Disclaimer: I do not own Tokyo Mew Mew or any of the characters. The ideas inside of this storyline, however, are mine completely. :D

Longer Summary: Ichigo has problems – big problems. While battling a mind-controlling Chimera Animal, she gets bitten. Kisshu tries to extract the poison, effectively consuming a mixture of Ichigo's blood as well. When both wake up the next morning, realizing that some sort of mind connection has been made between them, can the two possibly survive living inside the other's head? Will a cure be found, either? Ichigo thought hearing voices was bad, but hearing Kisshu's is becoming bothersome.


~Chapter One~

The sound of footsteps echoed on the pavement. It was dark, the street lights sending flickers along the concrete. The night was cool, or as cool as it could get in the spring. Ichigo fingered her skirt, sighing heavily. She had had a busy day, working at Café Mew Mew.

Ryou had worked her harder than ever, barking orders at her every few minutes. For all the good things Ryou was – which were a small list – none of them were 'lenient'. Sometimes she wished she could shove him in a maid costume and order people around. Unfortunately, it didn't look like it was a near possibility.

Working there wasn't all that bad, though. Sometimes Akasaka-sama would give her cake for her efforts. She got to spend tons of time with her friends, and they were able to wear cute outfits! It grew tiring after a while, that was a fact. Ichigo tended to get mad at Mint quite often, and Pudding was always causing trouble around the place. A lot of the times when Aoyama had asked her out on a date, she had to refuse because of the Café. It was very stressful.


Ichigo was glad he couldn't hear her thoughts. If so, would he think badly of her for getting mad at something she should be grateful for? She sighed again, her eyes softening at the thought of the boy.

She grumbled to no one in particular, shuffling along. Walking home was a pain when it was dark. She was musing on this when Masha began flailing around on her key-chain. His little wings beat the air frantically, the tiny voice shrill with warning.

"Aliens! Aliens!"

The girl blinked with surprise, "At this time of night?"

The distant sound of crashing confirmed Masha's prediction. Ichigo shook her head, pulling out her power pendant. It was late, and she was tired. This would have to be quick. After the transformation was over, she ran for the forest.

The damage wasn't too bad – yet. Benches were broken, trees fallen, but otherwise there wasn't much damage. The creature looked odd, as usual. Its long legs were crossed, arms in a meditating gesture. The turban on its head was a bright red, an unnerving blue eye etched into the center. Creepy turquoise eyes settled on her, narrowing to slits.

"Mew Ichigo! I was hoping Pudding would come, but I suppose you'll do."

Looking up, she found the source of the childish voice. Tart grinned down at her, eyes lit with excitement. He looked immensely pleases with himself, so she assumed he was here alone.

"For the Earth's future, I'll be of service – Nyaa!"

Tart rolled his eyes briefly, pointing down at the creature, "I warn you, not because I care but because I know someone who does. This is a mind-controlling Chimera Animal! So, you might want to call for back-up."

Ichigo shook her head, eyeing the creature.

"This isn't going to take long."

The alien child scowled at her. After a moment, he shrugged and teleported into a nearby tree.

"Attack!" the boy hollered.

The Chimera Animal followed suit, the creepy blue eyes widening impossibly. Ichigo let out a screech, pain rippling through her head. The creature didn't blink, staring intently at her. The pain didn't stop either, and she was starting to get a headache.

No, I can't let this happen. C'mon, cat DNA! Give me some strength!

"Are you so sure about fighting alone now?" Tart laughed.

Ichigo let out a small growl, crouching. Her hands were firmly pushed against her ears, trying to cut off the painful waves that were throbbing on the inside of her mind. It took a lot of willpower to remove them, and once she did, the pain didn't lessen or strengthen. Ichigo pushed against the ground, launching herself into the air. Her eyes were watering, the pain making her head ache and protest.

Submit to me. Submit to me.

