Promises, promises… Secrets, secrets…

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Summary: What's the heaviest burden for two best friends? Keeping the hardest of promises, or hiding the hardest of secrets?

Author Note: This fic is almost solely focused on Mitsu, so if I neglect the other characters, it's because of my obsession with this pairing… But I'll try to keep the others inserted in the story (-_-')…

First chapter is just Ritsu's and Mio's thoughts.

I'll use both anime and manga storylines too.

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(Ritsu's PoV)

Why? Oh, why? Why in the world would she promise something like that? Did she really think there would never be something she couldn't share with Mio in the future? Most importantly, did she suddenly forget she already had a huge secret she had been keeping for a couple years?

Ritsu could be so impulsive sometimes… And Mio's reactions didn't help at all! If the girl wasn't so sensitive, nothing like that would have happened!

Or would it?

Well, the drummer did trick her friends into believing she had a boyfriend, so the fault was partially hers too… But Mio started it by saying there was no way she could get a boyfriend! That was offensive!

… Ritsu knew very well her friend had meant to say that she wouldn't get a boyfriend without telling her, and she had been right… But the way Mio had said it... It had ticked the brunette off…

And so she was stuck with that hastily made promise.


"Are you still angry with me, milady?" Ritsu asked her friend after their encounter with Sokabe-senpai, when her friends finally found out that the boyfriend thing had been a joke.

"Indeed, I am!" was Mio's reply. The girl had reacted so badly about the whole ordeal, it was understandable. And because of that she threw in the regrettable promise…

"Mio, I'm so sorry! From now on I'm gonna tell you everything! And if I ever get a boyfriend, you'll be the first to know!"

-end of flashback-

… What was she to do?

Ritsu had been thinking about that for the whole week already. And that was so uncalled for! She had to concentrate on her studies! The tests to enter the University were getting ever closer!

The drummer was stuck between the desire to tell Mio everything, or to just forget about it already… Mio would never know she had broken the promise, anyway. But it felt like it would be so freeing, so comforting to actually keep the promise and never have to hide anything from her beloved friend…

But could she tell Mio that she would never really get a boyfriend? ...

(Mio's PoV)

Why? Oh, why? Why the hell couldn't she control her reactions better? Did she really think Ritsu would spend her whole life single, and focused on their friendship? Most importantly, did she really have the right to be mad at her friend for having secrets?

Mio could be so insecure sometimes… And Ritsu's pranks didn't help at all! If her friend took things more seriously, none of that would have happened!

Or would it?

Well, the bassist could have been more discreet about it all, thus not rousing her friend's teasing nature, so she was partially to blame too… But just imagining her friend keeping this kind of secret from her… She had felt so insignificant!

… Mio knew it had all been a joke, and that Ritsu would tell her this kind of thing, even before she promised it… But it had felt so wrong, the whole situation… It had ticked the black-haired girl off…

And now she felt guilty for letting her friend make such a burdensome promise… And it was even worse, because it made her a hypocrite.


It was a week since Mio and Ritsu took the entrance exams to attend Sakuragaoka High School.

The bassist was freaking out.

Not so much with worry that she might not pass, because she had been fairly confident during the tests.

What was eating at the lefty girl's insides was the fear that they could be separated if the drummer didn't get good enough results. Ritsu hadn't studied properly, begging for Mio's help in the last week left to get prepared. But that was just the beginning of Mio's worries… Her confusion was in why she was so scared of that separation.

Mio blamed it on teenage hormones and the fact that Ritsu was the person she was closest with. But nearing the end of their last year of Junior High she had been having mixed feelings towards the brunette.

All the tension must have made her confused...

A couple weeks later, when the results finally came out, she was overwhelmed with joy and relief, seeing their names on the list of accepted students.

Since then, she used all the arguments she could come up with to convince herself that what she had felt for her friend was created by the fear of being distanced from each other, successfully suppressing the unwanted feelings. Or not…

-end of flashback-

She had tried to suppress those feelings for a long time now, and now they came back to haunt her at the worst possible time. And she had to keep them a secret… From everyone.

For how much longer could she do that?

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