You Found Me: Crazy Is What Crazy Does



Part three

"I mean come on being a mother means you think of someone else other than yourself." Annie said and Parker responded, "Or maybe it's because you don't like yourself or your life and would rather transferred all of your shortcomings to someone else." That comment made Annie uncomfortable…

Annie talked about her designer shoes, how causal and plain Parker was. Parker just ignored her because it was working. "I mean the last time you would kissed it was probably in high school…" Annie said and laughed about it. "I was with someone named…..Scott Chandler, I mean he was hung." Parker said and Annie was livid…"You wouldn't with Scott…Scott's mine…He's mine…Mine, mine, mine, Mine!" Annie yelled and she was told to shut up. "When?" Annie asked and Parker responded, "I'm not going to tell you…I will tell you that J.R was good too. I may not be mother material but I know when someone could get me off." "You whore, I'm going to kill you…" Annie went after Parker and Parker had to look scare. Annie was restraint by security and Parker acted really scared. So they had to make an emergency landing. Annie hit a security officer as well. She's going to be tied up in federal court for a while.

"Thank you Parker." Marissa said and Parker responded as she got off the plane, "That was fun." Parker said and Marissa responded, "The drug worked." Parker laughed because when Annie turned for that moment, it was Parker who slipped drug….