Chapter 7

Dear Log

21st July 2005 15:30pm

It's been Three weeks since I arrived in Japan and I have to say that I've been really enjoying myself so far. I have already learnt so much about the Japanese culture from my sister Konata who has to be the cheeriest girl I've ever met before, I am yet to see her fail to smile yet which is a good thing even though she looks like a Cheshire cat whenever she does smile. She has shown me around the city and I am now confident to find my own way around without getting myself lost.

I have to admit that the way of life over here can be so much different than it is in America, it's nice to not see any trash lying on the ground when you're walking outside and everyone has always said hello to me and are polite to me which makes me feel really welcome, I was afraid of not fitting in because of my background and the fact that I'm from America, you hear rumours and such but so far those rumours appear to be exaggerated a great deal, it helps if you can speak Japanese well that's what Hiyori keeps telling me, I've only bumped into her twice since I arrived, the last time I saw her she was sketching something but I decided to not ask her what it was because of the grin on her face, she has strange tastes but I still like her.

I've just finished my first letter to Patricia, I hope that she's alright over there, I've had a few sleepless nights worrying about her. It's been the longest time that we've spent apart but we both knew that we would feel like this after I left, I wonder if she's missing me? I hope that she receives this letter, I just want her to know that I'm alright and I need to know that she's safe.

James looked up at the clock and decided to finish their for now, he turned off his newly bought laptop and leaned back in his chair whilst staring up at his ceiling which now was covered in posters bought for him by his sister.

'How much has that girl spent on me?' James wondered to himself before hearing a large thump from the room next door.

'Looks like Konata's awake'

Leaving his bedroom, James crossed the hall and flung open his sisters door to not find her getting out of bed but rather she was getting into bed which took James by surprise as her face looked a wreck.

''Good morning James or should I say goodnight'' yawned Konata

''Have you been awake all night?'' James asked her

''Yeah, I played my online game all night and I'm going to have a nap for a few hours'' laughed an exhausted Konata ''Care to join me?''

''I'm alright, I have to go to the post office anyway'' replied James ''I have to post this letter to Patricia''

''Oh yeah, your friend from America, James can you do me a big favour?'' Konata asked

''Sure, what is it?'' James replied politely in his best Japanese

''Well it's my turn to cook dinner tonight and I was wondering if you could pop to the store and pick up some items for me?''

''Sure, I can do that'' said James ''No problem''

''Oh?'' grinned Konata ''You sure you won't get lost'' teased Konata

''I can find my way around you know'' said an annoyed James ''I'm not a little kid you know''

''You always will be in my eyes baby brother'' laughed Konata

''Don't call me baby'' replied James ''I'm only one month younger then you''

''But you look so cute when your annoyed with me James'' squealed Konata ''Your cheeks light up and your hair is just awesome, so curly''

''I'm going now'' replied James as he walked away from Konata's room

''The list's on the counter and could you pick me up my daily issue please?'' asked Konata from her room

''Yeah yeah'' groaned James ''Anything else your majesty the house moving a bit to left?''

''No, I'd like my brother to come back and get in my bed with me'' laughed Konata ''That would be so Moe, a little fun never hurt no one''

''Anything within reason, we might not be blood related but still, don't say things like that to me'' sighed James who noticed that Konata's voice sounded a lot closer then it was a minute before but quickly shook it off as he picked up the grocery list and his letter to Patricia, slipping them into his coat pocket.

''Yeah'' said Konata who had carefully snuck up behind James while he was putting his trainers on to head out, she squeezed his stomach in a tight but loving hug ''Have fun out there because I'll miss you while you're gone'' smiled Konata ''No one to play my games with, whatever will I do?''

James wasn't quite sure how to respond to his sister so he just smiled before leaving his sister in the hallway. The moment the door closed, a grin appeared across the Otaku's face as she ran back to her room and dived under bed to retrieve a hidden package that Konata had purchased without her brother's knowledge.

'He's just going to love you!' thought Konata who took another massive yawn before pushing the package back under the bed and collapsing onto her bed, falling asleep straight away.