Why was there a voice speaking in her head? Ichigo glared hotly at the creature, pulling out her Strawberry Bell. Before she could make another move, Tart yelled out an order. The pain in her head made it impossible to hear what he said, for the only sound audible was the pounding pulse in her ears.

She realized, with despair, that he had ordered the Chimera to strengthen its assault. Ichigo cried out in agony, feeling as if her mind was splitting in two. She fell, the Strawberry Bell thumping onto the ground below. She must have dropped it only two seconds ago.

Where was the Blue Knight when she needed him?

Perhaps he is asleep…

Ichigo could feel something trickling down her neck. It was warm, a sticky substance. The realization of what it was made the tears spill down her cheeks.

I'm bleeding from my ears, because it is so bad. I'm going to die…I'm going to die…

A presence made itself known, though she was sure it had been there all along. It crept through her thoughts like liquid, silent and fluid in movements. The pain was incredible, an awesome thing that was holding her under. She felt like she was drowning, gasping for relief but being denied and shoved down further.

Submit to me, Mew Ichigo. Submit to me…

A sharp pain, one that felt foreign since it was physically inflicted, bit into her wrist. If she thought that the mental pain was excruciating, this new type made it look tiny. Fire licked along her arm, causing a scream to rip from her lungs. Life wasn't real. If where she was before this pain had even existed, it had been a dream. Nothing felt as real as this merciless fire. It burned a path along her arm, a slow torture.

Ichigo could feel her body going limp. She realized, with surprise, that she was going unconscious. She waited for the impact, the feel of the ground that she would surely descend upon. Instead, it never came. Something strong and firm suddenly caught her, cradling her body. She could hear a voice, though it was distant through the layers of pure torture that racked her head.

"What have you done to her?" A boy's voice screamed.

He sounded familiar, his voice smooth and infuriated.

"I didn't do anything, Kisshu! It was the Chimera Animal!"

In the back of her mind, she could still faintly hear the other voice. The one that had urged her to submit from before. The boy's voice continued, though it was growing fainter with every passing second.

"Damn your Chimera Animal! Look at her! She looks like she's going to pass out at any moment."

There was silence, and wind whipped around her body. She felt as if she was flying, though that was impossible. Maybe she was dying. If so, this feeling was incredibly over-rated. People made too much of a big deal over death if this was it. No, death was sweet. It was welcoming and a pure comfort. It would relieve this sea of flames that she was drowning it, soothe and rub away all her burns. Yes, death was a good thing.

"Tart, I'm going to beat the shit out of you!"

The voice continued ranting, and within moments she felt something wet on her wrist. The outside was cool, making her wrist throb in protest, and the inside was hot. It enveloped her wrist, tenderly pulling at it. No, it was sucking at it.

The inner voice had stopped, going silent. The presence was gone, too. The warmth urged the blood out of her wrist, and absently Ichigo wondered if it was burning the person who was pulling her blood out. Surely, they could feel the flames that had engulfed the inside of her skin.

Ichigo didn't realize she had been making noise until her throat grew dry and raw. She must have been screaming pretty loudly, because the boy holding her was murmuring comforting words to her.

"It's alright, Ichigo. Don't worry; I'm drawing the poison out. It won't effect my body, so don't worry. Please don't cry, my kitten."

The girl gasped inwardly, relief leisurely crawling through her veins. The flames were being extinguished, leaving only an aching throb in her body. The pain in her mind had stopped minutes ago, but she must have not noticed from the excruciating feelings that the burning had made her suffer.

"Kisshu, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to kill her." Another voice sobbed.

The boy, Kisshu, was silent, probably ignoring the other. The hot wetness disappeared from her wrist, and Ichigo whimpered in protest. She felt weak, so weak. The darkness was threatening to take her now, but it didn't seem to hold such an ominous aura about it. She could feel her surroundings disappearing, her senses. Before unconscious pulled her into its web, she faintly heard the boy's voice.

"Sweet dreams, my kitten."