When you wish upon a Lucky Star

Author's Note

This is my first fan fiction story ever so I'm a little nervous. After reading such stories like Lucky Star Summer Trip by M.J.W 2010, To Hell and Back by Hope Blossom and Other Worlds then these by Vossago, who have all written fantastic stories that I love. I wanted to give writing a Lucky Star Fan Fic a go. So I hope that this story is a good one and that you all enjoy it.

Chapter 1

Dear Log

25th June 2005

If you had asked me five years ago which country I wanted to visit more then any other, I would tell you Japan .If you asked me Ten years ago, I would again say Japan. Ever since I was a little boy, I was fascinated by the country. Anime and Manga as well as the culture was interesting to me. I was picked on at school because of it...not the best years of my life. I had friends who stuck by me and were like family to me, they were really the only family that I have ever had. The reason I say that is because as a baby I was abandoned by my family or thrown away as some people would say to me at the orphanage. I have no idea who my mother or father are or If I have any brothers or sisters. I don't even know what my real name is, I was named James by the carers at the Orphanage. I would always ask myself, Why? What had I done to deserve it? What could a baby possibly do to deserve abandonment by their own family?

I was told that I was found by a little girl who heard me crying in a park of all places. I was in a bush as if my parents had just tossed me in and ran off. The girl told her mother that she had found a baby and they brought me to the orphanage which is in San Diego,California and that's where I've been living for the last Fifteen years. It's been a terrible childhood, being beaten up by bigger orphans, having my books torn apart, ending up in hospital because of injuries like a broken leg or a concussion. If It wasn't for the Pen Pal program that they have at the Orphanage then I would have run away by now. It was my friend Patricia who convinced me to give it a try, she's like a sister to me, her family disappeared on a holiday in Canada, a hiker found Patricia by their RV in a carriage. Patricia is a ton of fun and We've both been friends for eight years now and we're lucky enough to be sharing a room together.

Now as for the Pen Pal thing, I sent a letter to a girl who lives in Japan, her name was Konata Izumi and at first, I had no idea on what to say since I couldn't speak or write Japanese so I spent an entire year learning all that I could before I wrote a letter to her. Whilst I learnt the Japanese language, I wrote to other kids to get the idea of having a Pen Pal. Eventually I sent Konata a letter where I introduced myself and said that I would love to learn about Japan and asked what's popular there. Six weeks later, I was surprised to receive a reply from her. She had sent me a letter telling me about herself and her interests, with the letter was a Manga Book. Apparently it was for me to keep and read, which I did and I have to say... It changed my life, I loved Manga and for the next year she would send me more books to read and we got to know each other more. Patricia also loves the Manga books that Konata sends, we both spend hours reading them together and we've both even been able to go to an Anime Convention together in San Diego which is a day that I won't forget.

It's now my fifteenth birthday, Patricia got me a DVD Set of Card captors, But Konata has sent me something amazing! It was something that would once again change my life forever. Apart from the Manga series that she sent me, Konata had sent me a letter telling me that her family wanted to adopt me! At first I thought that it was a joke but she was being serious, her father has been at the Japanese Embassy and has been given the go ahead to come over on the 1st of July to see me and bring me back with him. I'm going to have a Visa which will be updated every year until I become a proper Japanese resident! Patricia is upset that I'm going to be leaving her and I haven't seen her since lunch. I in a way don't want to leave her either, but this is a chance of a lifetime for me to forget about being abandoned and be part of a proper family at last. Well that's enough for tonight, I promised Patricia before lunch that we would talk about it tonight. I just hope that we can sort things out before I depart, I don't want to leave on a sour note with her, we've been friends for so long I hope that it isn't the last time that we see each other.

( Computer Turns Off)

James jumped onto his bed and stared at the bedroom ceiling thinking about how everything was going to change for him now. New friends, a new school, a new life and he would have a new family. He was excited but upset as well, If only Patricia who was thirteen years old could come as well but as he thought about leaving her behind, Patricia walked into the room with a look of depression on her face. She sat down on her bed which was across from James and waited for him to cheer her up.

''Patricia? Are you alright?'' asked James

''How could I be ok?'' muttered Patricia ''My best friend is leaving me and going to the other side of the world''

''Patricia, it's hard enough having to leave you here, but...this is my chance to have a family and to get away from this hell hole'' James told her

''I'm your family!'' yelled Patricia ''Your my older brother James''

''And your my younger sister but not really are we'' said James

''Don't say that!'' yelled Patricia who was now starting to cry

''I don't want to but a family wants to adopt me, can't you be happy for me?'' James begged Patricia

''Oh of course'' sobbed Patricia sarcastically ''Because your going to Japan and we're never going to see each other again are we!''

''That's not true, we will meet again'' James told her ''When you get old enough, come out to Japan and see me''

''A family might have adopted me by then'' sobbed Patricia ''I want to keep in touch with you James!''

James thought and he thought hard because he didn't want to lose touch with Patricia either. Suddenly an idea hit him and he knew how they could now keep in touch.

''I'll sign up for the Pen Pal program when I arrive in Japan'' said James

''Huh?'' said Patricia who was caught off guard by James's suggestion

''It's simple, I'll be your Pen Pal and I'll write often I promise, what do you say Patricia?'' James asked her

''That...that could work'' smiled Patricia who started to stop crying ''I like that''

''I promise you here and now that we will never lose touch and I promise that we will meet again'' said James

Patricia was feeling better, seeing how determined her friend was to keep in touch moved her. Patricia had never really been accepted by the other orphans until she met James. He treat her like a human and they stood together as brother and sister. Whenever she was picked on or hurt by another orphan, he was always their to dry the tears and make her feel better and now that he was leaving, she didn't know what to do or how things will turn out for her.

''James...I'm going to miss you'' cried Patricia who started to cry again

She curled herself around her pillow and sobbed but her sobbing was to quickly halt as she was then being held by her brother in a heart warming hug.

''Shhh...it's alright I'm here Patricia and I will be in spirit as well'' smiled James

Patricia looked at James and a smile came across her face. She knew what he meant and hugged him back.

''You had better write to me every week'' giggled Patricia ''And I want you to send me Manga's and you had better tell me every Anime that you watch''

''Alright, I will and I want you to tell me straight away if you ever get adopted, I'll need your new address'' said James

Patricia put her arms on James's shoulders and looked into his blue eyes.

''I'll come to Japan and find you one day!'' said Patricia

''I know you will, you better had'' laughed James

''Now then, how about an all nighter of Card Captors?'' suggested Patricia

''It's a date'' replied James

''This is one of our last night's together so let's make the most of it'' smiled Patricia

Patricia wanted James to have as much fun with her as they could until the first of July which would be the second worst day of her life after her family's disappearance but the best day of James's life. Patricia's heart would break on that day but she knew that she had to be strong and brave for herself and for James.

End Of Chapter 1

Author's Note

Ok, I know that the first bit is in First Person and the rest is in Third. Let me make it clear that this is a third person story, only that bit should be in first. Well I hope that people enjoy my first ever chapter and If you want to review it or give me tips, that would be great. I'm going to make the best out of this story and won't give up on it until the final chapter.