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Epilogue: 62 Years Later

Forks had changed much since the last time he had been here. He hoped that she would still be waiting for him, that he could see her one last time before she died. Alice had a vision and called him saying she was on her deathbed and he ran as fast as he could to get there in time.

Two things hadn't changed, he noted as he walked in the light misting, the weather and the house.

Her house still retained the same touch-me-not appearance that he remembered. There were a few children playing in the yard, he wondered if they were hers.

He caught one of the little girls' attentions. The girl had short black hair, green eyes and tanned skin. The girl danced to the iron fence where he was waiting.

"Hello!" The little girl said as she spun in circles. She was trying to show off for the newcomer.

"Hello little one." He smiled at the little girl. "I'm looking for someone and thought you could help me."

"Alice who are you talking to?" A woman asked from the porch.

Both he and the girl and turned at the sound of the name.

A woman walked off the porch and came closer to them. She was of average height, she had long brown hair and chocolate colored eyes. Could it be the one that he was looking for? But it had been a long time ago. Could she have been changed by someone else? Was Alice's vision wrong then? He had come to find an ailing elderly woman but he saw Bella walking straight towards them.

"Bella…." He whispered. He couldn't believe it.

"Excuse me sir." Bella smiled. "Can I help you?" she asked as she picked up little Alice. Alice would die if she knew Bella had named her child after her.

Why didn't she recognize him straight away? It had been a while, that's true, but what they had was special. Time couldn't change it. He realized she was waiting for an answer.

"Um… I'm looking for someone that used to live here." he replied. "Isabella Swan?"

"You must be him, Edward." Bella said, she set little Alice down and went to open the gate for him. "My name is Andrea. You'd better come with me."

Edward didn't understand what was happening. Andrea grabbed his hand and they walked down the lane.

"She told me that this day would come." Andrea told him.

"Who told you?" Edward asked, bewildered.

"My grandmother," Andrea replied. "Bella Swan."

He stopped in his tracks. So she had moved on, like he had hoped. Hoped but not really wanted. He expected to find her waiting for him, it was an empty wish but he wished for it all the same.

"Sir?" She asked her when he didn't follow her. "Edward?"

He stirred at the mention of his own name. "How do you know my name?"

"My grandmother and grandfather told me all about you." Andrea said. He knew that she must have meant everything. So why did she let a vampire into his home? "She said that when you came back for her that I should take you to this place.

Edward could only surmise that she'd died, what other conclusion could there be? Even though he had wanted this for her, for her to live a long happy human life, it still broke his heart into a million pieces having to accept the fact that the love of his life was gone.

He gasped when he saw where she was taking him in her thoughts.

There was a single grave with flowers all around it. The sunlight was streaming through the breaks in the trees making it the most beautiful place he'd ever seen. He looked down at the inscription.

'In loving memory Isabella Swan Black Dear Wife – Dear Mother 1870 - 1948'

"She's been gone two years." Edward whispered. It felt as if his insides were being shredded.

"Yes." Andrea confirmed. "She died peacefully in her sleep."

Well that was the best way to go that Edward could think of.

"She wanted you to know that she waited for you." Andrea continued speaking. Couldn't she see that he was breaking inside, that all he wanted to do was be alone? Yet she still continued to chatter. "Even though she married my grandfather, Jacob Black, she always loved you. There was a special place for you at supper and everything. I think you even had your own guest bedroom. She even named her children after your family. You've already met Alice Rose, she's my sister. Our mother's name is Esme. Her brothers are Emmett and Jasper. I think Andrew's middle name is Carlisle but I can't be sure –"

"If you don't mind," Edward stopped her, "I would like to be left alone."

Andrea finally took the hint. "Oh, I'm sorry. Excuse my rudeness." She had his politeness, but Alice's big mouth.

She left him to his thoughts, leaving some of hers behind.

As he stared at the tombstone he was reminded of the words he'd told her the day before he left her: Do not fear death but rather the unlived life.

You don't have to live forever. You just have to live. And she did

He knew, if he lived until the end of the world, there would be no one else, human or vampire, that he would love more than he did Bella Swan.

Though her body had passed on, her spirit still remained in the lives of her children and grandchildren.

He leaned over to kiss the ground at the head of the tombstone and silently walked away.

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