B's pov

What would Alice, Esme, and Rosalie say to this?

I began to bounce in place and beam, and then slipped my hair out of my face, and with a sweet gesture I took Edward's hands.

Then with Alice's peppy loud voice I yelled YES!

Edward looked at me shocked, but in victory, and joy as he slide the ring on to my finger, and hugged me into him, pressing his lips to mine repeatedly.

When we pulled apart Whitney giggled.

"Yeah, I love weddings!" She squealed.

Edward and I laughed.

"Well I guess when the others get back from the hunting trip they will have quite the surprise." Edward said pulling me and Whitney to the couch.

We sat down, and Whitney sat down in my lap.

"Yeah, I just can't wait until we get home." I said resting into the chair, drained with all of what I went through.

Edward grinned.

"Me to." He admitted.

I smiled at him, and rested my head on his shoulder.

"Mommy?" Whitney asked now looking up at me.

"Yes honey?" I asked, and Edward grinned at me.

"I'm a little hungry." She said.

"Oh, I'm sorry, come one lets get you some food." I said picked her up, and setting her on her feet.

Edward took my hand, and I took Whitney's hands as he led us all to the kitchen.

Whitney and I sat down calmly as Edward dug through the fridge to prepare us a meal.

Whitney played with my hair until Edward had finished, and he set down a plate with macaroni and cheese, and a ham sandwich in front of the both of us.

"Thanks daddy." Whitney said shyly.

Edward shivered at that, and beamed.

"Sure thing my sweet." He said, and patted her head as he sat down beside me.

I looked at the food, and by habit I acted as if I was Emmett.

I sniffed at it, and glared at it as if it was evil.

"Yuck, what is this crap?" I asked in Emmett's man voice.

Edward looked shocked, but Whitney laughed.

"Don't worry daddy, mommy is just getting in character." Whitney said as she chomped on her sandwich.

Edward frowned slightly at that.

"In character?" He asked concerned.

"Well yeah, for me to find you I acted in character of one of the others to get me here to you." I tried to explain.

"Awe, and you aren't stuck in character are you?" Edward asked.

I shrugged acting like Rose and flipping my hair.

"I don't think so." I said rolling my eyes like how Rose did.

Edward narrowed his eyes at me.

I snapped out of it and smiled sheepishly at him.

"Ok maybe, but don't worry I'll pull through this before the wedding I promise, it's just so fun." I pouted.

Edward groaned as he took in my pout.

"Alright fine, but you have to stop getting in character in at least a week, I want my Bella, not one of my siblings." Edward said in amusement.

I beamed, and began to bounce in my seat.

"I can't wait to go shopping." I said in a peppy voice, then I cringed.

Edward laughed at this in amusement.

"This is going to be quite a fun week." Edward said stroking my face.

I leaned into his touch, then in a Rosalie motion I moved his hand to my breast.

Edward pulled his hand away in shock, and shyness, but gave me a lustful look.

"Oh, this is going to be a long week." He said in a groan.

Thank you Rosalie, thank you and you all the time lustfulness.

I laughed loudly like Emmett, and slammed the table.

Edward chuckled at that.

I looked at Edward with a concentrated gaze.

"What?" He wondered.

"I'm trying to make you calm down." I said and continued to use Jasper's power of controlling emotions.

Edward sighed, and looked at me in amusement.

"Emmett is going to love this." Edward said running his hands through his hair.