I've never written an all-dialogue story before, so I'll try to make this as non-confusing as possible. This story is dedicated to my two awesome fanfiction friends DancingRaindrops and TeddyLuver. I love them both so much and they are amazing.

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Somebody's Jealous

"We're all in this together, once we know that we are, we're all stars-"

"Sonny, what are you doing?"


"No, I mean, what are you singing?"

"All in this together."

"High School Musical! No."

"Chad, what's so 'no' about High School Musical? It's catchy, actually."

"Catchy? Puh-lease. Do you know who stars in those movies?"

"Zac Efron."


"Chad, I never understood what you have against this guy. Have you ever even met him?"

"No. And I would never want to."

"Ooh, somebody's jealous."

"Chad Dylan Cooper doesn't get jealous. Especially not jealous of him."

"Really? Then why is it that you can't stand him?"

"Because he thinks that he is better than me."

"How do you know that? You've never met him!"

"I just know, okay!"

"Gosh, fine. I suppose if you aren't jealous, you wouldn't mind me going out and buying a poster of him to stick on my dressing room door, would you?"


"Did you just grumble?"


"Yeah you did."

"No I didn't."

"Yes, you did."

"No, I did not."

"Whatever you say. So, since I'm going to go buy that poster, I need to choose which one. Let me go on the store's website and look."




"Are you going to admit to you being jealous?"


"Good, because the website is just loading up now."

"Great. You know what? I'm going to go. I have shooting for MackFalls to do."

"Chad, it's Saturday and we are at my apartment."


"Ah! Here are the posters. Oh my gosh, look at this first one!"

"He looks like a nerd with horrible highlights."

"That's him in his first year of High School Musical."

"So he's a nerd in high school with horrible highlights. Fun."

"Okay, here's the second one. This is from the second movie where he has darker hair and looks way cuter."

"Uh, Sonny, do you want to watch a movie or something?"

"This one is perfect! Look, this is from his magazine shoot, where he shows off his abs! I could faint right now he is so hot."


"Chad, why did you just kick my living room table?"

"Oh, man."

"You are jealous of Efron."


"Okay, okay. But just to let you know, I would so be dating him if we weren't in a relationship."

"He isn't right for you! Zac Efron is a pompous stuck up jerk would thinks he's so cool because he's on Disney and makes tons of money and has Vanessa Hudgens as a girlfriend and was named Tween Weekly's number one hottest actor."

"Chad, is that what this is all about?"


"Who cares what Tween Weekly says? Zac Efron may have all that, but there is one thing he will never have… me."

"Of course he won't. Because if he even takes one glance at you, I would punch him in the face."


"You are m'lady, and Zac Efron can just go die in a hole."

"You are just so considerate, Chad."

"Aren't I? I mean, I could always go off and date Vanessa Hudgens… she is hot."

"You know what? Maybe I should date Efron."

"Do not even joke about that."

So the last two lines I stole from an upcoming episode (I'm not sure which one, sorry). This story was pretty short, but I hope you enjoyed. Reviews make me smile. :)