Refev walked through the courtyard, bustling past several students. He practically ploughed through the girl in the blue dress from earlier.

"Hey, watch where you're going!" She said, glaring at him "I don't take kindly to people bustling me around."

"Is that a threat?" He said, turning around.

"Well, it might be, but, you know, might not be." A voice came from behind her, causing both of them to turn to see the Doctor with a blonde girl in a dirty, tattered white blouse and knee length grey skirt "Hello, did you miss me?"

"Why would I miss you, you told me I'm not real!" The girl in the blue said "Rudest thing ever."

"Well, you were the one who tried to seduce me." He said with a smirk, before looking at Refev "Now, I have a simple question for you here."

He walked up to Refev, getting right up in his face, grinning.

"So, if you're plan was to create a hyper aggressive army, why use something that could be destroyed by a sonic screwdriver? I mean, seriously, it's a screwdriver that's sonic." The Doctor said "Then again, I'm brilliant, so, you know, it kind of balances out."

"I'm quite sure you couldn't do that." Refev said "I took precautions so that was impossible."

"Oh, I'm good at impossible." The Doctor replied, grinning and looking at the girl in the blue dress "Wouldn't you agree?"

"I might." She said, before turning to Refev and backhanding him "That's for just bustling past me without saying 'excuse me', that was just rude."

Refev looked at her for a minute before looking to the Doctor. Slowly, he began to laugh.

"Oh, very clever Doctor, planting one of yours here before you get here." He said "I'd take my hat off to you if I had one."

"Sorry, but this wasn't my doing." The Doctor replied "See, it took me some time but I figured it out. See, our friend here had no memory but recognised things like me name, my race, my ship. So, I put one bit of bate out; the idea of regeneration. I knew that would set her off, it tends to do so. So, I told her everything, knowing she'd turn me in but that her curiosity would be peaked. She'd be compelled to open the watch. Now, the question is, who is she, and that's one even I don't know the answer to."

"I'm slightly offended, Doctor." She said "Honestly, it was because of you I was forced to regenerate and sent here with that disability."

"Oi, Humans are great. Well, a bit dumb, weak, feeble, aggressive, angry, out of control and easy to manipulate, but otherwise great." The Doctor said "And hold on, sorry, because of me?"

"Yes, because I used my position as departing lady president to get you the moment so you could end the time war." She said "I'm just lucky the man putting me through the procedure was a supporter of yours or I wouldn't have had that fob watch."

"Wait, gave me the moment? No, no, no, no, no, oh, yes!" He said, grinning at her "Hello Romana, long time no see."

"Indeed." She said "And I'm not the only one to have had a few changes made I see."

"Oh yes, I've regenerated about four times since we last met. Still, I'd say this is an improvement, wouldn't you?" He said, not waiting for an answer ""Wait, no, we need to deal with Refev first. We can do the whole catch up thing after."

The Doctor reached into his pocket then sighed. He'd wrecked his sonic screwdriver, there was no use in that. He reached into his other pocket and pulled out a yoyo, grinning at Romana then at Kristy.

"Well, not what I'd hoped for, but this works." He said as he pulled what looked like a piece of gum, stuck it to the yoyo and threw it at Refev, it hitting him in the arm "Tell me something Refev. Would you like a Jelly baby?"

"What?" Refev said, confused as the Doctor pulled out a white bag and offered it around, Romana refusing to take one and Kristy hesitating before taking a few from the bag "Why would I want a jelly baby?"

"Well, see, here's the clever bit of what I've done here, and the mistake you've made. You're wondering right now what I'm babbling about, aren't you? Yes, I do babble a lot, but there tends to be a reason." The Doctor said as he pulled a yellow jelly baby from the bag, popping it into his mouth "Sorry, I'm starving. Anyway, you're mistake, Refev, was to let me talk and not pay attention to what I was doing. See, you left controls to your ship in your lab. After I realised the Romana here was alive and well, I went back to look around, which is how I found the control. Now, you're wondering where I'm going, am I right?"

"I won't deny that." Refev said, pulling a blaster from his inside pocket "Though I am afraid this is the end of the line for you and your friends, Doctor."

"Oh, go on, just hear the rest." The Doctor said, grinning "See, while I was in the lab, I set it to track a specific, low level radiation. The kind on that gum that I put on that yoyo. The gum that's now stuck to your hand. So, let's get the game score; Team Doctor with no advantage, three points, Refev with the home field advantage, nil. Sorry Refev, but you lose."

"Do I?" Refev said, pointing the blaster at Romana and firing before he disappeared.

The Doctor darted over to where she had fallen, checking her pulse the listening to both sides of her chest.

"Erratic pulse. Left heart virtually destroyed. Romana, we've got to get you to the TARDIS" He said, turning to Kristy "I need your help getting her to the bottom end of the gardens."

The pair half dragged, half carried Romana to the large blue box. The Doctor fumbled around in his pockets before withdrawing the key for the lock, opening the door then getting Romana inside.

"You've changed the theme again, Doctor." She said with half a smile before collapsing against the pillar "I really don't want to do this."

"It's bigger on the inside…" Kristy said, slightly dazed before looking from the Doctor to Romana and back to the Doctor "Hold on, you said her left heart's virtually been destroyed. People only have one heart."

"Not all of them, didn't the bigger on the inside box give it away, it's alien, I'm alien, she's alien, you're the only thing not alien in here."

"But you look Human…" She said.

"No, you look Time Lord, we came first." The Doctor said, before looking back to Romana who was pulling herself towards the console "Oh no, we are not leaving yet. I left my other outfit and my coats back in my dorm room."

"No, I just needed an open space, you know that, dangerous and all that jazz." She said "Good bye Doctor."

Her body went rigid as her arms shot to the sides, energy in a multitude of colours shooting out from her head and arms. Inside the energy, her features distorted, her appearance becoming one of a slightly younger woman, about 18, with short brown hair, down to her jaw line. She fell forward and then frowned at the Doctor.

"You had to annoy him, didn't you?" She said, her voice slightly higher but still smart "Honestly, you are such a pain, I could have gotten to like that body."

"Wait, what just happened?" Kristy asked, confused.

"Regeneration, I just changed everything about myself, it's far beyond your comprehension." Romana said "Doctor, please tell me you're getting rid of her."

"What?" The Doctor said, looking at both of them "Well, I kind of hadn't thought about that to be honest."

"Wait, getting rid of me, what?" Kristy said, still confused.

"Oh, right, didn't tell you, this thing, it's called the TARDIS. That's Time And Relative Dimension In Space." He said, grinning "It can go anywhere, any when. Up for a little bit of flying around. Well, that's not strictly right, it doesn't fly, it just goes, too complicated to explain, you wouldn't get it, no offence."

"None taken." Kristy said "So, you're saying we can go any where whenever we want?"

"Yeah, battle of Trafalgar, coronation of Queen Elizabeth the third in 2091, Paris in 1979, the Eiffel tower is beautiful." He said "So, you up for it?"

"Might as well." She said "It'd be kind of hard explaining where I've been the past week or so. This way I can think of some excuse."

"Well then off we go." The Doctor said, running to the console in the middle of the room and playing with the controls "Just need to make a stop first."

He pulled a lever and the engines stopped moments after they started. He ran out of the doors, running back in with a suit case a moment later, pulling a large red early eighteenth century gentleman's coat with gold trim out of it, removing his waist coat and replacing it with the coat. He ran over to the controls again, setting the TARDIS off again.