Hi! This is my very first Yu-Gi-Oh fanfiction ever, so I'm feeling a little nervous and excited at the same time… This is loosely based off the Disney version of Aladdin, so if it seems familiar, it should! Also, this is inspired by AnimeAngelGirl15's YouTube videos!

Warning: Like I said, this is loosely based… very loosely based. So if things seem off, deal with it. I don't want an exact copy of Aladdin with Yu-Gi-Oh characters!

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh. If I did, certain characters would not be the way they are… nor do I own Disney's Aladdin. This is a fanfiction that refused to leave my head.

Chapter One

"Street rats! Stop them!" The guards chased the pair through the crowded market, attempting in vain to catch up. A Kuriboh flew around them, trying to grab at the guard's polished buttons.

The girl turned around, grinning mischievously. Her shoulder length brown hair waved with the sudden move. "You guys are so slow! You can't even catch up with two 'street rats'!"

"You're not going to get away!" The voice sounded farther off than before as they ran.

"I guess they're too busy eating to excersise," they boy said sarcastically. "Makes our lives easier." He was holding an armful of apples, a bag slung over his shoulder.

"Nya-ha! True!" the girl laughed as the boy pushed her, seeing a guard coming from the other side, trying to surround them.

"We gotta go!" the boy said, pushing her into a nearby alley. "Come on Mana!" He ran ahead, grabbing her hands with his free one. "Kuriboh will find his own way back."

"Bakura, we can't leave Kuriboh!" Mana dug in her heels and refused to move, even as Bakura glowered at her.

"Fine." Bakura backtracked and let out a shrill whistle, calling Kuriboh away from the guards. From past experience, he knew that Kuriboh would evade the guards attempts to follow them. Kuriboh flew past them, obeying Bakura. "He's here. Now lets go."

Kuriboh flew ahead to the hideout as Bakura pulled Mana along. The alleys were an intricate maze, and though both of them knew the way, both of them felt better together.

"Think we lost them?" Mana asked, gasping a little from laughing so much as they ran.

"No, I'm sure the guards are right behind us," Bakura drawled, inciting another laugh from Mana.

"Ha ha! They're way too slow for us!" Mana giggled. "Did you see them trying to get through that crowd?"


"And Kuriboh tried to get the buttons off their coats!" Mana skipped along as Bakura let go of her hand, finally near the hideout.

"That was why we nearly got caught. You should train him better." Mana frowned at Bakura's tone, and then laughed. To anyone else, he would have sounded cold and harsh, but Mana could tell he was just trying to be stern. The Kuriboh's love of shiny objects often got them into trouble when they went out to get food, but Bakura enjoyed the chase just as Mana did. It was fun avoiding the guards and making them look like fools.

"You know it was fun!" Mana replied. She and Bakura had been together for nine years now, since she was seven and he was ten. Both of them had been orphans, stealing for food and living on the streets, and both of them had wanted food from the same market stall. It had turned into a contest to see who got the most food, and eventually they had become friends after Mana gave up a share of her spoils to Bakura's little brother, who had been four at the time. Now they were a team, working and living together to live the best they could, so Mana could tell what Bakura was really thinking.


"Hey, at least I got this!" Mana pulled a small bag out of a hidden pocket in her short dress. "Filched it off one of those rich people who tried to hide from us. Never even noticed it was missing!"

Bakura took the money bag and looked in it to see it full of gold and silver coins. He sent Mana a rare grin, amethyst eyes shining with pride. "Good job Mana."

Mana smiled at the praise, putting her hands behind her back and raising her chin smugly. "Why, thank you very much."

"Big Brother! Mana!" A little sweet-looking miniature of Bakura appeared, calling from a roof nearby. His white hair was in a tangled mess, dangling over his brown eyes. "Did you get any food?"

"Of course! Ryou, when have we ever come back unsuccessful?" Mana grinned cockily.

"Well, hurry up then!" Ryou disappeared as Bakura opened the door.

"Watch your step," Bakura warned Mana. They didn't normally use this entrance because it was so dangerous, but the run in with the guards made it necessary. If they weren't careful, the floors could collapse on them as they made their way to the top floor where Ryou was.

"Okay! I'm always caref…yikes!" Mana tripped over a board, landing flat on her face. She laughed at herself. "Hee hee! I'm such a klutz!"

Bakura helped Mana up, smirking a little. "Yes you are," he agreed. Mana giggled.

"Come on!" Mana grabbed Bakura by the hand and pulled him up the crumbling steps, nearly making him drop the food into a hole. "Hurry!"

"H-hey! Don't pull on me!" Mana didn't listen and nearly led them into a deep hole, so Bakur slung her over his shoulder and carried her the rest of the way, ignoring the joking protests and the fists hitting his back.

"Ryou, move!" Bakura ordered as he opened the door. "She needs a lesson in obedience!" Ryou obeyed with a grin, allowing Bakura to bring her into the room. This wasn't new, and it was always fun to watch Bakura and Mana mess with each other. Like the time Mana had tied Bakura up and put some rich lady's makeup on him. Bakura had tried for weeks to get decent payback, but it was all in good fun.

Bakura dumped Mana onto the bed and pinned her down, smirking at her attempts to get away. "Ryou! Help me!" She cried, laughing at the same time.

"Ryou, I need a favor." Ryou went over the odds in his head. Bakura was his big brother after all, so he should help him, but Mana brought him all kinds of toys and special treats. However, Bakura was the one who was controlling the situation at the moment. He cocked his head.

"Ryou, tickle her!" Bakura said to Mana's dismay. She was very ticklish, and both Ryou and Bakura knew she hated it.

"No!" Mana squirmed. "No, Ryou, please don't!"

"Ryou, now!" Bakura held Mana down as Ryou approached. Ryou still wasn't sure which side to pick.

So he pounced on the both of them, causing all three of them to collapse into an uncontrollable fit of laughter that didn't seem like it was going to end anytime soon.

Yay! I really like how this ended up! Now you can see what I mean by 'loosely based'… not much similarities yet, are there? Please review!