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Ginny sat alone in the living room of the Burrow. It was only the beginning of her summer holidays and she was already bored. She supposed she wouldn't be as bored if Hermione hadn't shown up earlier than expected and quickly grabbed Ron's attention. He was in love with her, obviously and was unable to think of anything else. Of course Ginny loved Hermione too, she just was slightly annoyed that Ron now had little time for her. To make matters worse, the twins were always busy with their shop and Bill and Charlie were never home and Percy, well let's just say Percy was a little preoccupied at the minute.

"Yeah," thought Ginny, angrily, "a little preoccupied discarding the truth and pretending that his family doesn't exist!"

Anyway, with everyone 'busy', Ginny had no one to play with. She certainly wasn't going to hang around with Ron and Hermione, watching each of them glance at each other, while the other isn't looking and then swiftly look away, again and again. It made her nauseous just to think about it.

Thing will be different when Harry arrives, though. Why, you ask? Because, first of all, things are always different when Harry arrives. Not just that there is always more food cooked because Mrs Weasley believes Harry is underfed, that always happens. Ginny laughed to herself, thinking of her Mum's never-ending need to mother people, even those not related to her. Or the reason that whenever Harry was around, Quidditch usually followed. But Harry just makes things better. Ginny couldn't quite describe how he did it, but he did. He somehow always knew how she was feeling and how to make her feel less sad and unsure of the future, which was amazing for someone with 'Most Wanted' tattooed to his forehead for You-Know-Who and his gang of his stupid, idiotic cronies (a.k.a. Death Eaters).

Ginny hoped to try and act normal around Harry for once, instead of acting like she's the biggest fan of The Boy Who Lived and is completely and entirely in love with him (even though she is). It used to just be a crush, when she was younger. You know, hear his name and you immediately start a conversation with whoever said it, about how amazing and great he is. But as she got older and got to know him a little (during the few times whenever she wasn't babbling like a star struck fan or blushing like it was going out of fashion), her feelings both changed and deepened. She began to see him as a person, not just The Boy Who Lived, and she loved him more because of it. He was so sweet and modest, wanting as little attention as possible, which she thought was incredibly cute.

Her plan was to get to know him even better, hopefully even become good friends. This was all essential but she really wanted Harry to notice her, both her personality and changing figure.

Speaking of Harry (thinking, really), where was he?

"He was supposed to here, over an hour ago," Ginny thought to herself, slightly worried, wondering what was keeping him. She was surprised that her mother hadn't sent out a search party already.

Just then, there was a knock at the door. Ginny looked around, seeing no one. Great, she had to answer the door and let him in.

"Well," she muttered to herself. "Time to put the 'plan' into action."

She opened the door, to greet Harry, who had his arm up, as if to knock on the door again.

"Hi Gin," he greeted, cheerfully. What was it about that name that made butterflies begin to grow in her stomach and her legs to turn to jelly? Oh, yeah Harry said it.

"Hi yourself," she replied, then adding mock crossly, "You're over an hour late, mister. What kept you?"

He laughed at her imitation of Mrs Weasley, "Sorry, Mrs Weasley, the traffic was terrible."

Ginny felt as if her insides were going to burst, when Harry played along. She couldn't believe that he got what she was doing. She smiled, as he looked down at his shoes, (pretend) guiltily.

"Okay, Harry, you're off the hook," she sighed, while laughing quietly.

"Thanks," He laughed, looking through his shabby, too long hair. He smiled crookedly at her. She nearly fainted right there. Damn it! Control yourself! What was it about that smile that made her…swoon? Weak at the knees? Unable to control herself? God, does he know what he's doing to her?

"Aren't you gonna invite me in?" Harry asked, breaking her from her reverie.

"Oh, yeah. Sure go right ahead," She replied, blushing furiously. She stepped aside, while holding the door open. He scrambled in, while dragging his trunk and Hedwig, in her cage.

"Thanks," he said again. Why did he always have to be grateful for everything? This really annoyed her. Seriously, she just treated him like a human being!

"But," she thought to herself, "before the Weasleys and Hogwarts, when was Harry treated like a human being? After his parents died, anyway?"

"Harry?" Ginny asked, quietly.

"Yeah, Gin?" He replied, leaving his trunk and Hedwig at the bottom of the stairs. He looked over at her curiously.

"Are you alright? Seriously, now none of that 'I'm fine', brush off the shoulder thing. It's alright for you to be vulnerable and let your emotions show now and again." Saying this, Ginny moved closer to him. Gaining courage, she wrapped her arms around him. "We all need to be comforted once in a while," smiling up at him.

Harry looked down at her and then wrapped his own arms around her as well.

"I'm alright Gin," both avoiding the word fine and trying to reassure her. "I'm not going to lie to you, some days are really difficult, especially with Sirius gone, but other days are easier. Plus, going to the Burrow helps a lot." Ginny could tell without looking that he was smiling.

"As long as you're sure. See you later," He glanced at her, smiled and then proceeded up the stairs, shouting, "Ron! Hermione!"

"Off to a good start," Ginny congratulated herself, "I can't believe he spoke to me!" Ginny laughed, while clearing up the kitchen, "Tomorrow's another day," she sighed, and went to bed, thinking of ways to ensure that her plan would work out.

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