Warning: This could turn into a slightly dark fic. It seems that whatever stories that I come up with in my head, they always turn dark in one way or another. If you don't like then don't read it. I won't tolerate flames. oh and the rating may change also.

Summary: The look he gave her sent shivers down her spine and caused goosebumps to appear on her skin. It wasn't the same kind of look she saw him give other people. He gave her captain a look which held respect and had a competitive glint. He looked passively at the rest of her crew but the look he gave her was completely different. There was lust, want, desire, and the gaze told her that he would get what he wanted no matter what.

So I have looked everywhere for Nami x Law stuff on the internet. Pictures, stories, and videos. I havn't seen many of the sort so I decided to write a story myself. I know this is a crack couple and all but I can't help it, so enjoy! Oh and I know this isn't how Nami got off of Weatheria in manga and I know this isn't how the people on the island acted when she wanted to leave but I wrote this before that chapter came out and I didn't want to change everything in my story. I don't really want to dwell on the fact of how she got off. So yeah. Here.

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Nami sat with her legs crossed on the bed that had been hers for the last week thinking about the events to come. During her stay on the small sky island Weatheria, she learned alot about the weather of the grandline as well as the world. She wished to learn more but since seeing the newspaper about how Luffy's brother Ace had died during the war, she knew that she had to get back to her nakama so that they could help Luffy grieve, or at least be there for him if he needed them. That's what Nakama were for. Nami wanted to do anything that she could to pay back the huge debt that she owed Luffy for saving her life. If Luffy had not of been there when Arlong had taken her money and all of the towns people where going to die while fighting him, she would have probably ended up taking her own life because she would have been too depressed to go on living.

Nami had been trapped on Weatheria for a week, trying to figure out where she was and how to get down to the ground as well as how to get back to Shabondy Archipeligo. Weatheria was about 12,000 feet from the ground and 300 miles from Shabondy. When Nami had expressed her need to get to where she needed to go, the old man who had kindly housed her for the past week offered to give her his Plantanka. A plantanka is a special type of cloud that the people of Weatheria use to travel around. You stand on the cloud and as you ride it a special bubble covers you as you travel. The top speed of the plantanka is 50 miles per hour which is pretty fast. The old man had taught Nami how to ride one and now she was ready to go back to where the chaos that had brought her here had started.

Nami huffed and got up from the bed and grabbed the bag that was given to her by the old man's wife. The bag was filled with books and scrolls as well as devices that she got from weatheria that she could use to fight or learn more about the weather while she was down on the ground again. Nami exited her room and then the house all together before climbing up on the plantanka. The bubble enveloped her as she waved goodbye to the kind old couple that had taken care of her and comforted her while she was an emotional wreck. She began to float down below the clouds that the island was made of and took off in the direction of Shabondy Archipeligo. Nami sped the device up to its top speed but she felt no wind on her face because of the bubble that surrounded her. She looked at her log pose to make sure she was going the right way, and when she confirmed that she was, she sat down on the cloud. It would take her six hours to get to her destination and she didn't feel like standing the whole time.

Nami gazed at the sky as it wizzed by her. She tried to find pictures in the clouds above her, but she found that they were going by too fast and she gave up. "I hope Luffy doesn't do something irrational and completely stupid after Ace's death." Nami let out an audible sigh at the thought of Luffy trying to take down the admiral that had killed Ace while he was still badly injured. That sounded just like her captain but she hoped that just this once he wouldn't be himself. Nami's thoughts then lingered to the rest of her crew. She hoped that they were doing as well as she was. She was pretty sure that Zoro as well as Robin and Franky were handling the seperation just fine. Sanji might be having panic attacks because of him not knowing if she or Robin were okay. But for all Nami knew, Sanji could have landed on an island where beautiful women were abundant and he hasn't thought about his female nakama at all. Brook, Usopp, and Chopper were the three that she worried the most about. Brook isn't the brightest tool in the shed. He also tends to get on people's nerves and cross lines that should never be touched. Usopp and Chopper are complete cowards and not the strongest people. But they're smart and Nami hoped that their wits and brains would keep them alive long enough to get back to the crew.

