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The swells of the sea in the distance seemed to lap lazily at the rosy evening sky. A gentle breeze tussled the young man's green hair as he sat and watched the red hue darken into black. Zoro was debating with himself about whether or not he should go inside with the rest of his nakama, but he ultimately decided against it. He didn't feel that it would be right for him to be with his crew if Nami couldn't. It was all his fault after all. She had hired him to do a simple job, and he had gone and fucked it up. Of course his friends didn't blame him for her disappearance, but that didn't stop him from condemning himself.

In general, most people would gladly hold the swordsman responsible, but the straw-hats weren't normal people. They were a group of misfits who accepted each-other, no matter what kind of mistakes that they had made in the past. It's because of this mentality that they easily forgive others for their wrongdoings. Hachi is just one example of many. Even though the octopus had, more or less, tortured Nami during her childhood, he was pardoned for his mistakes and eventually became a good friend to the whole crew. Everyone came to act as if the fishman was not involved in evil of any kind.

Now nearly the exact same thing is happening to him. Everyone was acting as if he wasn't even associated with the incident of Nami's kidnapping. So Instead of lingering on how it could have been prevented, the crew was trying their best to find her and bring her back safely.

The majority of the crew looked past Zoro's slip up, but Sanji was another story. The moment that he heard that Nami was missing, he went ape shit crazy. It was like watching an entire soap opera within the span of a few minutes. He changed from fire spitting rage, to emotional wreck, and back to rage again so fast that the swordsman had to question the mental welfare of the cook. After about 30 straight minutes of yelling and wailing from the infuriated and distressed man, he calmed down enough to think about the situation logically. It was at this point in time that Zoro decided that it would be a good idea to inform the rest of his friends about the deal he and Nami had made.

Ussops's eyes nearly bulged out of his skull when the swordsman mentioned the name Trafalgar Law. Chopper also went into a state of panic after Robin made a few morbid comments. The gloomy woman informed the crew on how cruel the doctor could be, and also mentioned one of his alias'; the surgeon of death. The two young strawhat pirates both had their hands on their heads as they wailed in terror. It wasn't only the thought of what could possibly be happening to their navigator that had them worried, but they also dreaded having to face the man in order to get her back. Zoro had tried to console them both by saying that it was only a possibility. He hadn't actually seen him take her after all. He just knew that the red -headed vixen was scared of him. That had seemed to placate the trembling duo for a while.

No one was particularly thrilled at the idea of Trafalgar Law in possession of their navigator. Everyone knew from experience that the man was a powerful pirate. Not only was he strong, but he had guts as well. He was, after all, a supernova. However, no one knew enough about his devil fruit powers to determine just exactly how far the limits of his strength stretched.

The crew decided as a whole that the best plan of action was to gather information while simultaneously acquiring a new log pose in case their navigator had been taken off of the island. They spit up into groups of two in order to increase their efficiency.

As they went about the town, talking to creatures of every species and race, there weren't many clues that could be gathered. Apparently, the people here didn't pay much attention to pirates or unique looking individuals since those types were so abundant around these parts. Robin managed to find someone who was willing to share some information, as well as part with his log pose, but not without demanding a hefty sum of money first. The dock-hand, with whom Robin was conversing, had seen a man matching the description of Law depart with an unconscious, red-headed woman in tow. Zoro, who was the archeologist's partner, whipped out the crumpled piece of paper from his pocket and showed the face of the Dark Doctor to the man. "This picture seems a little dated, but there's no doubt that it was this guy who took the girl." The stout man nodded his head in confirmation as he told the two pirates what he knew.

When the crew regrouped, and information was shared, Sanji flew into a frenzy. The thought of his precious Nami-swan in the clutches of the surgeon of death was too much for his heart to handle.

As disheartening as this news was, at least the straw-hats now knew that Nami was no longer on the Fishman Island. However, the chances of the rescue mission succeeding were getting slimmer. The problem was that there were no telling which island the Heart Pirates were headed towards. There were three islands to which the log pose was pointing, so they had a 33% chance of choosing the right direction. Those odds weren't good, but they couldn't just sit and do nothing.

