"Grace," the Doctor whispered, "Grace, you did well." She seemed to be falling unconscious. The Doctor put his hands on her head.

"Right," he said. "Everything I fear."

The monster flickered and turned into the Doctor.

"Oh good lord," Mickey said.

"Doctor, is that you?" Rory asked, arms around Amy and looking half dead.

The Doctor shrugged. "Sort of. Wait a second..."

"Oh," the real Doctor said, "that will never do."

The Doctor flickered and turned into a Dalek.

"STAND BACK," it said, sounding very much like the Doctor. "I'M NOT REALLY A DALEK, I'M GOING TO BLOW THIS DOOR DOWN, OK?"

Another Dalek and a couple of Cybermen came down the corridor and wrenched open the door that kept the Doctor and Grace prisoner.

"Thanks very much, chaps," the Doctor said, and still holding Grace he ran through the complex.

Both sets of people collided in the corridor near the stairwell.

"No-one touch Grace!" the Doctor yelled over the noise. "She's a robot, it's her and me doing this, she's saved us!"

"Grace?" said Mickey.

"Her real name." The Doctor sank to the floor, still holding the unconscious girl. "Is everyone all right?"

They all nodded, although not enthusiastically.


"Killed by one of the monsters," Mickey said.

The Doctor said nothing. He closed his eyes. A Toclafane, a Sontaran and a small boy could be seen at the end of the corridor.

"Doctor," Martha said, staring at them, "tell me that little kid's not the Master."

"It's the Master," the Doctor said wearily.

There was gunfire from the stairwell, and all of them looked up to see Andrews and his men coming upstairs.

"Amy. Martha. Mickey. Rory. I love and trust you all," the Doctor said. "Go to the main control room and grab whatever you can find that looks like it controls the transmitter. It might be a remote, a panel, I don't know. Just take it and bring it here."

All of them ran, and all of them looked back.

Within seconds, seven guns were aimed at the Doctor's head.

"What did you do to Brian Wilkinson?" Andrews said.

"He's dead," answered the Doctor. "This is the daughter he murdered."

Andrews gave no sign he'd even heard that part. "I know you don't like guns, Doctor. But mine is aimed right at you, and I think it would be quite fitting if I pulled the trigger right now."

"You won't," the Doctor said. "There's been tremendous evil on this planet. Evil that's beyond, I reckon, anything I've ever seen." His voice faltered but only a bit. "This," he gestured to Grace, "is what TomorrowCorp's done."

"Brian Wilkinson is TomorrowCorp," Andrews said. "It's only him, and us,"

"Right. Well, that makes things a little easier. And you know," he went on, "it's normally not like this at all. Normally some big, important, stupid human stands there with a gun at my head and I talk, and talk, and talk and he drops the gun. But I don't think that's going to happen today. I'm not going to appeal to whatever humanity you have. I'm not even sure you have any. I'm just going to defeat you."

"You and what army?" said Andrews.

The Doctor looked to his right, and grinned widely.

"Oh, I think...that one!"

Mickey, Amy, Rory and Martha stood at the end of the corridor. Martha was holding a small remote in her hand. And behind them there were Daleks, Cybermen, Toclafane, Autons, Sontarans, Angels, Reapers, Krillitane, countless more.

"Well done," the Doctor whispered.

Martha threw him the remote and he caught it.

"Thank you, Mrs Jones! Now, you lot," he said to Andrews. "You've met my friends, but that other lot are my enemies. You're familiar with the Daleks, I'm guessing?"

"Yes," Andrews snapped, but he was sweating at the sight of them.

"Killing machines- and so are the Cybermen, and the Autons. What about the Toclafane, are you familiar with them?"


The Doctor smiled and said in a low voice. "They once killed ten percent of an entire planet in a few minutes."

A few of the other men were backing away.

"The Sontarans- greatest military unit in the known universe. Weeping Angels- a whole army of assassins. Krillitane eat children, Reapers eat time, that small child there has enslaved whole planets! And do you know what all these people have in common?"

"No," said Andrews.

The Doctor grinned and said, "They all ran away from me."

Andrews flinched. And slowly lowered his gun. He looked at the Doctor's army...and then he and his men ran down the stairs.

"Lead quiet lives!" the Doctor yelled after them. "Or I'll find you, I promise."

He let go of Grace. The Daleks, the Cyberman, all of them turned back into robots as the illusion was broken. They clattered to the floor.

The Doctor broke the remote over his knee.

"Right," he said. "It's over."

Amy, Rory, Martha and Mickey, all looking worn out, collapsed on the floor next to him.

"Well done, all of you," the Doctor said. "I'm so sorry."

"What for?" asked Amy.

"For nearly getting you all killed."

For one brief second something frightened and horrified flickered in Amy's eyes, but then- thank God- it was gone. "Rubbish! This is our day job."

