If pressed, the RED Engineer said it had begun innocently enough. It wasn't something he liked to talk about, and he grudgingly gave only the basest of details. He said that he had been repairing a sentry when someone moved behind him. He had assumed it was a Spy, and he got up to look for him. Instead of the Spy he had been expecting, he had found the BLU Pyro crouched behind a crate, cradling a broken arm. In a moment of sentimentality, he had allowed the Pyro to slip away, rather than killing the poor bastard. The Pyro had started hanging around during missions, and the Engineer was glad for the company.

They were friends, he said, and nothing more.

That was not an interesting story. To some degree, his teammates could be forgiven for speculating and adding their own details where Engineer had neglected to give his own. It was boring to say that an odd friendship had formed on the battlefield, crossing team lines. It was far more interesting to say that two men had started tearing each other's clothing off in the middle of a war, so that was what the other REDs said.

As much as everyone enjoyed talking about the Engineer and the BLU Pyro, it rapidly became apparent that no one really knew what had happened. The Soldier claimed that the BLU Pyro had seduced their Engineer as part of an elaborate ploy to steal their intel. Scout was firm in the belief that the 'Pyro' was actually a Spy. The Spy scoffed at this, and said that no real Spy would have allowed the relationship to end the way it did. He said that the relationship had likely been purely physical, a simple release for the pent-up energy and frustration that went with being a mercenary. Sniper agreed with Spy, but didn't like to talk about it. He often pointed out that it was really none of their business, and if Engineer wanted them to know what had happened, he would tell them. Demo shared Sniper's opinion regarding Engineer's privacy. He flat-out refused to discuss it all, instead ranting drunkenly about respect for privacy and inter-team relations. Neither Medic nor Heavy talked much with the rest of the team, but Heavy had confessed to Medic that he thought that the Engineer and the Pyro had really cared for each other. Medic had dismissed this as useless sentimentality, but privately hoped that it was the truth. The RED Pyro also chose not to discuss the relationship, primarily because he chose not to discuss anything. He simply listened to the others' wild speculation, and formed his own private opinion that the entirety of the rest of the team was talking out of their asses.

There were two people who knew what had happened, and one of them was dead.

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