too?

"Sorry Master Draco sir, but you have a fire call from Healer Hermione Granger" the house elf Twinkle said, his large blue eyes cast down to the floor.

"Granger is calling? Granger is a healer? Tell her that I do not need a healer Twinkle, I am perfectly fine" I said, using my eyes to show the small elf that I was serious.

"I is sorry sir, but I is seeing your book about man having babies because he has strongest magic, and I is also seeing that you Is gaining some weight in the stomach, sir, I didn't mean to intrude, Twinkle wouldn't do that, but Twinkle is worried about you Master Draco" the house elf blabbered before running headlong into the side table near my bed.

"Ok, ok, fine, I will talk to her" I said, shaking my head at the display the elf had put on – I really do hate those creatures.

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