An hour had gone by while Nami was lost in the deep ocean that was her thoughts. When she came back to reality, she realized that she needed to go lower to the ground to make sure that she wouldn't pass her destination while she was distracted. The plantanka dipped lower in the sky until she was out of the clouds and she could see the ocean below her perfectly. Birds were flying by her and she did her best not to hit any of them. She didn't want to clean the mess off of the bubble later and a dead bird that wasn't cooked was just plain gross.

Three hours have passed since Nami started her journey and she was starting to get bored. She began to zigzag across the sky to entertain herself. She usually wasn't the type to do this but desperate times call for desperate measures. And right now Nami was getting pretty desperate for something to distract her mind. In the distance Nami could see a tiny island with a little town. She decided that she needed to stop and stretch her legs a little as well as get something to eat.

Nami navigated the small craft into a forest on the island where she hoped that no one would find it and mess with it. She strolled into the town looking for a place to eat. Her legs felt weak and cramped from sitting so long so she took her time to enjoy the fresh air and solid ground. Nami found a small food stand that sold various things on sticks and the smell of them called to her. She fished the small amount of monay the old couple had given her back on Weatheria out of the bag to pay for her chicken on a then noticed that many of the locals on the island were whispering to one another while looking her way. They were obviously talking about her. But why? As nami scanned the street of the town, her eyes landed on a bulletin board outside of a bar which had various papers on it as well as wanted posters. And to her dismay, her's was among them. Nami quickly payed for and grabbed her lunch and ran out of the town hoping that no one would follow her. "I really don't want to deal with any trouble right now. The last thing I need is a group of bounty hunters chasing me. I just want to get back to my ship." she thought as she ran through the forest trying to remember where she landed her plantanka. She reached her mode of transportation and took of as fast as she could. She got the plantanka headed for Shabondy Archipeligo at 50 miles per hour again as she ate her lunch. The chicken tasted good and filled her up enough to make it to where she wanted to go. She just hoped that she wouldn't need to stop at another island again for a drink of water or bathroom break.

Three more boring hours passed and Nami finally made it. She looked down at her destination and sighed. Hopefully the chaos that had convened there a week ago was over. She sailed above the groves, looking for the one that contained the Thousand-Sunny. When she spotted it, she gently landed the vehicle on the deck of the ship. Nami stepped off of the plantanka and stretched her arms above her head, letting out a content moan as she did so. She decided to check out the rest of the ship to see if any of her nakama had made it back before her. To her displeasure, she was the only person aboard. Sighing yet again, Nami decided to make herself something to eat and get changed before thinking about what she was going to do next. She quickly made herself some orange chicken from the oranges that grew aboard the Thousand-Sunny in her sacred grove that she cared for. The recipe that she used was from Bellemere. She ate as slow as she possibly could so that she could savor the feeling of being able to eat without being rushed or in danger. Eating in silence was nice too since whenever she ate with her crew, fights tended to break out and those fights usually didn't let her enjoy her meal. The silence was nice yet unsettling at the same time. The ticking of the clock reminded her of just how alone she was. Nami began to miss the fights and yelling and screaming of her crewmates. She hoped that they would be back soon. After eating, she cleaned up her mess and changed her clothes so that she felt more fresh. Nami now wore a gray tanktop with the word "moody" in black on the font, jean short-shorts, and black high heel shoes. She would have liked to take a bath but with her being the only person on the ship, she didn't feel safe enough to do that. "Well since I'm the only one on the ship right now, I should proabably stay where I am incase someone decides to show up."