Not only did they not know exactly were they were supposed to head, but what were they supposed to do while they were at sea? Without Nami's knowledge about the weather, they might be killed during the voyage or get lost on the turbulent seas of the New World.

The odds were stacked against them, but that never stopped them before. As Zoro sat and stared at the now inky waters on the horizon, he couldn't help but think that everything was going to turn out alright. The crew had managed to leave fishman island and arrive in the new world safely without Nami's guidance, but that was probably beginners luck. Robin was the one who was currently in charge of the log pose, following the middle needle to the next island. Why did they choose that route? There was no specific reason other than because Luffy had a gut feeling, but that was the only thing they could go on at this point.

Finished musing, the swordsman rose from his slouched sitting position and turned away from the salty sea to walk towards the door of the kitchen which had a slight glow around the edges; indicating that there was light within. He decided that he would make up for his blunder, one way or another.

Nami was furious. She has been laying on this bed, hands bound, for over an hour now. After Law had pleasured her senseless and left her there, teetering on the edge, he hadn't come back since, and she was aching to move from her position. It had taken about thirty minutes or so until her body realized that it she wasn't going to be able to achieve a release, but up until that point, the flesh between her legs lusted to be touched unyieldingly.

However, now that her body had calmed down, her fury was building. Her anger wasn't only directed at the doctor, but also at herself. Her weakness in front of the man was inexcusable. Now he knew that he could melt her resolve with a few soft touches of his fingers. The woman realized that his so-called punishment was more mental than physical. Nami was convinced that he knew that things would turn out this way. He knew that she would mentally kick herself repeatedly for giving in to the pleasure he was offering her. That was the real punishment. The desperate need that her body felt was only a side effect. The realization that she had enjoyed it was the torture that he really wanted her feel.

As Nami sorted through the thoughts in her head, she came to the conclusion that he was trying to break her will. Law was hoping that this experience would cause her to be more obedient. It's true that she may be more careful about her actions in the future in order to avoid another situation like this, but she was not going to roll over and die. She would need to find a good balance between obedience and rebellion if she was going to get through this ordeal with her sanity intact.

Despite her rational mind telling her otherwise, the straw-hat navigator twisted her wrists against the rough fibers of the rope in hopes that her bindings had somehow gotten looser within the past few minutes. She let out a defeated sigh when the length of rope simply left a burning sensation without giving an inch. Just as she was beginning to consider taking desperate measures, the heavy wooden door of the room creaked open.

Trafalgar Law stood in the doorway as he took in the sight of her still naked body laying on his bed. His eyes roamed her form appreciatively; lingering on her more intimate parts. Nami supposed that boys would be boys. No matter how many times a man has seen a nude woman, each time was as exciting as the first.

She couldn't help the light blush that dusted her cheeks as his stare reminded her of how intense his eyes were only but an hour ago. "Would you please quit ogling, and untie me already? I'm getting sick of this." Her voice, laced with irritation, echoed throughout the room and seemed to wake the mesmerized man. His eyes slowly drifted up until they locked with those of the woman. He fleetingly contemplated her words for a moment before responding.

"With an attitude like that, you can't really expect me to comply can you?" His words hit a nerve within the navigator. She wasn't in the mood for his games, and the self-satisfied smirk that settled on his face was only making matters worse. She let a angry tilt settle on her eyebrows as she heatedly stared at the man before her. Her unmistakable expression of anger didn't seem to faze him as he waited; expecting an answer to his earlier question.

"You should know by now that I'm the type of woman who expects nothing less than what I demand." She was not going to amuse him with any attempts to take back her words or to rectify what she had said. There was no reason to anyway; what Nami had said was not incorrect. The captain's eyebrows rose slightly at her statement; surprised at her ability to be bold and rebellious in such a situation. He let out an amused puff as he moved closer to the bed.

"I suppose you are right. I really should be anticipating this sort of thing from you." He let his hands ghost over her soft flesh once more. For a second Nami thought that he was going to take advantage of her again before freeing her, but her fears were put to rest when his fingers rose to the rope binding her wrists. He began to undo the twisted knot, as Nami stared on in wonder. She was not expecting to win the argument as easily as she did. If anything, she thought that he would have forced her to stay on the bed for another hour. This was unexpected.

