A/N: This half is the half that takes place current-day and is full of all the Pickles/Toki I'm sure you've come to expect from me. It's less sad too.

Toki was taking a late-afternoon nap in his room, his back pressed up against the cold wall and Deddy Bear held securely in his arms. Charles had coaxed the band into recording earlier, and seven hours of recording, then re-recording, then being yelled at and re-re-recording, then being yelled at and berated by Skwisgaar and re-re-re-recording before finally being shooed out so that Skwisgaar could re-re-re-re-record the rhythm parts was an exhausting, slightly depressing ordeal. But it was commonplace, and Toki took the abuse with a smile and a roll of his eyes like he always did. He had retreated to his room afterwards, being followed quietly by Pickles who knew that after seven hours of abuse even the ever happy Toki would need some cheering up. He'd followed the rhythm guitarist into his room, and immediately complained (jokingly, of course) about the temperature.

"Gad, Toki, yer room's feckin' freezing!" he'd said with a smile, sitting down on the Norwegian's bed next to said Norwegian. They'd had the usual back-and-forth of 'why can'ts I bes fasters?' and 'well at least ya still play wit' passion, nat jes' speed.' Toki held his hands in front of him and complained about the slowness of his fingers and Pickles had taken the guitarist's hands in his, kissing the calloused fingers and reassuring Toki that "They ain't slow. Even if dey were, I love 'em anyway." Toki had smiled like Pickles knew he would, and the guitarist's fingers twined with the drummer's as he leaned in and kissed the older man. Then he'd rested his head gently on Pickle's shoulder and mumbled about how tired he was, and Pickles had let him lay down and got up to leave, promising he'd wake Toki up for dinner. Toki had thanked him, and Pickles placed a kiss on Toki's forehead before leaving.

Toki hadn't been able to sleep right away, though, the silence of the room getting to him. He'd turned on a radio and, what with death metal not exactly being the best at putting people to sleep, had switched around stations until he'd found some classic rock channel. Although he'd said that 80's music wasn't his cup of tea, after the Snakes N' Barrels reunion tour he'd given the music a chance and found that he actually did like some of it. It was soothing if nothing else. The station he'd fallen asleep listening to also had a habit of, about every six hours or so, playing a Snakes N' Barrels song, and hearing Pickles sing tended to make the Norwegian smile. One time, walking back to Mordhaus after deciding that Pickles' idea to "go to th' park an' look at swans" wasn't exactly a bad idea and doing just that, they had wandered past a house that seemed to be having some sort of party going on. As they passed they heard the unmistakable sound of a Snakes N' Barrels song wafting through the walls and into the street. Nathan had laughed and joked at Pickles, while Skwisgaar didn't recognize it until Nathan placed Pickles in front of him and motioned to him, then at the house, then back at the drummer, but as the group walked by Toki felt perfectly content to stand in his spot on that sidewalk and listen to the song play out, which he would have had Pickles not grabbed his arm and tugged him along gently, his trademark smirk on his face, and Toki had continued walking after Pickles had whispered to him, "Why ya wanna stand dere an' list'n frem sem house when ya gat the real Pickles right here in frent o' ya?" Which was, of course, a perfectly solid argument.

That same song was one this station didn't play as often as ones like Water Horsey Blues or that one about the jungle. As Pickles quietly knocked on Toki's door to wake him up, that was exactly the song that happened to be playing, though. It had lulled Toki into a nice enough sleep that Pickles' knocking was doing nothing to wake the young man, so the drummer gave it up in favour of simply walking in. He opened the door just enough to slither in, and he let out a little chuckle as he heard his own voice floating from the radio singing about some girl with a nice smile and sky-blue eyes. He honestly couldn't remember exactly who he'd written the song about any longer, it had been so long ago.

He crept to Toki's bed and knelt down next to it like a child getting ready to pray. He rested his chin on his arms on the bed and watched his guitarist sleep for a moment before reaching over and gently shaking his shoulder. Toki curled up slightly, not exactly wanting to wake up just yet. Pickles sighed and rolled his eyes, smirking as he walked over to the radio and turned the volume down to null. He returned to his spot next to Toki's bed and tried to shake him awake again, and it seemed to work a little more as the sleeping man tried to shrug Pickles' annoyingly persistent waking away.

"Toki, kid, get ep. It's dinner. Ye're genna wake up hengry at like midnight if ya don't eat now." The half-awake Toki responded by making a shoo motion with his hand. "Faine den, be dat way." Pickles said with a shrug, standing but not moving from his spot. He had to admit, the Norwegian was quite lovely when he slept. Giving the muted radio a glance, he reached over to Toki and moved the hair out of his face. He quietly began singing the chorus of the song that had been playing, and Toki finally opened his eyes. He blinked at Pickles at first, but smiled as his heart fluttered, as the term "love" floated quietly from Pickles' lips in reference to him. He sat up and pressed his lips to the ex-singer's, cutting off the drawn-out syllable of the last word of the short chorus. Pickles pulled away after a moment and asked, with a smirk, "Ya awake yet?" Toki nodded with a smile.

