I was sitting in the living room of Eric's home. It was around lunch time so Eric was asleep for the day in his safe room. He had asked me to not leave during the day and respecting his wishes, I was beginning to feel a mood that Sookie Stackhouse rarely feels; bored. Back in Gran's house in Bon Temps (I know it's mine but it will always feel like Gran's to me) there was always something to do. Pay the bills, scrub the bathroom, buy groceries, go to the library, go to work, help save the local supernatural community... there was always something. I sat on his luxurious leather couch and found myself reflecting on the bloodshed that had occurred in this room just weeks earlier. No! I wasn't going to think about that. I gazed around the room, subconsciously admiring some of the Swedish paraphernalia that probably was from when Eric was human 1000 years ago. I came to the resolution that I would think of something to do whilst I had lunch.

Eric's kitchen is fairly small compared to the rest of the house. Vampire's don't eat so they don't need one. However, Eric had gone to the effort to make his kitchen human friendly especially for me (I was the only human to, knowingly, enter his home other than his day guy Bobby Burnham who was now dead. No, we aren't thinking about that) and I could almost worship the coffee machine it was so wonderful. Scratch that, I DO worship it. It was marvellous with all its functions to make the best coffee in Shreveport; in fact I was willing to believe it was the best in all of Louisiana. With my coffee and sandwich I finally came to a decision as to what I was going to do until Eric rose. Once I had cleaned and dried my dishes I grabbed my cell phone and started making phone calls. I first rang Tara. Even as childhood friends we started growing apart somewhat over the last few years, but with her pregnancy I was willing to build upon our friendship. Her and her husband, JB, were expecting twins, and as sweet as that man was, his thick brain made me think Tara could do with some female support. When I called her I found she was at work in her clothes shop, Tara Toggs, however with no customers we were able to talk for twenty minutes. She sounded bright as day and excited at the prospect that she would be holding her babies in a few months. I made a mental note to visit her soon. The next phone call I made was with Remy Savoy.

His son Hunter was a telepath like me. His mother, my late cousin Hadley, had run off to the world of the undead. She was turned by the old Queen of Louisiana, Sophie Ann LeClerq. Hmm, ever since I met Bill Compton after vampire's had come "out of the coffin" so to speak, a lot of people seemed to be dying. Due to my telepathy, I feel a lot more comfortable with the supernatural because their thoughts are harder to rea-d if I can read them- however it seems to have many consequences. On the up side I met the most mouth watering, sexy, hot, good looking vampire in history, my Eric Northman. Aside from his brilliant looks he is strong, powerful and even frightening creature, but best of all he loves me, and I love him right back.

Remy sounded relieved to hear my voice on the phone. I wasn't sure whether this was a good thing or not, but I was thinking not. Apparently Hunter had told his teacher to stop thinking about doodles and help him with his jigsaw puzzle. I laughed inwardly at him calling penis "doodle" which I hadn't heard since I was his age but saw how serious this problem was. Remy told me that he rarely has anyone over anymore and that since Hunter's last visit at my place, whilst he had initially learnt to hold his tongue so he wouldn't respond to thoughts, he was starting to forget this. I offered to drive down to their home in Red Ditch when I could and then got to speak to Hunter myself.

"Aunt Sookie!" Hunter cried into the phone. I smiled at his enthusiasm and wondered whether he was used to telephone conversations.

"Hey Hunter, how you doing buddy?" I said with an equally happy tone.

"Today I drew a picture of a firetruck." I noticed kid's seem to answer the 'how are you?' questions with answers that tell you what they have been doing instead. "Aunt Sookie, what is sex?"

Well this was an unexpected turn in the conversation and it wasn't a question I was willing to answer. I am Aunt Sookie, not Momma. But I didn't want to lie to him. I opted for skilful avoidance.

"How do you know that word Hunter?"

"Daddy was just thinking that he hasn't had sex for a long time." I heard his father gasp in the background.

"Maybe you should ask your daddy later. I want to talk to you about something else" There we go, situation avoided. "Hunter, remember what I told you when you came to stay?"

There was a short silence on the other end before Hunter replied, "You said a lot of things."

"Remember when I told you that you have to be careful and know the difference between thoughts and talking?"

Again another short silence, although not as long as the first. "Yes Aunt Sookie. Telling people their thoughts scare them."

"That's right. So you have to listen extra carefully so you don't get them mixed up. Only respond to what they tell you, not what they think."

For the rest of the conversation we talked about basic things. Hunter had gotten a new baseball glove and wanted to show me it. When I told him he can show me when I come to visit soon he squealed with excitement and then told me what he wanted to do. After I promised we would have ice cream we said our goodbye's and hung up. I could never have children of my own in a relationship with a vampire. I felt like I gravitated towards Hunter's youth. He was a child from my bloodline and was the closest thing I was going to feel to having my own children. Of course Jason may still have children but I didn't think that would happen for several years.

I felt myself relax, I hadn't realised how tense I was! I went back to the couch and felt ready to dig into a romance book when there was a loud 'Pop!' Now what?

And that is the first chapter of any fanfiction I have ever done completed. Any errors or questions you may have please don't hesitate ask.