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Arthur took a seat in the first-class cabin of the airplane. He couldn't really bring himself to relax as he would soon be thrust into a dreamscape more complicated than he had ever experienced before.

Ariadne took the seat in front of him, and the Point Man wondered if she was scared. She must have been. She hadn't spent enough of her life entangled with shared dreams and extraction to avoid probing paranoia and thoughts like, "What if we miss the kick?"

He stared at the back of her first-class chair, for he had nothing else to do until the flight reached cruising altitude and inception began.

And then, he had the sudden urge to kick the back of Ariadne's seat. It seemed like a perfectly childish thing to do. Before Arthur could lift his perfectly polished shoe, though, he had to ask himself why he had the odd impulse to kick the architect's chair.

His instinctive and instantaneous answer to his own question was, "because it would get her to turn around."

But that confused him. Why did he need that?

Suddenly, Ariadne turned rapidly around to face him. Arthur's eyes widened, surprised as if she could read his thoughts and he was caught red-handed thinking about her.

But of course she couldn't see that. He was just being silly. He needed to get back in control like usual.

She nodded in Cobb's general direction. Arthur looked to the extractor, and saw that he was talking to Fischer, setting up. It was almost time.

He looked back to Ariadne. She smiled at him, and then turned back around.

Arthur just kept smiling at where her face had been two seconds ago.

Quickly, Arthur regained his control over the situation with Ariadne. It was two layers deep when an opportunity too good to miss came up. Plus, despite the now-known risk of the mission, he was bored.

As he explained that the projections were looking for him, he paused. "Quick, give me a kiss."

He was slightly surprised at how willingly she complied, how easily she trusted him.

When it was over, when the moment had passed, Ariadne pointed out that the projections were still looking at them. She had assumed that the kiss would have done something to prevent this somehow, as Arthur had expected her to.

The left corner of the point man's mouth tilted up. As he smirked, he said, "It was worth a shot."

He restrained himself from checking to see if she realized that he had known all along that the action would do nothing to deter his subconscious.

Instead, he chose to sit and contemplate the past two minutes.

He decided that what he had done was actually somewhat…charming.

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