The show must go on

Chapter 1
All my time at that stupid academy and what have I got to show for it? Nothing I mean I can't even get a damn part in a west-end production! All the promises the praise, it must have all been lies. They set me up for something I can't do. A damn understudy, that's all I am and ever will be.


"What! Do you mind I have to study this stupid character I am never going to play," as I am sure you can tell I was least impressed being back stage. I wish I didn't snap though at least not at that time.

"Well I won't tell you about the new show coming up and I guess I shouldn't tell you how you could have a handicap." (Actually you don't know who I am talking to; he is called John, the director)

What! Why do I have to be such a bad tempered girl? "A handicap? What show? Huh"

"Jenny I know your such a talented actress but you don't give it your all at auditions. You gave up after you were turned down for 2 weeks running but that's what happens in this industry. Look I keep ignoring your sarcastic comments and bad temper but you can't carry on like this. Just look at this and please just TRY!"

John left a flyer on the desk I was leant on. It was only small but it's all I needed. 'Annie. Auditions start 3rd August at 5.00pm.' Should I even turn up just to be knocked down again? I mean John said I had a handicap, what if I actually got the part? Wouldn't it be amazing, my name on the programs, on the posters. 'Annie the musical, starring Jenny Garrison' a large gleam just spread across my face. I stood daydreaming about how I could be performing and singing on the West-end stage, I mean me putting on a show!

"Hey gorgeous," I knew that voice and I didn't have to see his face.

"Marco you wouldn't believe what I have to tell you!" you could feel the enthusiasm in the air.

"What's that? Oh and I have news too!" Marco sounded really excited too.

"Well there is a new show coming up, Annie and John told me that I might have a bit of a handicap"

"Really! Well I know what that handicap might be," Marco started fidgeting and acting uncomfortable.

"What, Marco what's wrong?" I was scared but excited what if I could ensure this handicap?

"Well they asked me to... well, urm. I've been asked to be the vocal coach which makes me one of the judges for the auditions," I didn't know weather to be happy or upset. All I knew was I didn't want his help. That's all he has done since I met him, help me gain confidence and get back up when I'm knocked down. He helped me with everything even to find the most amazing boyfriend on the planet, him. Look I know that sounds cheesy but without him I wouldn't have even graduated at P.A.

"That's great babe only, I don't want you to cheat for me. I want a fair verdict and if I get the part I want to get it fairly."

"Thank god. I really didn't want to cheat but I want you to be happy."

See there is only one problem with Marco he is so extremely successful. It was unthinkable, he helped me so many times and I just can't help him cause he has everything, he ever wanted. He was the face in every paper, 'Marco rocks a new audience.' When he isn't in the papers he is on the telly. He doesn't let it take his time up though; he makes sure he comes home to see me. I mean I love the guy but with him being so famous every knock I get is in the news, 'Marco's girl, rejected again' I just hope this time it says 'Marco's girl, the new Annie' or what if it says 'Did Marco fix the auditions.' I couldn't bear the thought. Now a part of me wanted to give up but the other was ready to try all over again and even care again.

"So, where are you taking me for lunch babe? I could murder a steak." I tried my best to forget about what the newspapers would say but it didn't matter what we did or said I couldn't forget about it.

"I'm sure you will make a fabulous Annie..." Marco tried making me feel better because he could see something was wrong "... you shouldn't be worried you know. You are a great actress and gorgeous too!"

"You have to say that, your here to say that." A long uncomfortable pause came across the table, "but what if they think it's fixed, I mean let's say I do get the part. Then what, you get the blame for cheating and just giving me the part"

"Then if that's what happens we deal with it. People will believe what they want but we know what happened and why. Isn't that all that matters?"

"I guess but I don't want to cause you any drama" my brain felt all tangled and bruised, how am I supposed to feel now? Happy, sad, content, I really don't know.

"The only drama I am bothered about is your audition, okay?"

"Okay" I had to try for him, he helped me so many times how could I just throw the towel in now we are both excited.