You Found Me: Crazy is what crazy does



Part One

Parker was on the phone. "I'm waiting for the mark." Parker said and it worked out that the person she was after came from Pine Valley. Parker was visiting an old friend there. As she sat there Annie Chandler walked in and sat in first class next to Parker. Parker knew who it was and looked over didn't want to be social but Annie had to be stopped. The client was having problems with her in her marriage. Parker knew this was going to be tricky to do this. Annie looked over at the small blonde and didn't like the fact that there was someone who was sitting next to her. She exhale out frustration but thought maybe she could annoyed her out of the seat. I guess Annie didn't know who she was messing with.

"Hi." Annie said and Parker gave her a little nod. "I'm Annie and who you are" Annie asked and Parker responded with an Alias nameā€¦. "Nice name." Annie said and Parker then was talking about she loves the window seat. "I just usually sit by myself, my ex-husband donated a lot of money to this airline and so I thought maybe they could have block all these seats given the fact I'm a Chandler. I mean he did give a lot of money to this airline after 9/11/" Annie said and Parker turned to say, "Gold-digger."