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Epilogue – Hogwarts and Vampires

- Jacob's POV -


I had to give this letter to your father and he said he would send it to you. I wish you would get back in contact with me; it has been many years since I heard from you and I do wish to see how much you have changed.

I assumed that since you are happy now that you would not have been pissed at my life path choice. Not that it was much of a choice – I had to be turned Jacob, or I was going to die.

It has been eleven years since I seen you – and that is way too long – you are my best friend Jacob and I know you would have changed. I seen Embry only a few months ago when he came by to pick your dad up so he could see you and Draco – and Embry has aged and I am assuming you have as well – does this mean you both stopped phasing in choice of your imprints because they are slowly getting older?

Perhaps someone has already told you – but I had a child, her name is Renesmee, and she is beautiful, although, not much of a child any more – she aged rather quickly considering she is part human and part vampire.

I just thought I would let you know that we are moving back to Forks again – we moved away as soon as I gave birth because your pack brothers wanted to kill my daughter. It would have been nice to have had you there to be on my side – but I guess you were too busy.

My father knows everything now Jake, including the vampire and wolf thing. I had to tell him, and he has been talking to your dad a lot more, so I do know enough about what is going on with you. I also know that your father needs for you to come back but does not have the guts to ask you considering how happy you are aging and living with Draco.

Sam has left – he was getting older and Emily wanted to move to Australia with the children. So really with Paul and Jared aging the pack only has Quil, Leah and Seth. You need to come back and be the Alpha you are meant to be Jacob – how would you feel if something happened while you are off living in England?

I can understand why you do not want to come back – you want to age and live happily with Draco, and I respect that – but please come back and help get things back in order at home for a while – and please see me. I know you don't like that I am a vampire now; I know you were trying to convince me otherwise when I told you I wanted to change. But please Jacob, can we put all of the natural born enemies stuff behind us and be friends?

If you do wish to see me I will be back at the old Cullen house with Edward, Renesmee, Carlisle, Esme, Alice and Jasper. Emmett and Rosalie are not returning.


Bella Cullen.

I sigh deeply as I shove the letter inside the pocket of my stonewash jeans.

It would be nice to go home and get the pack in order as the Alpha since Sam had decided to leave with Emily, but it took me long enough to get to the point where I can contain my inner wolf and not phase, and I don't want to have to go through all of that again – although, thankfully for me wizards age slower and live longer than normal people, so Draco and I still look the same age. But I don't want to have to do that again, I am more than happy to live here with Draco in England and see only my father and pack members when they decide to drop by or get in contact with me via mail.

"Dad, are you ready? I don't want to be late"

Scorpius bounds in to the room, his grey eyes shining with excitement as he takes a seat next to me on the large bed.

Wow, my little boy is going to start at Hogwarts and will be gone for months at a time. I don't want to admit, and I am sure Draco won't either but I am going to miss him like crazy – we both love our son more than anyone in the world, and he is the main reason I have avoided having to go back to my old life – I do not want my son or husband involved with vampires. Bella made her stupid decision; she is just going to have to live with it.

"Dad, are you listening? Come on! I don't want to miss the Hogwarts express. We are meeting Uncle Embry and Uncle Harry at Kings Cross, remember? I think you invited Ron and Hermione along as well because you are all going out for lunch after you ship me off to school" Scorpius says, looking up at me through his gorgeous grey eyes, so alike to Draco's, his dark hair falling neatly around his face

"Alright kid, keep your panties on, I am ready" I laugh, giving him a nudge and striding out of the room, my son following along anxiously behind me.

"Ah, so are ready than?" Draco asks, wrapping his arms around me and pressing a chaste kiss to my life – eleven years on, with Draco twenty nine now – and we are still as hot for each other as the day we first met

"That is disgusting; can you wait until I am at school, please?" Scorpius complains, pushing Draco away from me and standing in between us, his hands crossed across his chest in what I imagine is a perfect imitation of Draco when he was an eleven year old.

"Come along, we have a Ministry car to take us to the station" Draco sighs, levitating Scorpius' school trunk behind him and heading toward the atrium to leave the Manor that we live in now.

Draco's mum and dad had moved in to the small villa they own in Bora Bora and told Draco the Manor as well as more than half of the Malfoy riches had been transferred in to his name and that if he refused to take it they would hex him where he stood – it was entertaining really – and Draco considers it a bonus because it means he sees less of Hermione and Ron Weasley as she still has a slight fear of the place.


"So tell me again where Platform 9 ¾ is?" I ask, looking around at the huge signs for Platforms' 9 and 10 but nothing in order to indicate where Platform 9 ¾ is

"Jacob, love, I think I have told you this about five times now. We walk at the wall between Platforms' 9 and 10" Draco answers, nodding in the direction of the huge brick wall that to me looks extremely solid

"I will go first if you are scared, dad" Scorpius challenges, raising his dark eyebrow in my direction, a cheeky, very Malfoy, smirk forming on his lips

"Of course he is scared – even after eleven years of marriage and a brat kid he still can't fathom this entire wizard thing properly"

I spin around and come face to face with Embry, his arm wrapped around his lover, Harry's, shoulders

"I am no brat kid Uncle Embry – I am a perfect little angel all the time" Scorpius says, glaring over at his favourite 'Uncle'

"Did I hear the word angel?"