Nami walked over to the edge of the ship and looked at the groves in the distance. She sat on the railing of the ship so that her feet hung off of the side and over the water on which the vessel was floating. She placed her hands on the railing on either side of her so that she could catch herself if a large wave threw her off balance. Nami closed her eyes as she took in a large breath of fresh air and the wind whipped her hair around her face in a dramatic fashion. Nami was so relaxed and content sitting on the railing that she nearly missed the sound of bubbling water. Her eyes snapped open when she realized what she was hearing, and that it was close. Nami straightened her posture and instinctivly placed her hand on her perfect clima-tact. She scanned the water to the right of the ship before turing her attenton to the water on the left. When she saw bubbles in the water coming up from the depths of the sea, her heart froze and started beating like she had just run a marathon. "Crap, crap, crap, CRAP! What am I going to do! Should I hide and wait to see who it is? It could just be a nakama coming back to the ship like me. But then again it could also be a marine, sea monster, or blood thirsty, violent pirates who kill every single person they come across." Nami shuddered at this thought and her mind reeled trying to figure out the best possible plan of action. With her mind coming up blank, she was frozen in her postion on the railing.

The bubbling soon escalated to splashing as Nami watched the unidentified object surface. To her horror, a submarine type ship which had a type of smiling jolley roger on the side came into view next to the Sunny. One word came to her mind and it absolutlely terrified her. Pirates. Sure she was a pirate herself, but the Strawhat crew was a different type of pirate crew. Her crewmates actually cared for her and other people. They didn't go around and kill random people for money like most other pirates did. Sure she supposed that she liked to steal money from civilians every now and then but the thought of killing them didn't even cross her mind.

Her eyes were glued to the door which she figured the people who were contained inside would come out of. Nami held her breath as she waited for the door to show any signs of moving. When the door handle began to turn, she stiffled her surprised gasp before the pirates could hear her. The last thing she wanted was to attract the attention of the rowdy bunch and get herself killed.

She could hear what sounded like a struggle go on inside of the vehicle. There was what seemed to be some yelling, complaining, and various other signs that someone who was inside that submarine didn't want to stay there. When the door finally was fully open, a slightly tall man with a fur hat stepped out first. The black and yellow sweatshirt that he wore had the same jolley roger on it that the ship had on it's side. He was obviously part of the crew, maybe even the captain, so he wasn't the one who was making all of the ruckus inside. After him came an extremely tall and large man who had to bend down to even get through the door. Nami was amazed at his size before she realized that if this man were to attack her, then she would surely be done for. After the giant came a white bear wearing an orange jumpsuit. Nami blinked her eyes rapidly to try to clear her eyes from her delusion. When she realized the bear was still standing there, she decided to rub her eyes. When the bear was still not gone, she was debating with herself in her head about whether or not she should pinch herself to try to get rid of the impossible scene. While fighting with her self in her head, the bear spoke up. "Captain, He's not cooperating. What should we do? Should we sedate him?" Nami snapped out of her thoughts and focused on the people standing on the deck of the submarine. If she just heard the bear talk and if one of the pirates answered it then she wasn't as crazy as she thought she was. Also whoever answered would be the captain.

"Ah, well it's not our problem. I healed him the best I could and if he wants to die, then so be it." The man with the fur cap lazily said. Seconds after he said that, two tan arms stretched from inside the door to the railing of the submarine. Then three screaming men came launching out of the sub and onto the deck. From the heap of bodies, two men who wore white jumpsuits with the smiling jolly roger on them stood up and began to rant and rave at the other man who Nami recognized as her captain. Luffy then stood up and just laughed while gripping his strawhat that was on his head. He was covered in bandages but was still his idiotic self. He then turned around to face his ship and saw his navigator sitting on the railing watching the whole scene. "NAMI!" He yelled while jumping up and down in glee. "Your alive! Yahoo! Hey, hey, is anyone else back yet? Are they alive? I missed my Nakama so much!" Nami sighed and smiled at Luffy's excitedness and his childish behavior. She was glad to see that he wasn't too down in the dumps about his brother. "Hey Nami, well? Anyone else here?" Nami then realized that the pirate crew that Luffy was with were all looking her direction. "I don't want it to look like we are at a disadvantage right now. I can't tell them that there's only me and Luffy here. They could take the opportunity and attack us. Now that I take a closer look at them, I recognize them from the auction house. The captain, Trafalgar Law, is a supernova like Luffy. Law and his crew could easily over take me and luffy. I have to play this smart. Luffy please don't do something stupid."