''Oh man!'' whined Hiyori as she collapsed onto her desk in disappointment with piles upon her piles of failed drawings that she couldn't bear to destroy but only to stare at them and ask why she couldn't of done better on them.

''I haven't had a good idea for a whole week'' Hiyori stared out of her window for inspiration, waiting for anything to give her an idea but after half an hour her wrists were getting sore after leaning on them for so long. Her eyes ached as she spend her night trying to get some well deserved sleep but every time she thought she had an idea, she would dive out of bed but as usual would forget what that idea was, hence she lost a lot of sleep.

''Maybe a walk will give me some inspiration'' said Hiyori who carefully tidied up her desk by neatly piling her drawings into a folder and putting all of her pencils including her favourite which she liked to call her 'Special pencil'. Saying goodbye to her parents, Hiyori set off for the park to have a long wander about and to get some ideas by spotting out cute couples or anything that looked like it would make a fantastic Doujinshi.

'I don't understand why I'm suddenly having trouble...I always come up with ideas for my stories, I'm an Manga artist after all, it's my duty to give my fans what they want but I can't and I need to know why' Hiyori thought. Leaving her house behind she walked down her street and with it being a windy day had put on her school jacket after she had spilled some ink on her other one after a frantic drawing frenzy the night before. The wind blew her long and black hair into her face, covering her glasses up with grease.

''Its summer, so why has it gotten so windy all of a sudden?'' Hiyori wondered as she struggled to keep her head up as she made her way down the street.

''Oh man with all of this frantic thinking, I forgot that I need to buy some tofu'' moaned Hiyori as she had to wait for her inspiration to come as she now had to change for course of direction and head to the supermarket.

''My bad luck continues'' muttered Hiyori as she headed left down the main road towards the train station instead of heading right and towards the park where her heart had been set on going.

''Thank you'' said James as he stepped out of the Post office after handing over his letter to be sent to America. ''I hope Patricia is happy with what I've told her in the letter''

James set off for the supermarket to purchase what Konata had ask him to buy so she could cook dinner for them later on but as he thought about it he wondered about his sister's behaviour lately, why did she always want to have showers together? And why did she want to sleep in the same bed? James began to think that this couldn't possibly be the way that brothers and sisters live over here and if it was then he wasn't sure if he felt comfortable with it all.

'I know that she likes Anime a lot more than me but I never imagined it was that much' thought James as he scrunched the shopping list in his fist. Later on after he had travelled into the closest shopping area to his neighbourhood, he crossed the street and after getting through a massive crowd, he managed to spot the supermarket that he was looking for from a distance but before he could continue to make his way there he was quickly and suddenly blown off his feet by a massive gust of wind, slamming onto the pavement, he writhed in pain as his hands got cut from landing onto loose stones.

''Damn'' muttered James as he picked out the dirt from his wounds, the stinging sensation from his cut was more than enough to make him not realise that his troubles were not yet over. As soon as James had managed to get back up to his feet, he was again knocked back down to the floor by the wind but this time it sent another person hurling into him. Lying on the floor James looked up and quickly recognized the girl that was lying on top of him.

''Hiyori is that you?'' James asked in a groan of pain as another cut was added to his unwanted collection on his right hand

''James? What are you doing out here in weather like this?'' replied Hiyori who sounded like she had snacked her head onto the pavement as she sounded dizzy and confused

''I could ask you the very same question you know'' laughed James but it was a quick laugh as he quickly let out a whimper of pain as he saw blood slightly drip onto the path bellow him and Hiyori. ''It was deeper than I thought'' groaned James

Hiyori slowly got off James and got back onto her feet before she stuck out her hand and offered to pull James up but James got up himself much to Hiyori's disappointment.

''That looks bad'' said Hiyori who was deeply concerned about the cuts on James's right hand, the deepest cut had a slight amount of dirt that was causing him a great deal of pain as he tried to pick it out with his left hand. ''Don't do that! Your only pushing it in'' warned Hiyori who quickly pulled out a small bag and after a moment of searching pulled out what appeared to be a spray bottle.

''What's that?'' asked James

''It cleans cuts, in a way it's like an invisible plaster'' smiled Hiyori ''Stay still because this will sting''

''Are you sure about this?'' asked James who sounded a little scared about what Hiyori wanted to do.

