Hidden Love

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Chapter 6 -Masks off

"You're early." Alec accused teasingly. He realized just how close she had come to taking his mask off. He swallowed nervously.

"So are you." Max replied icily. She sometimes couldn't help the unconscious feeling of irritation when she looked at his half-covered face. She wondered if that might have anything to do with how she knew him "and you didn't exactly give me the precise time." She crossed her arms as her previous irritation flared.

Alec knew that look. Her tone of voice and her body's defensive position relayed that she was not in a forgiving mood. Alec knew what was going to happen next.

"What's wrong with you! First you leave me at the side of the road and disappear into thin air! Then you disappear again before explaining yourself!" Max didn't really want to be fighting with Romeo but she was getting fed up. She got even more irritated when he began to smirk. "What are you smiling about?" Max wondered if he was even taking her seriously.

Alec hadn't meant to smirk or make her think that he found her rant funny but the truth was that she got irritated with him no matter who he was. He found that amusing. He tried to get his facial features under control.

Max saw him trying not to laugh. "Hey!" She punched him on the shoulder. She knew since he was transgenic that he could handle her full force.

Alec winced and the smile was successfully wiped from his face. "Alright, alright." He said holding up his hand defensively. With the other he rubbed at his shoulder. A pained expression gracing his face.

"Start explaining." Max stated, smiling slightly at their little tiff.

Alec paused and thought of something to say. Then he started with the simplest explanation. "I ran the other night because I realized who you were."

Max's eyebrows creased. "Why didn't you just tell me?"

"I…" Alec tried to find the words. "I thought that what we had would be ruined if we weren't strangers anymore." Alec admitted.

Max shook her head. "I don't care who you are."

"You will." Alec nodded with certainty.

Max began to protest, shaking her head fervently but Alec cut her off by taking her hands in his own and looking deep into her eyes. He secretly wished that she would realize who he was and then he wouldn't have to worry anymore. But he also pleaded with whatever higher power there was out there for Max to never find out and for their figurative dream to never come to an end.

"You will care." Alec said. "If I take my mask off then everything will be messed up."

"That's not fair." Max replied. "You know who I am. Know my name. Know where to find me whenever, probably. And I have to wait around praying that by some miracle I'll run into you or meet you somewhere." Max said with a sad frown. "If you decide to run off again I'd…" Max thought through the scenario in her head and then realized that he wouldn't be able to run away again. "I'd actually be able to catch you." She smiled.

Alec laughed. "You couldn't catch me if you tried Maxie."

Max's breath caught in her throat. She never got used to him saying her name. But she smiled back playfully at him. She inhaled and she suddenly remembered what the odd smell on him was. Feline. Her smile faltered and she inhaled again. He was a tomcat. Her smile was replaced with recognition. "You're X5." Her eyes widened.

Alec swallowed hard. She had figured out that much. Now all she had to do was run through all the possible X5's she knew. He didn't stand a chance. He began to grasp at straws. "Don't try to remember who I am." He pleaded. "I don't want this to end."

"So, what? Are we just going to carry on meeting in odd places until you get bored? I need to know who you are right now." Max pulled her mask off.

Alec swallowed again. He knew that it was Max but it was still strange to actually see her take her mask off. He saw her tense and he backed away a few steps. He knew what she was up to immediately as if he could read her mind. He braced himself.

Max launched herself towards him trying to get to his mask. He deflected her hands and pushed her away. She stumbled a little but then flipped around and took him by surprise as she blurred behind him and jumped on his back. She fought with his hands while she tried to get a hold on the mask. Alec took hold of her arms and flung her off of him so that she flipped forward and then he held her in a bear hug. She twisted her palms so that they were against his restraining arms and pushed them away effectively. She spun around to look at him again and planned her next approach. She blurred towards him again and kicked out his one leg making him unstable and then she tackled him to the ground, the soft grass of the meadow saving Alec from a painful landing. Max once again struggled to move his hands out of the way so that she could get to his mask.

Alec knew that she would win eventually. Alec felt a sudden pang of cowardice. As he fought with her on the ground his nobler side screamed at him to let her take it off already. He refused to be a coward. He couldn't do it anymore. He held Max's arms and hands away for a moment so that he could look up at her frustrated face. She smiled down at him as she realized his concession.

Alec took hold of both of her forearms and placed them on either side of his head. He looked up at her as she lay on top of him. He smiled a sad smile as he knew that this would be the last time she would ever look at him with love in her eyes.

Max frowned at his sad expression and knew that he was worried about her not liking who he was. "Don't worry." She said in a gentle, calming voice. "I don't care who you are. I…I love you." Max finally managed to get the right words out. Then her heart broke at the expression on his face.

