Joined souls

Summary: Sirius did not die in OotP. Harry and Hermione discover that there is another prophecy, one about them. Ron and some of the Weasleys are evil in the end because of their jealousy. And an elemental guardian appears on the scene and Sirius falls for her.

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I do not own Harry Potter (All characters are that of the author, J.K. Rowling)

Chapter 1:

Harry sat on his bed looking out the window. Summer Holiday had just started and he was stuck at his Aunt and Uncle once again. He picked up the letter from Hermione that arrived that morning and read through it again...

Dear Harry

I have been sending Professor Dumbledore howlers almost every hour. Yes indeed I am sending him howlers!

My parents have aggreed with me that you should come to us, even Sirius sent a letter to take our side! Looks like it may have worked because Professor Dumbledore is coming here tomorrow. Will let you know what happens.

Got a letter from Ginny last night. Seems she and Neville are getting closer... I am sorry, I know how you have feelings for her.

I saw in the Daily Prophet there was a small corner about how Madam Bones had laid charges against Umbridge. Let's hope we never have to see her again! I fear I may curse her into obliviation for what she did to you!

Don't feel to depressed, I will make sure you get out of there as soon as possible!



Harry smiled as he finished the letter. Yes the first time he read the letter he frowned because of the part about Ginny. He was very confused about his feelings towards her and yet he felt that they were shallow. He did have a good laugh at the part about the howlers though! Never thought that Hermione would ever do that.

As he read the ending of the letter again, he felt his cheeks warm and it felt as though his heart swelled. Yes Hermione always ended her letters to him that way but he felt special after he read her endings every time.

He sat back on his bed, thinking about what happened this past year. After they went to the Ministry in search of the prophecy, they fought Death Eaters and in the end Voldemort himself possesed Harry for a brief time. The dual between Voldemort and Dumbledore was, for lack of a better word, spectacular.

Even when Sirius badly wounded Bellatrix and she apparated to her master's side, more Death Eaters appeared. But because of the noise caused by the fighting, aurors came rushing in and fought them aswell.

They got the prophecy, but unfortunately during the battle, Neville who held it, accidentally smashed it.

The only trully good thing that came from the battle was Luna Lovegood who caught and bound one specific rat known as Peter Pettigew.

Thanks to his capture, Sirius was cleared of all charges and starting with Harry's Christmas holidays, he will be moving in with the Marauder.

After the battle, they all returned to Hogwarts. Dumbledore took Harry up to his office with Padfoot trotting right next to Harry, never leaving his side.

Dumbledore told them the prophecy, seeing as he was the one who witnessed it all those many years ago. It went as well as it would be imagined. Between Harry and Sirius, there were very few breakable objects and trinkets left in the office. Even some of the portrets decided it would be safer to go to their other portraits, no matter how curious they may be.

Sirius took Harry to Grimauld Place for a couple of days so that they could get over the shock. Two days later one very determined Hermione came through the floo, demanding to be let in on the secret of what was going on.

Luckilly for Dumbledore, he did mention that there was a loop hole in the prophecy that he was working on that ocould save Harry. After a week at Grimauld Place, the kids all went on to their homes for the summer holiday.

Half of a certain red headed family was quite upset that they were left out of some big secret. Molly still blowing up to any poor soul she encountered that children should not know certain things.

The last time she tried this with Sirius, his words to her were, "You old hag! I will tell my godson anything I want! I am his godfather! You are just an outsider! Not his family, not his guardian and frankly you lot weren't even close to his parents! So back of!"

hat was the last time the two of them spoke. But that did not stop Molly from telling everybody how bad an influence Sirius was on the kids, esspecially on such a fragile soul like Harry.

Harry took a piece of parchment and thought of what to write to Hermione.

Dear Mione

I am alright. Between you and Sirius, how could I not be?

Wait! Who are you and what did you do to Hermione? Since when do you send howlers to a professor, much less the headmaster? Not that I am complaining, seeing as you are getting me out of here sooner!

Wish I could already stay with Sirius, but the git wanted to go and build a new, not dark Black, manor.

Can't really blame him. Would probably have done the same...

Madam Bones deffinately has my support!

And about Ginny and Neville? I am happy for them, seeing as Ginny was really not my cup of tea. Hey? How did you come to the conclusion that I like her of all people?

Missing you



Harry read through the letter and nodded to himself. It will do. He patted Hedwig on her head. "Hey girl... I have a letter for you... Please take it to Hermione?" Hedwig hooted at him in acknowledgement and stuck out her leg to have the letter tied on.

"Thanks girl, stay safe!" Harry smiled at his owl as she flew out of his window. He watched her fly into the night until he could no longer see her. He penned a quick letter to Sirius, intending to send it the next morning and then got ready for bed.

He hoped that he will not be bothered as much by the nightmares again. Nightmares of Hermione getting hit by that spell, Ron being attacked by those brains and of being possessed by Voldemort. He hoped for atleast a little while of dreamless sleep...

Hermione was sitting on a lounge chair in her parents' living room reading, when she heard a tap tap at the window. Looking up she saw the snowy white form of Hedwig sitting on the ledge, waiting to be let in. Smiling she let the bird in.

"Hey Hedwig. You are back soon!" Hermione took an owl treat and gave it to Hedwig. She took of the letter and thought of a reply. Smiling as she read the letter.