It's A Fact, 'kay?

by highway67

Disclaimer: I don't own Kids in the Hall, Rocko's Modern Life, or their characters. I own nothing.

[Setting: A Tree-Filled Field in the Woods.]

[In the back of the shot, we see the Dr. Paula Hutchison.]

Paula: Hey, you know what?

[Paula runs up close to the camera in a matter of seconds along a very jerky path. She gets very close to the camera so that all we can see is her face.]

Paula: It's a fact. My parents are now in love after 45 years.

[Then, Paula ducks down very quickly.]

[We see Widow Hutchison and Frank Hutchison. She is giggling like a school girl.]

Frank Hutchison: Your legs drive me crazy.

Widow Hutchison: (giggling) Stop it!

Frank Hutchison: Your arms drive me crazy.

Widow Hutchison: (giggling) Stop!

Frank Hutchison: Your smile always drove me crazy.

[The woman continues to giggle and swings her purse at Mr. Hutchison playfully. But the weight of her purse, combined with Mr. Hutchison's inability to stop his wheelchair, causes him to roll away by the playful blow.]

[Then Paula jumps back up into her close up.]

Paula: (smiling) 45 years. Of course the pills help. Hmm-hmm-hmm. It's a fact. (tilts her head) 'Kay!

[Then, Paula runs back into the woods, in sped up motion.]

Finally, I get Paula into a sketch. Maybe, next will be the Bigheads. Keep reading to find out and please, read and review!