Chapter 28 – The Volturi?

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Previously – "B….Bella I know you're in there… need to fight." Alice stuttered out as her family watched with wide, scared eyes and she knew if it were possible Esme and Rose would have tears running down their faces. Isabella let out a menacing laugh before replying, "Bella's gone my dear, she was weak…..she could not stop me from taking over….the sooner you accept that the easier it'll be for you…I'm going to have so much fun with you Mary Alice, I'm going to have so much fun with all of you…..I'll be back soon….and when I am the playtime can begin,' Isabella said softly but the underlying hints of danger and menace stopped the words from being anything but spine chilling and terrifying, 'See you soon Mary Alice." Were Isabella's parting words as she gave the pixie's shoulders a hard squeeze before she was gone….the Cullen's didn't even see her leave.

Meanwhile in the woods of Forks two people looked at each other for a few silent seconds before the man spoke, "It seems everything is finally coming together…..I did wish to take you back and break you but I can see that has already been done."

Isabella smiled darkly and replied, "It was like tearing through a piece of paper before building up a brick wall in the papers place…Bella is never coming back….those vampire's will pay for what they did to me… us."

The man grinned manically, "Excellent."

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24 Hours Earlier

"Bella….Bella…..Bella…..Bella….." That was the only word that Edward could hear resounding through Alice's mind, each time his pixie sister said her love's name in her mind it was said with more fear…..more panic…..more….terror… short it was making Edward feel sick.

"Carlisle now would be the time to explain instead of stopping and starting!" The bronze haired vampire stated as he gripped his chair tightly beneath his hands, so tightly that the wood started to split as he tried to tune out the rest of his family's thoughts and just focus on his father's but his efforts were proving to be futile…especially where his psychic sister was concerned, it sounded like she was a record that was stuck and the more Edward heard of Alice's thoughts the more he too fell into the deep dark abyss that Alice seemed to be sinking into.

"Yes of course." Carlisle replied a little nervously, surveying his broken family in silence for a second, his eyes sweeping over his pixie daughter last and he nearly reeled back with shock when he saw the dull…almost lifeless pitch black eyes staring straight ahead, not looking at anything…not seeing anything, it was disturbing to say the least for Carlisle to see his daughter in such a state.

"As you all know I was in the Volturi for many years and as I explained I thought Aro told me everything…it seems I was mistaken….'

Meanwhile Somewhere In the Forest

"It is good to see you again, I never had any doubt that you would succeed….although did you have to choose such a…..specimen?" The last word that fell from Isabella's lips dripped with disgust as she studied her arms and hands like a professor would an experiment. "Apologizes but I watched young Bella Swan for a few months and watched how she and the youngest Cullen…Alice fell in love, how the whole family fell under the simple human's spell, I must admit when she went to confront that tracker by herself I was a little worried, especially when she was bitten I thought our plans would have to be started all over again but then that little Alice sucked out the venom, a task in itself I might add and I was surprised when she succeeded and Bella was still human…this human had shown strength that most others could only dream of, it showed to me that she was a perfect candidate for this….upgrade….being not only in the same town as the Cullen's but also incorporated in their family was just a bonus…although I will admit she was stronger than we gave her credit for, whenever I thought she would finally break she seemed to find some power from somewhere and didn't give in, it took five weeks longer than I thought but finally we smashed through and you were able to at last plant yourself inside the girl…..I do confess that her escape was not on the schedule and that did put us behind on the plan but no matter you are here now and Bella Swan will never be coming back….we can finally execute what has been in the works for over one hundred years." He said with a menacing light in his dark blue almost purple eyes, as his lips spread to reveal a set of perfectly white teeth, his canines lengthened slightly and sharp.

"Indeed….first we shall deal with the pesky Cullen's…..little Mary Alice and I have certain matters that need dealing with and then…the Volturi…finally we shall be able to put an end to the unfinished business that has been looming for a very long time." Isabella said.

Cullen Manor

"Carlisle….are you…are you saying that Bella has been…." Edward asked only to be cut off by his father, "That is exactly what I am saying Edward… have no idea how dangerous Isabella is, I should inform Aro but I have no idea what he would do…..if he got his hands on Isabella the result could go either way." The blonde haired doctor explained and the family didn't need Jasper's empathy power to feel the dread that the head of the family was feeling, it was practically seeping of him in waves and crashing over them like they were the rocks. "She will come back...she can't be gone…she…just…can't be." Alice suddenly spoke up, so quietly it was like all the fight had left her and even mustering up the energy to speak was a demanding task.

"What should we do? What you said….Carlisle, if you're right…..then Bella….I mean Isabella…..she's too dangerous and powerful for all of us to take on." Rosalie spoke up softly surprising everyone at the table, apart from Alice who again seemed to be for all intense and purpose dead to the world. "I cannot believe I am saying this but it seems we need to inform the Volturi, we need their help,' Jasper said casting a quick glance at his pixie sister before carrying on, 'Bella for now…is gone, we have to think about the possibilities and consequences of handling this by ourselves….this Isabella seems to want to end us…..I cannot think of why except that it is something to do with what you witness Carlisle and if it is…..the Volturi need to be told….maybe….maybe they can help?" Jasper nearly whispered the last part for fear of what Alice might say but she didn't even seem to process his words….while the rest of his family looked at him with mostly resignation but also a little defeat, they like Jasper knew that if they got the Volturi involved the results could be catastrophic.

Everything was silent for a minute before Carlisle slowly reached into his trouser pocket and brought out his cell, the only thing that was running through his mind…..

Was he signing two of his daughter's to their deaths?

Somewhere In The Forest

You have done well Roman, you and William have done very well, you took all that I taught you and have put it to very good use…..I am proud to call you my sons… on with the show." Isabella said with an arrogant tone, a dark smirk playing across her lips.

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