Ron Weasley, with his wife Hermione and their seven year old daughter Rose as well as their four year old son Hugo are making their way over to us, smiling happily at everyone.

We had all gotten closer over the eleven years – I would be lying if I said that Harry and Ron were now best friends with Draco, because they still all snipe and bitch at each other, but it has gotten easier and the remarks aren't as hurtful and brutal as they once were – it is more out of habit now...I think.

"Why can't I go to Hogwarts as well mummy?" Rose Weasley cries, looking up at Hermione hopefully, her blue eyes shining with unshed tears

"You have to wait until you are eleven sweet" she answers, running her hand lovingly through her daughters' bushy red hair

"Sorry Rose – but it won't be long and you will be going to Hogwarts as well, and when you do I just know you are going to be better at everything than Scorpius is" Ron adds, making a small, watery smile appear on his daughter face

Scorpius merely rolls his eyes and curses Ron under his breath, so quietly that I am positive only Embry and I had heard him with our super wolf hearing

"Well I am going first – you can come with me if you are scared dad" Scorpius says, looking up at me and causing everyone to stifle their laughter

"No, go ahead, I am fine. I will just see you smack in to the wall first and know that it was a stupid idea" I say, not really believing that you can walk through that wall, even after everything magical I have experienced and living with Draco, who uses magic and House Elves for almost everything.

I shut my eyes tight as my son takes off toward the wall – I do not want to see him get hurt.

"Ok, he is through, come on babe" Draco whispers, pulling my hands from my eyes and pressing his soft lips in to mine, effectively calming me down again.

Draco grips my hand in his and walks toward the wall, again I shut my eyes just in case I was unable to go through due to the lack of magic in my system.

"Jacob we are on the Platform, open your eyes" Draco chuckles.

The sight before me is beautiful – a huge black and red steam train is sitting idle in the middle of the tracks as hundreds of kids make their way through the train – the older one's looking like this is simple routine and they have better things to be doing and the younger ones, including Scorpius, smiling brightly at the sight in front of them.

We are joined a moment later by Harry, Embry, Ron, Hermione and their two kids.

"Write to us as soon as you can. We will write back and you can write to us whenever you want ok?" Draco says, bending down so he is eye level with Scorpius who now looks slightly nervous

"I will, I promise" Scorpius whispers, looking down at the floor

I notice that the Weasley's, along with Harry and Embry have moved further along the Platform, away from the three of us – no doubt to give us a moment alone with our son.

"What's on your mind son, you look worried" I say, bending down beside Draco, taking one of Scorpius' pale hands in mine to try and comfort him

"I am just worried about going to Hogwarts. I am scared I will fail out of school, I am worried that you won't want to see me when the holidays come around" he begins, his eyes locked with Draco's for a moment

"Now why would I not want to see you on the holidays when I am already counting down the days until that time comes when you haven't even left yet?" Draco asks, flickering his eyes nervously toward me for a second

"It is just – well – what if I get sorted and I am not in Slytherin? Would you still want to see me then?" Scorpius asks, his eyes shining with tears as he fights the urge to cry

"Scorpius you can be sorted in to Hufflepuff and I will still want to see you on the holidays. I will love you and be proud of you no matter what stupid house you are in" Draco says, pulling our son in to a hug, his hand rubbing soothingly up and down his back.

Draco is so good with Scorpius – they are really close – and it really is no surprise to me that our son would be worried about something like that, especially when it is well known that all Malfoy's have been sorted in to Slytherin.

"Ok, I better run, I don't want to be late" Scorpius says, quickly throwing his arms around me before waving a quick goodbye to the others and hoping on to the Hogwarts express.

"Can you believe our son has officially started school?" Draco asks, allowing me to help him up from his position on the floor

"I can't believe it to be honest. He is going to have so much fun – do you have any clue as to what house he will be sorted in to?"

"I have no clue – our kid is special. He is the perfect mix of all four houses, so I guess we will have to wait and see" Draco answers, pressing a kiss to my lips and smiling up at me, his eye shining bright with love and adoration – the exact same way they have for the last eleven years.

As the huge train blows the final whistle I see my son, sticking his hand out the window and waving at us as the train picks up speed – I smile and wave back, knowing this will be the last time I will see him for a few months

"Shall we go have a quick lunch and head home? I am working from home again. No office work for me anymore" Draco says, smiling wickedly at me – ah, the joys of having a Magical Lawyer for a husband – he gets to spend a lot more time working from home than at the Ministry

We take each others' hands and head back toward the others. I breathe in deeply, exciting myself at what wicked things Draco was going to do when we got back to the Manor – alone – with no chance of Scorpius interrupting.

As I exhale my breath a strange, burning, bleach sensation assaults my senses – a lot like that of a vampire – but it can't be. Not here on the Platform. I have to be imagining things since the last thing I read was Bella's stupid letter about becoming a filthy leech.

I quickly scan my eyes along the Platform out of habit – but nothing seems to trigger any more of my vampire senses, so I grip Draco's hand tighter and head toward the brick wall again, silently hoping I really was imagining things.

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