Alec closed his eyes in rapture as she said those three words. He realized that what he had experienced over the past week; All the love between him and Max as they were strangers to one another; It was all worth it. Even if she was about to find out who he was and he would be heart-broken again, the happiness he had experienced was a fair trade for the coming pain. He looked at her soft lips that would never touch his ever again. He took advantage of his last moments and Max understood what his resigned expression meant. As he tangled his one hand in her hair and rested the other on the small of her back, he pulled her head down to his so that they could kiss for the last time. Max kissed him back. She knew that he was being ridiculous. 'I won't care. I won't care.' She chanted to herself in her head.

After awhile Max pulled away from their kiss. Her impatience was almost tangible. She looked into Romeo's sad eyes. This was the last time he would ever be 'Romeo' to her.

"Can I…" Max asked.

Alec nodded reluctantly. He kept both of his hands on the small of her back as if by holding her to him would make it hurt less. Alec held his breath as her fingers gripped the mask delicately. He heard her take a deep, excited, breath. He closed his eyes tightly and he bit his lower lip nervously. He didn't want to see her expression change from love to hate. Alec felt Max slowly pull the mask over his forehead.

Max pulled the mask slowly. Her eyes widened and she froze. She didn't breathe, she didn't blink, she didn't think. She looked down at Alec's face. His eyes were still closed and a worried frown knit his eyebrows together. Max tried to make sense of what had just happened and tried to remember all the reassuring thoughts about whoever it was not mattering. "Alec." Was all Max was able to whisper in a broken voice.

Alec reluctantly opened his eyes. His mask lay behind his head. He couldn't help but feel naked without it. He stared into Max's eyes trying to figure out her emotions. He wished she would understand how he felt for her. He wished that she would love him back.

Max tried to clear her thoughts. "Alec. What…" She managed in a louder, firmer voice but she trailed off with uncertainty. She wondered what to do. What to say. She remembered the silent vow she took to erase the bad history that she might have had with this person. But she had no idea that it was Alec. It all made sense to her then. He was X5. Dark blonde hair, green eyes and killer charm was something Alec embodied. How could she not have known? The weird way he had been avoiding her at work. Then there were the cryptic remarks and the strange behavior. Max was suddenly aware of the intimate position that their bodies were in. She tried to push herself up but his arms tightened around her. She looked into his eyes. They had un-spilt tears in them.

Alec had tried to mentally prepare himself for this moment yet he couldn't have imagined this pain. She was trying to get away from him and his hands couldn't let her. He was figuratively dying and he couldn't let her go. Not when he needed her so much. "Don't." Alec whispered, not able to come up with a reason.

Max's heart broke when he looked at her with tears in his eyes. Now all of his protesting and worrying made sense to her. He was so sure that she would hate him that he was petrified. She remembered him saying that he loved her and that he had for a long time. Now he thought that she was rejecting him. He looked so sad and forlorn that Max's eyes welled up with tears as well. She then knew exactly how she felt and what to say.

"The other day I forgot to tell you something important." She began in a teary voice. "It was about someone else I know."

Alec wondered what she was talking about.

"He is the most pompous, arrogant, troublesome, troublemaking, lying, annoying jerk that I have ever met. I gave him his name and he gave my secret away." Max cleared her throat so that her voice wasn't breaking on every word.

Alec knew this was coming. The insulting. She remembered not telling him about himself the last time they had met -at the third event. Now she was telling him exactly what she thought of him. He wondered why she was crying though. She should be enjoying herself.

He wanted her tears to go away so badly. He raised one of his hands that was resting on her back so that he could wipe away the tears that were falling down her cheeks. He was surprised when she gently took hold of his forearm with one of her hands. Then she smiled and carried on with her insults.

"He's lied and cheated and crept his way into my life. Ever since I've known him we've fought like cat and dog" Max laughed slightly "-well, cat and cat. He's a pain in my ass and totally unreliable."

Alec closed his eyes momentarily at her cutting words.

Max winced at his expression but carried on with her little speech so that she could get to the point. "He's there when I need him." She said with a slow, gentle tone. Alec opened his eyes again. "He's a great person underneath the mask he wears." At that Alec and Max shared an ironic smile. Then Max's face turned extremely serious and tears filled her eyes again. Not because she was sad but because she was overwhelmed with the rightness of this moment. "I've never loved someone so much in my life."

Alec blinked, shocked. "What?" He said uncomprehendingly.

"I love you too, Alec." Max whispered.

Now it was Alec's turn to cry. For the first time in his life he was crying because he was happy. He sat up suddenly, shocking Max with his sudden movement, and pulled her up with him. He pulled her towards him and hugged her to him with maximum transgenic force again.

Max's face turned from shock to joy as she returned the hug with the same force. This time they understood where the strength from the other came from. They both cried happily at their new found love, knowing how right this was.


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