Dear Readers,

I'm glad you've decided to read this story. I'd like to start it out with a letter from me. The three girls you're about to read about are among the few most intelligent, funny, and beautiful woman in the world.

My first agent I'd like to talk about is Agent #37, or as close friends would call her, Bella Swan.

Bella was one of the most intelligent people in the world which not an opinion but a fact. At the age of three, Bella had successfully mastered four of Beethoven's pieces, studied languages such as Latin, Spanish, French, and German. Her English had been mastered at the age of one.

When she was eight, she'd graduated from one of the top and most prestigious private high schools in the West Coast. By the time she'd turned 12, she had graduated top of her class from Harvard. She mastered the art of cage fighting, and is considered lethal in the ring.

That's where the other two agents come in.

The next one I'd like to tell you about is Agent #8, also known as Rosalie Hale.

Rosalie is a stunning blonde and I consider her a daughter. She had been a genius from the beginning. Just two months after being born, she could speak the whole entire English language. Rosalie has a photographic memory, so she remembers everything she ever read, reads, is reading, or will read.

At the age of six Rosalie was studying abroad in England, in one of the most exclusive programs on this earth.

She was tested by scientists at the age of ten; they had her on Jeopardy, to see if she could outsmart two of the best students from Oxford University. Rosalie had beaten both of them by over 15,000 points. She was quick as lightning, and didn't get a single question wrong.

Now, at the age of 20, Rosalie had graduated, same class as young Bella Swan, even though Rosalie was 14 at the time. Rosalie is a master at the art of kick boxing and can beat anyone senseless at the drop of a hat.

Our third and final agent is Agent #6, the tiny, porcelain, Alice Brandon. Alice is a tiny terror at the size of 4'9. She is usually underestimated by her size, and delicate features, she is quite the fighter.

Alice was different.

Her parents had her placed in a mental institution because they were scared she was possessed.

Alice loved to study all theories. Newton's theories, Einstein's theories, any type of theory and she could tell you anything about it. Her parents believed she was being controlled by 'Satan' and they sent her away as soon as they could.

The poor girl was merely 7 years old.

She was held captive in the mental institution for five years. One day one of her captors had heard her reciting Newton's theory of relativity word from word.

He came to find out what she was doing, and took her straight away to the doctors. They discovered she was a genius. Alice is also a champion equestrian, fencer, and she has a black belt in Tai Kwon Do.

Then s he ended up, at the age of 13 in college with the other two agents.

Due to their ages, the three girls were put in one dorm room.

As soon as I could, I got in contact with these three girls, and they all agreed to work for me.

I have never had such an honor working with these three bright, beautiful, and witty women, and I felt I had to commemorate to them. I am proud to say they were trained in my forces, and have done nothing but great things for me.

These three agents have sustained bombs, shootouts, car chases, and much more. Their records are impeccable and unbelievable. They've always managed to stay close through thick and thin, these girl's are more of a family, than a group of agents.

Yours truly,

Dr. Carlisle Cullen