''Don't be a wimp, I want to help'' replied Hiyori who took a firm grasp of James's hand and without warning sprayed into his cuts, clearing the dirt from his hand and sealing up the cuts slightly. James's felt a stinging sensation as she sprayed but that was to quickly go away, much to his delight.

''Wow that feels great, thank you Hiyori'' smiled James ''Do you always carry that bag around with you?''

''You just never know when you'll need it'' said an embarrassed Hiyori ''I've had my fair share of falls so I'm always prepared''

''Good thing you came along then isn't it'' said James ''But I lost my shopping list'' he sighed in disappointment

''So that's why you're out now'' said Hiyori ''your sister already giving you commands'' she giggled

''It wasn't a command, I want to prove that I can find my own way around that's all'' replied James ''But I don't think I'll be able to prove anything now''

''Well that's quite the coincidence, I was heading to the shops as well so we can go together'' suggested Hiyori

''That's an awesome idea Hiyori but I won't be able to buy anything because I have no idea what I need for a chicken curry dish''

''It is a good thing that I bumped into you then, I'll help you find what you need'' smiled Hiyori

''You will? That means a lot that you want to help me out, I thought I was going to be stuck'' said a happy James

''That's what friends are for'' replied Hiyori who was feeling a strange feeling that she had never experienced before

'I don't understand, now I'm coming up with all kinds of ideas for my stories because he's with me but that shouldn't be, one person shouldn't make me feel so confident...should they?' wondered Hiyori as she drifted into her own little world much to James's confusion.

After Hiyori had snapped back into reality the two of them headed into the shops and were both able to purchase everything that they needed to buy. Since it was still very windy they had both decided to hold hands in case one of them were knocked over again, this was a safe way too battle the harsh winds but Hiyori was secretly terrified of having to hold onto a boy's hand so James was left to drag her to the shops as she closed her eyes.

Deciding to have a little break, Hiyori and James stopped off to grab a little lunch but unknown to James, Hiyori had chosen a little place that she liked to call heaven to have some lunch.

''Are you sure there's a restaurant up here?'' asked an unsure James ''It doesn't look like a place where they would serve food''

''Oh it serves food alright'' sniggered Hiyori ''and so much more''

''So why do I feel a little uncomfortable about the whole situation?'' asked James

''Your just a little nervous but that won't last for long, I promise you that'' said Hiyori as they both reached the top of the stairs and stood outside a door which Hiyori tapped on. Seconds later the door opened and stood there was a blonde haired girl who had a big smile on her face and was wearing a maid outfit.

''Welcome back master, won't you please come inside'' asked the girl as she winked at James who was quick to blush.

'She brought me here' thought James

''Hey Hiyori, maybe we should go somewhere else'' suggested James as he tried to pull Hiyori away from the cafe that happened to be a cosplay cafe but Hiyori didn't want to leave.

''You said that you wanted to know all about the Japanese culture didn't you?'' asked Hiyori

''Yeah I did'' replied James

''Well this is a learning experience for you then'' giggled Hiyori ''you have to visit a cosplay cafe at least once''

''Well...If you say so'' said James ''But let's not stay for so long''

''We'll have something to eat and see a show, is that alright?'' asked Hiyori who put on a puppy dog face, her eyes grew and made James feel uneasy.

''Fine'' gave in James as he knew that talking an Otaku out of something was just impossible

Hiyori smiled and dragged James inside the cafe which was massively packed with groups of boys who were all drooling over the maids and their over the top outfits or that was the case in James's mind, he was more of the type who thought that boys and girls were equal and thought that boys paying to see girls pretend to be interested in them was a bit much but unknown to him that would soon change.

''They look so sexy, don't you think so'' squealed Hiyori ''Why didn't I bring my sketchbook!''

''Yeah...they all look cute'' replied James 'I wonder what Patricia would say in this situation'

Before Hiyori had a chance to respond to James, they were both interrupted by a girl who was dressed as Haruhi Suzamiya and she appeared to not be in such a good mood as she had a scowl on her face.

''Ok then, I guess I'll be taking your orders now'' huffed Haruhi as she pulled out a short notebook and a ballpoint pen ''so are you both ready to order or what?''