Grace stirred.

"She's awake," the Doctor said.

"Wait!" Mickey whispered. "You broke the transmitter! How is she...?"

"It really doesn't matter," the Doctor answered. "People's souls can survive in robot bodies. Ask Rory."

Martha and Mickey looked at him in surprise.

"Maybe another time," Rory said.

Grace moved, and opened her eyes.

"Welcome back," the Doctor said quietly. "I'm so sorry for what I did."

"It's...okay," Grace said. She looked around at them all, and saw the broken remote on the ground. She stared in surprise, it all seeming to not quite click in her head.

"Grace, you're real," the Doctor said. "You can have back your life."

Grace stared at him. "My father," she whispered.

"He's dead, Grace."

Mickey stared towards the room where Brian's body lay.

"I'm not real," Grace said. "How can I be real? I bleed fake blood!"

"But your soul is there. That's all that matters. You saved us all, Grace. And now you deserve a proper life."

Rory grinned and suddenly he shrieked, "Welcome to the human race!" and flung his arms around her. Grace was taken aback, but it seemed to do the trick, because she hugged back and cried. And Amy joined in.

"I love a happy ending," the Doctor said.

The Doctor, Grace, and all the others walked down to the floor below. The Doctor paused outside a storeroom, pulled out the sonic screwdriver which he'd found in Brian's desk, and opened the door.

"I saw her in your head, Grace," he said. They walked into the room and amongst the robots there sat a woman. She had been holding a bloody knife, but it had fallen to the ground, and she looked at them blankly when they entered.

"It's your mother, Grace," the Doctor said. "Your mother's soul."

Grace let out a little gasp. The woman too let out a little gasp, and they walked towards each other.

"Dad said you tried to kill me," Grace whispered. "He told me when I was a baby you stabbed me with knives."

"No," said the woman, "No, Grace, I'd never do that. You were my baby. I loved-"

But Grace had run to her and hugged her and suddenly everyone was crying. Even Mickey wiped a tear from his eye.

"I really love a happy ending," the Doctor said.

They wandered through the land of horror. Night was falling now.

"So," Mickey said to Rory, "are you really a robot?"

"I was once, yeah, but I'm not now."

"Was that before or after you were dead?"

"Um, after."

"Wow," Mickey said, "you've really been around."

They reached the TARDIS and gradually the five of them filed in. They sat around the console and looked at each other.

"Grace will be okay, right?" Martha asked.

"Oh yes. She will be."

"What'll happen to the planet now?"

"I don't know. I think I might nip back in time at some point and slide another note in someone's desk or some such thing. Get someone good there."

"Good idea."

"Where are we going next, Doctor?" Amy asked. "I fancy something a bit quieter. Maybe nip back to Leadworth, do some laundry, see my parents?"

Rory nodded. "Yeah, I'm up for that."

"And you know what? I think I am too," the Doctor said, and he hit a button on the console.

As the old engines started whirring, Amy touched Rory on the shoulder.

"Thanks for trying to save me," she said. "And that was a great speech you gave. Very Doctoresque."

"But I didn't save you, Amy," Rory said quietly. "You'd have died right in front of me if the Doctor hadn't done something."

"Aw, come on. You would have done. You always save me."

"Amy," Rory said.

"Yeah, Mr Pond?"

"I'm scared when I think about all the danger you and me are in all the time. Really really scared."


"I'll keep doing it, I'll always keep doing it, for you and for him and for...me. Sort of. Maybe. I dunno. But today was just terrifying. I just want to think about the future for a bit-"

"You know-"

"You're my wife and I love you and I want to protect you so badly even though you do that yourself. Just, what if we have kids? What if it was them, being the Doctor's people and saving the world? Could we handle that? It'd be like having a kid in the army or something. My cousin Tom's in the army and his parents, I've seen what they go through-"


"And I've got all these memories of protecting you, but they sort of fade in and out and it's weird, having all this stuff in my head. And I know you have the same thing, and it's like we've lived so many lives already, but what I really want to know- what I need to know- is if this one's going to be ok."

"Rory," Amy said firmly. "I love you too, you prat. And it'll be fine. I promise. And I promise not to die as long as you promise not to die, okay?"


"And I figure those kids we might have will just enjoy the holidays with this mad uncle they sort of have, and Mummy and Daddy might have slightly odd day jobs. You know- the Doctor, the Nurse, and the sexy one."

Rory beamed. "Thank you, Amy."

"I'm the sexy one, of course," she said cheerily, and kissed him. Then she called out. "Hey! Doctor! Hurry up back to Leadworth. Miss the place."

"Then kindly quit that canoodling and get back here," he said. "Come along!"

Amy and Rory and Mickey and Martha took their places at the console.

"Ponds! Smiths! Joneses!" the Doctor announced. "Follow my lead."

And they flew it back to Earth.