As soon as the rope was loose enough, the orange-haired navigator quickly pulled her hands free and covered up her exposed body the best that she could with her tiny feminine hands. She hunched over in order to further limit the doctor's view of her form. He questioned her silently with his eyes as he absentmindedly wound up the length of rope within his hands. "I don't see the point in hiding yourself now. There's nothing that I haven't seen." The huddled woman rose her head to send a glare in his direction.

"Just because you've already seen doesn't mean that I want you to continue seeing. Where are my clothes?" She did not want to be naked for much longer. Feeling vulnerable like this was not something that she enjoyed. She also wanted to take a shower since she felt grimy and gross after going without one for so long, but it would have to wait until she knew that she wouldn't be disturbed by the doctor. Said man raised a hand and pointed in the direction of the closet which she had ransacked in her previous episode of panic. It was in this moment that Nami noticed that his room was much cleaner than when she had left it. She couldn't help but wonder if he had done the repairing and tidying himself, or if his subordinates had done it. In reality, it was probably the bear who accomplished the task since he was at fault for letting her escape.

The musing woman shook her head and focused back on the present rather than the past. Law was still standing next to the bed staring down at her. He had let his hand drop, and apparently had been observing her for the last couple of moments. He seemed to be expecting something from her, but she decided to ignore him and focus on getting clothed. Nami glanced at the closet then back at Law before glancing at the open door across from her. He watched the movements of her eyes carefully, so he should have gotten the message that she was trying to convey. To elaborate, she locked eyes with her captor and lightly tilted her head toward the door; telling him to leave. Now she knew that he understood what she was trying to say, but he obviously didn't care since his mouth slowly curved into a mischievous half-smile. Fuming, the red-headed vixen let her anger vent. "Will you just leave?"

"Why should I?" The surgeon of death tilted his head as he crossed his arms over his chest. Nami had to resist the urge to childishly throw pillows at him.

"What do you mean why? I want you out of here now because I'm not exactly fond of the idea of you leering at me again." The man before her was completely unfazed by her harsh words.

"Well I'm not exactly fond of the idea of leaving you unattended in my quarters; considering what happened last time." She had to admit that he had a point. Realizing that he wasn't going to budge on this issue, the navigator scrambled to rip the white sheets from the bed below her in an attempt to find something to cover her curvacious body. She grappled with the thin material for quite some time before she was successful in freeing it. The task was much more difficult at the moment due to her insistence of keeping her womanly bits hidden from the the peering eyes above her. With the sheet in her hands, Nami wrapped it around her naked form. It was nearly transparent, but it was better than nothing.

She hopped off the bed and strode towards the large closet before opening the door gently. The inside still contained the same style of clothes with which she had utilized earlier during her first stay on the sub, but this time there were some new articles of clothing. Nami had forgotten that the crew had gone and bought a whole new wardrobe for her. The whole reason that she had a chance to escape was because of their shopping trip. Too bad that it hadn't work out as well as she thought it would. It would have been nice if she didn't have to use these clothes at all.

Nami scanned the fabrics and picked out ones that she thought were suitable. She grabbed a pair of panties and a bra before heading towards the empty bathroom. She could feel Law's piercing eyes on her as she made her way across the room. She thought for a moment that he would stop her and force her to change in front of him, but when the solid wood of the door closed behind her, she breathed a sigh of relief.

However, she knew better than to let her guard down. With that strange ability of his, he could easily teleport her or himself while she was dressing so that she was naked in front of him again. Keeping this in mind, the orange- haired woman made sure to keep the flimsy sheet around her body at all times. It was difficult to dress this way, but she felt that it was necessary.

Once Nami was done clothing herself, she wadded up the sheet in her hands before stepping out of the bathroom to face her captor once again. He had moved from his spot next to the bed, and was now leaning against the wall next to the door of the bathroom. He glanced up at her as she made a show of tossing the crumpled cloth in her fist back onto the stripped bed.

"If you're through with being silly, come with me. I'll take you on a tour of your new home. Afterwards I'll allow you to eat since it seems that Bepo failed to give you proper nourishment last time." Nami crossed her arms in reaction to his words.