''Yes brigade leader!'' cheered Hiyori who took James completely by surprise with her sudden outburst of excitement as she leapt out of her chair. ''I'll have the spaghetti and meatballs'' said Hiyori as she quietly got back into her seat as she spotted all eyes were now on her.

''How boring'' totted the maid as she scribbled down Hiyori's order before looking at James with her intimidating eyes. ''And what about you, what will you be having?''

''I guess I'll have the same and I'll also have a ice coffee'' said James

''Your brigade leader commands that you wait here'' ordered the maid before she stormed off into the back.

''She really takes her role seriously'' said an amazed Hiyori ''so dedicated''

''There's no need to drool over her though'' said James ''People are still staring at you''

''It's ok I'm used to getting stared at by strangers'' sighed Hiyori ''I'm actually quite well known for being what they call a weirdo''

''Is that because you draw people in the park?'' asked James

''I guess you can say that but it's for a number of reasons like ...''

''Like...'' said James

''I don't think we should talk about it'' said Hiyori ''we're meant to be having fun aren't we?'' Hiyori was desperate to change the subject of her past and was relieved when the grumpy Haruhi maid returned with their meals. James didn't try to continue the discussion because he could tell that Hiyori felt uncomfortable and thought it would be best to forget about it for the time being.

After their meal James had to use the restroom, leaving Hiyori by herself for a couple of minutes but as she sat at the table watching a dance by three maids on the stage that was set up, a group of male Otaku's approached her table.

''Excuse me but I think that I know'' sniggered one boy

''Oh there must be a mistake, I don't recognize any of you'' replied Hiyori

''Your an Otaku aren't you?''

''I am'' replied Hiyori

''And you draw Doujinshi don't you?''

''What! How do you, I mean I have no idea what you are on about'' said a surprised Hiyori ''I don't draw Doujinshi!''

''Don't deny it, we saw you at the last Comiket and you were selling Doujinshi''

'Crap, this isn't good no one is supposed to know who I am' panicked Hiyori

''We need your opinion on something''

''Excuse me'' stuttered Hiyori

''Well we assume you're a major Otaku if you're willing to go that far and draw stuff like Yuri''

''What do you want to know?'' asked Hiyori who felt uneasy about being surrounded a group of Otaku's that knew all about her

''Is Goku from Dragonball the strongest anime character to ever be created?''

''What do you mean?'' asked Hiyori

''He's not because Naruto would kick his ass'' argued a boy in the group

''Oh please, I could climb up Mount Fuji and get back by the end of one of them fights''

''Luffy from One Piece could beat up Goku and Naruto''

''Umm actually I think- '' Hiyori was interrupted by the boys who were now arguing with each other and had turned away from her.

''You're crazy, L was a little weirdo and he didn't even have a Death Note and I doubt a book would work on any of these characters!''

''Light could easily kill Goku, he has a heart doesn't he?''

''Are these friends of yours Hiyori?'' asked James who had come back during the commotion and was watching the four boys screaming at each other.

''I have no idea who they are but there annoying me like crazy'' moaned Hiyori

''Maybe we should go'' suggested James ''Getting kind of noisy in here''

''Good idea'' smiled Hiyori as she put on her coat and followed James out of the cafe and down the stairway and back outside to the now sunny city centre.

''Finally the wind has calmed down'' said a relived James

''Yeah there will be no more falling down onto the ground for us'' giggled Hiyori

''Well I guess I had best get this stuff back to Konata, I was gone longer then I thought I would be so I hope she isn't panicking or anything'' laughed James

''Sorry about that, I forgot that you might not be used to the area completely yet'' apologized Hiyori ''But you did experience something Japanese''

''A group of boys arguing about Anime'' giggled James ''some people go way too far with that stuff''

''Yeah'' said an uneasy Hiyori 'Does he mean me?'

''Actually Hiyori, can I ask you something before I go?'' Said James

''Ok'' said Hiyori ''you're not going to ask me what those boys did are you?''

