A short time later Sakumo pulled up in the drive way and Kakashi finished haistily cleaning up the water that he had used to put out the curtains and ran as fast as he could into the living room and dove onto the couch, right on top of Uzu causing her to shriek as his father came through the kitchen door. He buried his face against Uzu's side and waited for his father to explode.

"Oh my fucking- What the hell did- Oh man those were my- Kakashi! Get your ass in here right fucking now and explain to me how my kitchen curtains ended up with a brand new, just put out a fire look!" Sakumo roared.

Uzu jumped a little bit and tried to peek over the top of the couch as she heard the sound of Sakumo's heavy foot falls as he stalked out of the kitchen and into the living room and stopped when he saw her sitting on the couch looking up at him wide eyed. He smiled at her, his murderous expression softening instantly as he looked at her. "Hey Sweetness. How you doing?"

"I'm sore, stiff, and have been having trouble moving well..."

Sakumo cringed a little bit and looked ashamed as he leaned over the back of the couch and gently brushed his lips across her lips. "I'm sorry." He said lamely as he set the Zales bag down on the table next to the couch, on her side of the seat and smiled when she looked at it then back at him. He held up one finger and used it to tap the tip of her nose.

"Wait until I'm done unloading the car, I got you some really, really impressive 'I'm sorry I went overboard and your paying for it' presents." Sakumo said with a wink.

"You didn't have to do that." Uzu said, an uncomfortable expression flitting across her face. He gave a small smile then kissed her again before saying.

"I know. But I wanted too."

"Why?" Uzu asked curiously as she reached up to grab his finger in her hand. He sighed and shook his head. Sweetness wasn't very good at listening it would seem.

"Because." Sakumo said.

"Because why?"


Uzu opened her mouth to ask why again and Sakumo made a frustrated sound and leaned down and hissed. "If your so keen to use your mouth then I can help you use it in a more pleasant manner." Uzu snapped her mouth closed and stared at him wide eyed as Kakashi lifted his head a little bit.

"I wouldn't do that to her if I were you dad." Kakashi warned. He remembered the one time he had asked her to preform oral sex on him. It had been a disaster. A very painful, and humiliating disaster. Uzu it would seem, just couldn't do oral sex for several reasons. 1) She bit down on what was in her mouth, it was purely a reflex, but it was one that had almost emasculated him. And was there fore dangerous to his well being. 2) The taste of pre cum and cum make her sick.

Which meant that on top of biting him, she had also thrown up in his lap.

Again, it had been horrible. But if his dad wanted to try her, then Kakashi wouldn't say anything more about it. He'd just sit back and laugh when the same thing happened to him.