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Chapter 1

"Your son's a fag."

The line went dead.

Karofsky laughed harshly, slapping Puck on the back.

"Knew you'd do it," he said, smirking approvingly. Puck laughed without humour, the bitter taste of guilt starting to burn his throat.

"Yeah, well, I always end up doing what you tell me, don't I, Karofsky?" Puck grimaced, looking away.

"Dude," Karofsky punched his arm, "what is up with you? Do you really think he's going find out it was you? And even if he does, do you think anyone's gonna care? So you called his son a fag – so does everyone else in this cow town! Man up a little, Puck."

"Hey, I'm man enough, Karofsky," Puck spat his name out, eyes tight, "it's just... I'm not down with this anymore. Sure, I'll chuck kids into dumpsters or whatever, but this is going too far. I'm out."

Puck threw his hands up in resignation, starting to walk away.

"Go ahead, Puck," Karofsky called after him, "go choose your Gay Club over your real friends, then. Fag."

Puck grimaced, shoving his hands deep into his pockets to stop himself from going to punch the sneer off Karofsky's face. He kept on walking.

Mercedes' cell phone buzzed in her pocket as she reached her front door. She frowned slightly, trying to fit the key in the lock whilst flipping open her cell. It was from Kurt.

hey gurl ;) was just in the choir room and... i hit the high F! haha totally gonna own Berry at the diva-off tomorrow :P CANNOT WAITT! off to tell dad right now call me later yeah? loveee xx

Mercedes smiled to herself, relishing the thought of Rachel's face as she lost the sing-off to a boy who can sing higher than her. Dumping her bag in the hall, she quickly tapped in her reply.

ahh well done babe! i know youll be amazing tomorrow... cant wait to see her face! yess ill call you around 7ish... i need to know what youre gonna wear! ;) M xxxx

"Hey, Dad!" Kurt came bouncing into his father's garage, his face beaming.

"What the hell is wrong with this machine?" Burt slammed a jug into the coffee machine angrily. Kurt took no notice, still smiling.

"I hit it – the high F! The magical note I need for Defying Gravity. I hit it! It means I'm gonna win," he gushed, trying to get his Dad's attention.

"That's great," Burt sounded distracted, "good for you. Just how long until the damn coffee's ready?"

Kurt frowned.

"What's going on?"

"I got a phone call this morning. The anonymous kind. It was some dude telling me my son was a fag," Burt grimaced.

"Oh," Kurt replied in a small voice, "well, that's not a big deal. I get that all the time."

"Yeah, but I don't," Burt interjected angrily, "now look, Kurt. I try to do right by you. You know, open some doors. What father wouldn't do that for his kid? And I know it's good for you... to be out there with – with all this Glee Club stuff but I just..." Burt seemed close to tears, "I don't want you to get hurt."

Kurt nodded, face falling.

"So you don't want me to audition for the solo," it wasn't a question, although he already knew the answer.

"No, no. Let me be clear, all right? No-one pushes the Hummels around, especially cowards on the phone," Burt shook his head, eyebrows creasing together, "sometimes... I just – I wish your mom was still around, you know? She was better at... you know, handling this kind of thing. You know, handling me."

Kurt gave a small nod, a lump in his throat.

"Look," Burt continued, trying to get it together, "congrats on, uh... you know, the cool A, or the high C or, you know, whatever it was."

"High F," Kurt corrected sadly.

"Yeah," Burt nodded, taking one last look at his son before continuing on into the depths of his garage.

Kurt sighed weakly, his breath shuddering. He closed his eyes, letting a lone tear trail down his pale cheek.




Mercedes frowned as the phone rang on and on with no sign of an answer from Kurt. This was now the fourth time she had called; she was starting to worry about her best friend.

She pressed the reject key, listening to the dial tone echo through the handset.

She sighed, setting her cell down on the desk in front of her and putting her head in her hands. He'd seemed so excited earlier, what could have happened in that short time?