''No not that, what I want to know has nothing to do with Anime'' said James ''It's about the Japanese culture''

''Oh, I'll be more than happy to answer any questions'' smiled Hiyori

''Do brothers and sisters really have showers at the same time?'' asked James ''Konata keeps telling me that they do but I'm not sure about it''

Hiyori's face went red and her mind had already come up with an idea for her story and her mouth drooled as she thought about it.

Hiyori's mind

''Konata, are you sure about this?'' asked James as they both stood in the bathroom

''Don't worry James'' smiled Konata ''what's one little shower between siblings''

Konata slowly took off her skirt and shirt and giggled as James's face went red from embarrassment

''It's your turn silly'' smiled Konata ''I won't bite''

''How can you look so happy about this, we're brother and sister'' moaned James

''But we're not blood related'' smirked Konata ''and your really cute''

''Kind words will get you nowhere'' sighed James

Konata decided to up her game as she went onto her toes and pecked her brother on the cheek before slowly peeling off his shirt whilst winking at her brother.

''Stupid Konata'' said a shy James

''We don't have to do this you know'' said Konata ''Do you want to stop?''

James thought about it for a moment, the cold shiver from the open window made him cold and Konata had his shirt.

''I...I guess a quick shower wouldn't hurt'' said James ''It is cold in here''

Konata's eyes sparkled as she slides open the shower doors and turned the shower on, she let James watch as her body dripped water before coming back out and slowly leading into the steamy shower, James had to quickly take off his pants before stepping inside, much to Konata's amusement. They both now stood inside the shower looking into each other's eyes.

''That wasn't so hard now was it'' giggled Konata ''you looked so scared about the whole thing but I knew you wanted to try it''

''Shut up, this is wrong Konata'' moaned James

''Then why are you in here?'' asked Konata ''There's the door''

''Umm well I guess It is warmer in here'' said James

Konata closed the door behind her and steam filled up the closed space between them. James was surprised about the size of Konata's breasts, they were bigger then he had first thought.

'She's my sister, I can't think like that' thought James

''You can touch them if you like'' said Konata ''I don't mind but Dad might walk in on us at any minute''

''That's why we shouldn't be doing this'' replied James

''It makes it more fun though'' laughed Konata

''Ok but only once then will you please drop this?'' begged James

''We'll see'' smirked Konata

James slowly reached out his hand and after a moment of hesitation was so close to the left nipple of Konata's breast, her face now lit up and her eyes closed he –

Real World

''Hiyori...Hiyori?'' said James as he waved his hand in front of the day dreaming Otaku who was drooling out of her mouth and onto her trainers

''HIYORI!'' yelled James who snapped her out of her dream

''Huh, what'' said Hiyori ''I wasn't dreaming, I swear!''

''I never said you were so did you have a good dream?'' smirked James

''I...I guess you could say so'' said Hiyori 'Must draw the dream!'

''Are you alright?'' asked James

''I have to go, I'll see you later'' said Hiyori who ran in the opposite direction, she was running home as fast as she could unaware that she had left her shopping in James's hands along with his shopping.

''Umm see you later then'' muttered James

'Oh well at least she looked confident' thought James

Later on after a long trip home, James was met by Konata at the front door that had a worried look on her face that turned into a smile as she spotted her brother walking up the street.

''There you are'' called out Konata ''what took you and did you get my magazine?''

''It's a long story but to make it simple, I went to a cosplay cafe with Hiyori and watched Otaku's argue with each other'' sighed James

''Awesome, we'll have to go sometime'' cheered Konata

''Yeah, sure'' responded James

''What happened to your hand?'' asked Konata as she spotted the cut on his hand

''An Otaku landed on me'' smirked James as he put the shopping on the table in the kitchen. ''Have a good nap''

''Nope, I went back online'' laughed Konata

''You can take a lot of punishment can't you?'' said an amazed James ''don't your eyes ever hurt?''

''Nah they never hurt because I take plenty of breaks by reading my Manga'' smiled Konata

'And that gives your eyes a rest how?' wondered James

'He's already finding his way around without me, I'm happy for him but I hope he enjoys the surprise I have in store for him' hoped Konata as she helped James unpack the shopping

''What is with the Tofu in the bag James'' asked Konata


End of Chapter 7