Wooing Amelia

Aloria says "BWAHAHAHAHA!!!"



He pondered a moment, staring at his name written on a piece of paper on the desk he sat at, pen in his right hand and tapping the end on the desk in an annoying manner. "Using my real name would tip her off immediately, middle name? Oh god... Being called THAT would ...no. not middle name. Something different? Maybe a nickname? Did I EVER have a nick name?" He thought a moment. "Maybe switch some letters out... Or maybe my brother's name? That was pretty original of my parents, then again, if he ever turned up here. Hell, if he ever turned up here he'd recognize me anyway." He shivered at the thought. He was dressed in his pajamas, his feet bare and toes cold. He wiggled them some to try and get the blood flowing back into them and uncrossed his legs, leaning forward with his elbows on the desk.

His mutterings continued. Thankfully he was sitting alone in the room of an inn lit only by a single candle and unlikely to bother anyone with his tapping pen. The candle flickered when he sighed, pushing his long bangs out of the way. Even if he'd gotten them cut, they were still long and hung into his face. His hair was pulled back into a ponytail at the back of his neck in a silvery violet almost puff that extended down to the middle of his back.

Finally, he set his pen aside and picked up a cloth banded bracelet with a dark blue jewel sewn on it, inside the jewel was a star. The band was pink. A smile touched his lips as he gazed at it. "I'll see if you really loved me or what you thought was me, Amelia." He sighed, thinking on those words, it didn't sound quite right but he knew what he meant and that's what mattered really.

He set the bracelet aside once more and picked up the pen. A sudden soft chuckle escaped his throat and he smirked, "That's perfect!" He didn't bother writing down his decision and simply picked up the candle, headed over to the bed. Setting the candle on the night stand, he blew it out and flopped onto the bed, curling up in the blankets to take a nap before he his appointment with her at noon.