"Ja I'ms ups now Pickle."

"Good, our dinners're gettin' cold out there." He helped Toki up and, as they walked out to the hall, he whispered to him, "You've gat eyes of th' bluest skies too yanno."


After dinner the whole band was rather bored. Nathan had suggested they, "Watch some awesome brutal horror flic or something," and since no one could think of anything better to do they'd gathered around the largest tv in the main room and watched some movie that wasn't anywhere near as brutal or awesome as Dethklok themselves, but did its job as a horror flic. It also did a very pleasant job at being an excuse when Nathan questioned how close Toki was cuddling against Pickles during the movie, or when Murderface asked why Toki was following Pickles into the drummer's room afterwards.

"I'ms scareds they's gonna comes gets me," Toki said, an excuse that would have been totally implausible in any other case, but seemed perfectly suitable in this context to his bandmates who simply shrugged. Of course that was a lie, and as soon as the door was closed and locked securely behind them, Pickles pulled Toki down on his bed and kissed him, straddled him, pushed him onto his back. During the day they had to dodge around their bandmates, not quite ready to tell the rest about their relationship. But the night was theirs. And at least one of those nights a week, in one of their rooms and behind closed, locked doors, they made love.

-Even Later-

The sheets were pulled up to their chests as they lay together, the night air settling a chill over Mordhaus. Toki was laying half next-to, half on Pickles, his arms wrapped around the older man's torso and his head resting on his chest. Pickles was gently playing with Toki's hair, his eyes closed contentedly and a cigarette held loosely in his lips, though not yet lit. The room had been silent for quite a while, the two musicians simply laying together, not quite trying to sleep but getting coaxed into it by the soft night.

Pickles' lighter technically broke the silence when he flicked a flame to life on it to light his cancer-stick, but Toki was the first one to speak. He smiled a little and nuzzled Pickles' neck as he said quietly, not quite a whisper, "You shoulds sing to me." Pickles blew a few smoke rings at the ceiling before answering.

"Oh yeah? An' why's dat?" Toki shrugged.

"'Cause I likes yous voice." Pickles raised an eyebrow.

"'S dis 'cause 'f earlier when I woke ya ep?" There was a short silence before Toki replied.

"...Kanskje." Pickles rolled his eyes but he smirked at the young man laying on him.

"Fine, fine." He dragged on his cigarette before he started singing, an odd habit he'd picked up because he liked the way the smoke looked as it was sung out. Toki listened intently and silently, the smile on his face never wavering. Even though the song had been written about a girl, she was in the past, and Toki knew Pickles was singing especially for him now. The drummer continued petting his guitarist's hair as he sung, his fingers straying down to gently flutter against Toki's cheek. And that chorus – Pickles felt Toki's heart beat harder through the second line and he made a mental note to refer to his guitarist with the line occasionally. As he sang into the next verse, his fingers gently trailed past one of Toki's blue eyes and back into his hair. He stroked it gently before nuzzling it with his cheek, moving back into the chorus that Toki so loved, feeling his own heart beating faster with Toki's, and just as soon to the end.

By the time he'd finished his song (and his cigarette), his skin tingled, his fingers tightening around whatever they were touching (Toki's hair and the sheet beneath him, respectively), and his breath nearly shuddered. The way he felt now was ten times stronger than the feeling he'd had when he'd first sung the song to the girl it was written for. At the same time, he was almost certain he'd lulled Toki to sleep. However, Toki was very much awake, though deep in thought. The song ended in a question, a question that had been very real when Pickles had written it, and it was a very real question when he sang it to Toki as well. Toki had certainly noticed when Pickles had faltered at the end, speaking the last repetition of the question instead of singing it, his body shivering in a mix of uncertainty and pure, loving bliss. He had assumed Toki was asleep and was honestly asking himself the question, but Toki had caught it and was fully prepared to answer. He tilted his head back and looked up at Pickles, to the slight surprise of the drummer.

"We gos... forwards?" He said, not quite sure of himself. Pickles wrapped his arms around Toki and nodded, his eyes once again closed. "We gots to tells them, huh?" Pickles nodded again.

"Tomarrow... er maybe Thersday." he chuckled quietly, and Toki smiled a little. "Sleep ferst though," he said, placing a soft kiss on Toki's lips. Toki snuggled up against his drummer.

"God natt, Pickle," he said quietly. Pickles smirked.

"Yeah, g'night... sweet love o' mine." Toki's heart beat harder as he fell asleep.