The Gates of Hell

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A/N: Ahk/OC, Jed/Oct, brotherly Kah/Ahk


Ahkmenrah closed his eyes. He'd stood facing both his sarcophagus and his tablet, his mind finally wandering to the curse he'd had placed on his tomb as a precaution aside from the tablet. For once, he honestly hoped it was a fake, but Tally had successfully activated the defense spell for the tablet.

"What are you thinking?" Kahmunrah asked, drawing Ahkmenrah out of his thoughts.

"Give me a good reason to tell you."

"You used to trust me with everything."

"There were some things you were good at, tactics being one of them."

"Is this a tactical question?"

"Not really, more of a magical question."

"Well, I'm sure I could take a stab at it."

"Remember that curse I had placed on my tomb?"

"Which one?"

"There was only one. Everyone thought the tablet was enough."

"Oh, of course. The one about that person who will open the gates of the underworld and all hell will break loose should they be able to shut the tablet down for any length of time."

"Very good for three thousand years of being dead."

"I remember it from a few discussions I've overheard."

"Kahmunrah, don't do this to me right now."

"Well, what about this curse, since you asked?"

"Is Tally it?"

"I'm not a priest, I wouldn't know."

"Kahmunrah, what do you know?"

"Right now, next to nothing."

Ahkmenrah sighed and bowed his head. His eyes roamed over the new glass case the museum had supplied for his sarcophagus, but his mind was on other things entirely.

"'Kay, guys, you've got five minutes," Tally said from the threshold to the Egyptian room, calling attention to the matter at hand, namely the time.

"Alright," Ahkmenrah replied flatly, preparing himself and crawling into his sarcophagus, casting wary glances at the hieroglyph-covered walls, wishing for once the priests were wrong.