"Ah yes, Zoro and Franky are also back. Zoro is taking his third nap of the day right now and Franky is working on his machine things below the deck. I think it's best that you don't disturb them. Now I have a question for you Luffy." Nami said, quickly changing the subject. "Why are you with Trafalgar Law and his crew?" As Nami said this, she eyed the said pirate crew and gave them a suspious glare. The captain of the heart pirates eyed her right back and gave her a smirk which made Nami's blood freeze in her veins. "I don't like this guy. He majorly creeps me out. I really hope he doesn't decide to stick around."

"Hm? Oh yeah well he sorta saved my life after the fight at Marineford. He's a doctor. Like Chopper! I bet Law here and Chopper will be great friends!" Luffy continued to ramble on about Chopper and Law while Nami processed his words.

"Luffy..." Nami said slowly.


"Do you really think these people can be our friends? They're pirates like us. They are our enemies. They will not be our friends so stop spouting stupid stuff like that."

"She's right Mr. Strawhat. I only saved your life because we are enemies. Not friends." Law said while still staring at Nami. Nami surpressed a shudder before it escaped. She didn't want to look weak to these pirates but this man was making her feel more uncomfortable every second that he was here. Something about the way he looked at her was unsettling.

"Really? Aww...then can the talking bear be our nakama?" The white bear blushed and looked away while uttering a type of noise that Nami couldn't really explain. Maybe it was some noise that only bears could make.

"Bepo stays with me. Now tell me, who might this young lady be strawhat?"

"Ah, thats Nami my navigator. She's super smart." Luffy said happily.

"I see..." Law said slowly, obviously turning the words over in his head and committing her name to memory. As he spoke, Nami placed her hand on her perfect clima-tact unconciously. "Well it was nice meeting you Miss. Nami. I hope to see you in the new world. We must take our leave now, so if you'll excuse us." Law smirked in her direction again before he tipped his fur hat to her and disappeared inside of the submarine. Luffy jumped off of the sub and onto dry ground before stretching his arms and grabbing onto the railing which Nami was sitting on and slingshotting himself up onto the deck of the thousand-sunny. The submarine began to descend into the water with a gurggle and completely disappeared in a matter of seconds. After the sub was gone, Nami felt less on edge and she turned to Luffy and smiled. To know that her captain was safe was good but knowing that Trafalgar Law had saved his life unnerved her. The navigator of the Strawhat Pirates didn't like the idea of Luffy owing his life to that pirate. Who knows what that man could ask for in return. And knowing Luffy, he would do whatever Law wanted him to do.

Luffy began to look around the deck franticly and started to run all over the place. "Hey Nami, where's Zoro and Franky?" Nami grimaced as she remembered what she had said. She had gotten his hopes up and now she was going to crush them.

"Eh well...They're not really back. I lied because I didn't want those pirates to think that we were alone. It's just me and you now, but hopefully the rest of the crew will show up soon." Nami plastered a smile on her face to make breaking the news to him less hard. She saw his face drop but it didn't stay that way for long. He quickly recovered and grinned his usual grin before saying "Okay! but why didn't you want to look weak? Those pirates were nice and cool!"

"Luffy you can't trust people like that. Geez, you're so nieve sometimes." Nami just breathed a sigh of relief before thinking about what he would do while their nakama were gone. Luffy was probably going to mess with everyones stuff and make them all pissed at him when they got back. When Nami noticed that Luffy wasn't near her anymore she ran after Luffy to stop him from making a mess of things.

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