Dark eyes started at the pale lovely face of the young woman across from them. She looked so shocked. She should'nt be, but she was. He had just told her that he was leaving her. That he had never loved her, that she was'nt worth loving. In all honesty that's what he had thought three years ago when they first started dating. But after being with her and getting to know her, he had been wrong. About everything.

He had said that she was'nt smart. She was.

He had said that she was'nt pretty. She was bloody stunning.

He had said that she was'nt a good person. She was a fucking saint compaired to most women he had known.

He had told her that she was an easy, and quick fuck. She was'nt easy, she was'nt quick.

He had always liked taking his time with her, had always loved the arousing sounds she made during lovemaking.

He told her that her breasts were too small. They were perfect. Not too big not too small, just right. Enough to fill his hands without spilling over.

He told her that she was fat, anyone that looked at her would know that that was a bloody lie, she could'nt have weighed any more than one hundred and two pounds even if she were wet. He had always thought it was because of a weird eating disorder but it was because she had grown up in and out of foster care as a child and many of the families that had taken her in had been abusive and caused her to run away and try her hand at living on the streets.

It took several minutes longer than he would have liked, he didn't want to stay here any longer than nessisary. He didn't want to make her the target of his familys ill will. "W-Why?" She asked in a broken, shakey voice that made him want to hug her.

"I just don't love you any more." Technically that was true, and technically it was a lie. Part of him loved her, loved her kindness, her warmth. Her acceptance of him no matter what he did to hurt her, but this time he was going too far. He could see it in the way she was shaking, her face pale. She believed everything that he had said so far. Believed that she was'nt worth loving. He had chosen those words exactly knowing that they would hurt her the most, knowing that many people had told her that since she was a child, and that she had fought so damn hard to make herself different so that she could be loved.

It was sad really. Heart breaking even.

The reason that his words about not loving her anymore was partually a lie was because his brother had expressed an intrest in her the last time he had met with him. And that was'nt a good thing. Itachi's intrest in people often got them killed. Murdered for nothing. It had happened to Sauske so much in the past that he truely feared that if he didn't leave Uzu that she would die. He could live with breaking her heart, he could even pray that someday she might forgive him and be happy again.

But he would never be able to forgive himself if she was killed because of his elder brothers need to control him and his life. She said nothing again fro several minutes, a habit that she had formed when one of her foster parents had started beating her for no reason.

He remembered her saying that if she didn't speak that the hitting and kicking would eventually stop. She nodded her head and hid her lovely face in her hands and he stood up and tossed a few bills down on the table he had been sitting at and could'nt help wanting to touch her before he decided that he should just leave and simply walked away.

He didn't know if he would ever see her again, but he hoped that she would forgive him...someday.