Chapter 5

There was something soothing about the rain, something calming. I don't know what it was but it made me remember how lucky I was. I had a job and although not ideal I still love what I am doing. Although with the rain came the dark gloomy clouds, I found the rain to be a great relief. All my troubles disappeared. I always think back to P.A when I study the rain.

P.A helped me through so much. I became a stronger dancer there and although I am not strong enough to be a professional ballet dancer I am strong enough to teach and that's what I have decided to do. A handful of students will be a stronger and more successful dancer than me. That doesn't bother me though because if it weren't for me they wouldn't be in that position. It gives me a sense of achievement.

6.00pm and my phone blares out as loud as it can. Only a text! You mean I made the effort to get up, go into the kitchen and unplug my phone to find it's only a text. I'm glad I made the effort though, it was pretty important. 'Kevin. I need you to call me like now! Love Joy xx' I had to call back I mean if I wasn't going to call Joy who would I call. Joy has been my best friend for the last 9 years and although she dropped out of P.A for work, she still made the effort to come to the graduation for me.

"Hey Joy what's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong you nutter, I wanted to say.. I just auditioned for a West-end production!"

"WHAT! Joy that's amazing, what did they say?"

"They said they can't say anything for definite but they like me!"

"Great that's brill" this is where my alarm quite rudely interrupts.

"Kevin, what was that?"

"My alarm, I'm sorry I have to go. Some of my students are practicing for the London dance festival this weekend" I was trying to say bye and get ready to leave at the same time. As I am sure you will understand this wasn't easy and so I had to rudely hang up but I text Joy after saying sorry. She said all is good.

On my way to the dance studio I was thinking about my teaching method. I didn't like the way Miss (at P.A) told me I was doing it wrong but then never helped me to get it right. I was worried I was being too soft on my students though. I don't give them chance to try and figure it out on their own. I just say 'hang on. It's like this then 1,2,3'.

I got to the studio and was still troubled by my teaching method. So before warm up I asked my students. They were shocked, they said no-one bothered to ask before. They thought my teaching method was fine but they don't feel independent enough and were worried there is no-one to rely on out there (in the industry). I said I would step back a bit and bite my tongue and only give help when they ask for it, but if they need help the MUST ask for it.

On my way home it was raining again. Some people thought it weird that I was walking home. I just found it was a little water and why should I let that put me out of pocket for a taxi. Also it gave me time to reflect on the day. There was no noise or any huddles in the street, it was peaceful. I found the day hard. What, with having to step back. I found it rewarding though. Many of my students helped one another when they were stuck and sometimes the students that weren't coping sat back for five minutes and thought got straight back into it and got it picture perfect. I loved it.

I rarely make them dance as a group but as the annual show of the studio is coming up I wanted them to start and end as a group. I will give them ideas as usual but I will also stress this is their dance and I want them to be comfortable with it. They can split into smaller groups or have a solo piece if they wish. Everyone must have a chance to shine though.

Costume is also very important. Me and mum usually go shopping and find pictures and ideas to show the students but again it's their dance and their costume. They pick, between them.

(At home)

There is something soothing about the rain. Something I just can't explain. There are no complications or struggles. It plain and simple. It's just rain. I find myself in a trance when looking through the streaked glass at the rain. I could sit for hours just clearing my mind of all troubles. I don't have hours though, I have things to sort. Music, main dancers, dance style, costumes. I know its 7.00pm and I should just get home and flop on the sofa with a massive chocolate bar but there is too much to organise. The venue is obvious, the dance studio's theatre. I couldn't take my mind to that place of organisation though. I was too busy being hypnotised by the rain. It had its own tune, not necessarily in time though. '1,2,3...45+6'.