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Raphael was very nervous. He had to face his brother, let him now he didn't hate him... that he was only angry... confused... he wished if a simple "I'm sorry" would be enough... but he knew it wasn't going to be that easy.

When he entered to Leonardo's room, he expected to see an angry turtle... waiting to blame him, instead... his blue banded brother was reading a book and he looked peaceful and without worries. Was this only a masquerade? Was Leonardo waiting the right moment to start an unforgettable lecture about Raphael' s behavior?

"Ah... I see you read my note" Leonardo said closing his book.

Raphael was still on the entrance.

"Please, come in. And it's better you sit down... this is gonna take a long time."

Raphael entered his brother's room and sat down. He sighed. "Leo... I... I hafta... no, wait... you... no, no... I..."

Leonardo raised his hand making Raphael to shut up. "Please... Let me talk first... I know talking it's not one of your strong points."

Leonardo sighed. "Listen Raph... what happened last night has already happened. I know you were just angry and I shouldn't have interfered. You knew what were you doing on that street but... don't you think you were being too rough on that guy? I mean, I had never seen you THAT angry at a Purple Dragon before... "

"Yeah... I think I was just... wait a sec! Leo, yer changing the topic! Ya made me come to yer room 'cause ya wanna talk 'bout what I did to ya! Don't try to lie me!" Raphael said angrily.

"Ok, ok... I'm busted!" Leonardo said with a smirk. "I just though it wasn't the right time to talk about that yet."

" Leo , I have wait enough! I really need to take this out of me. so... if ya have any question, just ask! I won't hide anything... I promise."

"Well... I'm out of questions right now... there was so many questions I wanted to ask you but... I guess I'm speechless."

"All that he said to me, before the attack... that's what hurt me the most... it sounds familiar to ya? Or, what 'bout: am I a bad leader... a bad brother? Why Raph hate me so bad... that reminds you something?" Raphael said with narrow eyes.

"You were hearing when I talked to Donnie?" Leonardo said in surprise and nervous.

"Every word... now tell me... why do ya like to blame yerself when ya know it was not yer fault?"

"In some way... it was also my fault! I have made something that makes you to hate me and I need you to tell me what!"

"Leo... how many times I hafta tell ya... IT WAS NOT YER FAULT!" Raphael said angrily.

"Ok, ok... Now tell me... when I stopped you at that alley... what were you thinking?" Leonardo said with a sad smile.

"Well... I was angry... I was just giving that punk what he deserved it and then you came in

and... and..."

Raphael remembered the incident once again, he could hear his brother's painful screams again... tears were coming from his eyes but he held them. He didn't want his big brother to see him cry.

"Raph, it's ok... look, I'm fine!"


"RAPHAEL, CALM DOWN!" Leonardo said placing his hand on his brother' shoulder. "Now listen... I don't blame you Raph. You were just angry, I understand. I said it before and I'll say it again... I don't hate you. I'll never hate you ever!"

Raphael closed his eyes fiercely. He was going to cry anytime soon.

"What if... if The Foot decide to attack us right now! Shell! Yer still weak! Ya couldn't defend yerself or us! Just... just LOOK AT YER ARM! I know Donnie said ya won't be able to move it for 2 weeks! MAN! I'M SUCH AN IDIOT!"

"Maybe I'm weak... maybe I can't use one my arms. But that wouldn't stop me of protecting you guys! I'll give my life for you... you're my family... I'm always looking after you, that's why I asked Donnie if I was doing something wrong... " Leonardo said sadly.

Raphael gaze was on the floor.

"You don't know how painful was hearing you say that words... to me. I didn't care when you stabbed me... but what you said..." The blue banded turtle said

Raphael lifted his gaze and looked in surprise to his big brother.

"I'm sorry Raph, I'm really sorry. I'm sorry for not being the brother you wanted."

"SHUT UP! IT SHOULD BE ME WHO HAS TO SAY THAT!" Raphael said angrily. This time he couldn't stop his tears.

Raphael started to cry fiercely. Leonardo hadn't saw his hotheaded brother crying like that. The blue banded turtle hugged his brother and tried to calm him. The red banded turtle returned the hug and buried his head on his brother' shoulder.

"It's ok, Raph. It's ok"

"I'm... I'm sorry Leo... I-I d-don't hate ya. I-I... I love ya bro. Please... please forgive me!

D-don't hate me... please!" Raphael said sobbing loudly.

"Nothing in this world will make me hate you, Raphie. I love you... lil' bro." Leonardo said wiping his brother's tears.

"Ya haven't call me like that since we were six!" Raphael said with a smirk.

"Get used to. Lots of things are going to change between us." Leonardo said.

"Speaking 'bout that... can't we just act like 'us' in front of the others... ya know... my reputation and all that stuff..."

"Ok, ok... but you have to promise me you're not gonna stab me again." Leonardo said laughing.

"Ha ha... really funny, Fearless" Raphael said standing up and leaving the room.

"You're going to train?"

"No, I'm gonna meditate... dah! Of course I'm gonna train." Raphael said crossing his arms.

"Hmm... lucky you." Leonardo said standing up.

Both turtles left the room. Michelangelo was on the couch reading comic books and Donatello was watching a documentary.

"Hey guys... what's up!" Leonardo asked to his little brothers.

"Hey Leo! Did you have luck with Raph? Donatello asked.

"Let's just say... he's not going to have nightmares tonight." Leonardo said with a smirk and made his way to the dojo.

"Master Splinter said no training for you, remember?"

"I know, I know... I'm going to meditate, just that. Chill out Donnie!" Leonardo said laughing.

"Yeah, Donnie! You're worse than a worried mom!" Michelangelo said cheerfully.

"Go back to your comics, Mikey!" Donatello said.

Leonardo went to the dojo, sat down on lotus pose and started to meditate while his brother Raphael punched his punching bag. Raphael looked at his blue banded brother.

"Wanna spar?" Raphael asked.

"Master Splinter has my swords and Donnie said..."

"Here!" Raphael gave one of his sais to Leonardo.

"Are you sure you wanna do this?"

"C'mon... they won't know 'bout this." Raphael said with a smirk.

Leonardo smiled, stood up and took position. The both of them started to fight... Raphael' sai stroked with Leonardo' sai. The blue banded turtle hit Raphael and pinned him down. Raphael knew he was defeated.

"Woow! Leo you're amazing... even with one arm left." The red banded turtle said.

"I know, I know" Leonardo said with some ego centrism and helped his brother to stand up.

"Don't let that get to yer head, Fearless!"

Leonardo laughed and so did Raphael. That night, the family were reunited watching a movie.

"My sons, tomorrow we have early morning training. I am going to bed. Good night, my sons."

"Good night, Sensei"

The old rat left the room.

"Well... I think I'm going to bed too... night guys" Donatello said.

"I leaving also... see ya guys! And remember... No training Leo! Ha ha ha!" Michelangelo said laughing.

"Yeah yeah... keep laughing, Mikey!" Leonardo said.

The lair was almost quiet. The only sound was the sound of the T.V.


"Yeah Raph?"

"I don't get it... why the others don't hate me after what I did to ya?"

" 'Cause we're family, Raph."

"And... why YOU don't hate me?"

Leonardo smiled.

" 'Cause you're my brother."

Raphael smiled and hugged Leonardo. This time was a hug without hesitation.

"Love ya bro." Raphael said.

"Love you too." Leonardo said with a smirk.

Master Splinter heard the T.V. still on and returned to the living room, just to find his sons sleeping peacefully side by side.

"Sleep well my sons." the old rat said with a smirk.