The Doctor walked out of the TARDIS wardrobe, having just finished changing his outfit. He'd received a call telling him that there was something wrong at a boarding school in 2021. The advantage, or perhaps disadvantage, that he had, was that by that time, all countries school leaving age had been pushed up to 21. He'd be able to pass for that easily.

He'd put on the same kind of black trousers, this time with blue converse, a red shirt, a silver cravat and he'd put on a silver-blue waist coat. He looked at his reflection in the monitor above the TARDIS console and smirked. He stroked his face, checking to make sure he didn't need to shave; he never could stand beards.

He landed the TARDIS in the gardens of the school's campus. He stepped outside, picking up the suitcase he'd prepared just so he'd blend in more. He went over to the fence, looking around to make sure the coast was clear before pulling out his sonic screwdriver from the pocket of his waistcoat, pointing it at the lock on the gate, it popping open.

He stepped through before closing the gate and locking it behind him. He used the screwdriver to lock it before walking around the corner and coming out on the street by the front gates as he pocketed his screwdriver again. He walked in the front gates and up to the front office, going in and walking up to the front desk.

"Hello, I'm John Smith." He said "I'm the new student."

"Yes, I'm sure you are." The receptionist, a woman in her late twenties with scarlet hair said, pressing some controls on her computer before pulling a card key from her desk "Oh yes, you're in dorm block 4, floor 3, room 24B."

"Alrighty then." He said, grinning "Where's that then?"

"It's the building by the entrance to the dorm campus." She said "Across the road, go down for ten minutes and then you're there."

"Okay, thanks." He said "Got a time table for me?"

"It's in your room." She said "And the place is co-ed. No getting up to any mischieve."

"Oh, not me, not my style." He said "At least, I don't think so, all kind of untested."

"Good for you." She said "Good bye."

"Bye." He said with a grin as he walked out.

He followed her instructions to reach the dorm. He walked in, tossing the suitcase on the floor. He flipped the case open and pulled a silvery-blue eighteenth century coat with a silver trim, putting it on. He moved over to the book case in the wall, skimming over it before plucking a book on physics theory, flicking through it before hearing the door open and spinning around.

"Oh, alright." The young man with black hair who walked in said "Guessing you're the new room mate I was told about. Weird coat."

"What's weird about it?" The Doctor said, raising an eyebrow "I think it's quite nice."

"Bit flashy." The man said, holding out a hand "Jacob McGal."

"John Smith." The Doctor said as he shook Jacob's hand "Anything I need to know about this place? No hazing rituals, no freaky, uh, stuff?"

"Hazing rituals? What are you, my dad?" Jacob said with a laugh "No, there's none of that crap. Unless you count nights at pubs getting wasted, they're mandatory."

"Mandatory drinking, wow." The Doctor said with a grin "Haven't done that in a while."

"What, don't you drink?" Jacob asked, laughing "What are you, an alien or something?"

"What? No way." The Doctor said, laughing off the suggestion which was far too close to home for comfort "No, I just, uh, have really religious parents."

"Ah, I know that feeling, they chokehold you a little. My parents are exactly the same." Jacob replied "I'd never even dated someone before I came here, now it's like I have a different girl every week."

"Have a different girl where?" The Doctor said, not getting the reference.

"Here, John, here." Jacob said "Anyway, get that coat off, we're hitting the bar. I'll introduce you to the guys. And the girls, they're going to love you."

"Oh, yes, well, err." The Doctor said as he removed his coat and tossed it over the back of the chair under a desk with a computer "Come on then Jacob, let's see what this bar's got."

"Call me Jake." Jacob said as he opened the door "Go on then Johnny boy, let's go."

The Doctor walked out of the room, followed closely by Jake, who closed and locked the door behind them. The Doctor knew that if he was going to find out what he'd been told was going on was about, he'd need to play along and try to fit in.

Okay guys, I know this chapter's a little dull, but it's more like a prologue than the other stories have had. Trust me, it gets good in the next chapter and we get to meet someone very interesting. BJB.