"I'm not being silly. I'm being cautious; I have a reason to be. And this is not my new home. I will figure out a way to leave here. It's only a matter of time before I'm gone." The doctor's eyes seemed to harden as he listened to what she had to say.

"It seems that you still have obedience issues. I hope that you don't think that I'll allow you to escape again. Even if you do happen to get away, I'll find you like I did the last time." His cold grey eyes stared into hers as he spoke. The promise behind his words was making Nami weak in the knees as well as causing her to lose heart. He meant what he was saying, and considering the power of the man before her, she wouldn't be able to do anything to oppose him. "I'll deal with your unwillingness to join my crew later, but for now, follow me."

He stood up from his relaxed position on the wall to begin walking in the direction of the still agape door leading to the hallway. Nami followed him hesitantly once she came to the conclusion that he wasn't going to put up with her attitude for much longer. She wanted to save what ever patience he had left for later.

Once outside in the hall, the straw-hat navigator was starting to feel a bit more comfortable with her surroundings. Now that she was walking around and not trapped in a room with the captain of the Heart pirates, she felt liberated. Although, her common sense was nagging her from the back of her mind to stay alert.

The tour of the yellow sub was nothing spectacular. From what she could tell, it was just a regular ship which happened to have to ability to go under water. Speaking of the submarine's capability to go under the watery surface, they were at the moment simply barely bobbing below waves. from the looks of it, they were still at the port of whatever island that they had docked on.

Nami made a mental map as she was shown where the kitchen, crew quarters, and sitting areas were. She already knew the location of the infirmary, as well as the control room from her frantic sprinting around during her escape, but her tour guide made sure to present these rooms to her anyway. Her map was nearly complete; however, there was one room in particular that she was very interested in, but she highly doubted that Law would show it to her. She would just have to snoop around and find it herself; the room where the crew stored their treasures and money. That was sure to give her some entertainment during her time in this prison.

As soon as the the brief tour of the yellow submarine was over, Law lead her back towards the kitchen and mess hall where she would be eating all of her meals for however long she would be trapped here. The feeling of the eatery was different from the one on the Thousand-Sunny. Unlike her own ship, the sub's dinning area almost had a cafeteria feel to it; cold, impersonal, and efficient. She supposed that it had to be set up in such a matter since the Heart Pirates had many more men who were apart of the crew. If they ate their meals in the same style that the Straw-hats did, there would be nothing but utter chaos during eating hours.

The red-head was snapped from her musing as a deliciously thick, meaty smell wafted into her nose. It was heavenly. At the moment she was so hungry that she could probably eat a whole sea king herself; not literally obviously. She glanced to her side where the surgeon of death had positioned himself. Nami wasn't exactly certain how he wanted her to go about this. Was she supposed to just walk up and ask for something, or was it a set menu? She had no idea what to do. As she began to search the walls for some kind of indication of what meal was being served, Law spoke up from beside her. "There are three different meal types that you can order. I assure you that they are all equally nutritious since I selected and combined each one to contain the proper amount of vitamins and nutrients for a day."

Nami looked uncertain as she approached the counter where a gruff man was waiting for her. She could only assume that this pirate was the chef aboard this vessel. He had a white jumpsuit like the rest of the Heart Pirates, only he had his zipped open so that the top part of the suit was removed from his upper body and hanging around his waist. Covering his muscular chest was a white wife-beater and his arms which were crossed; waited for her to speak. The strawhat navigator wasn't sure whether she was comfortable with this man handling her food; not that she really had a choice.

"Um," Her voice came out unsteadily at first, but hearing herself speak seemed to build her courage. "What exactly does each meal entail? Don't skimp on the details. I want to know every herb and vegetable required to make each one. Understand?" The man behind the counter lifted an eyebrow at her demand. Law couldn't help but mimic the action of the chef. Nami had only been on his sub for barely a day, and already she was ordering around his crew as if they were her servants. He wasn't exactly sure how he felt about this.

Barley, the man behind the counter, locked eyes with his captain; checking to see whether the woman in front of him was being serious or not. To his dismay, Law gave his subordinate a curt nod to indicate that he should do as she says. Begrudgingly, Barley began to name each ingredient in every dish being served today. After the listing of foods, Nami thought about the options and decided to order the third meal type. Of course she made a few adjustments in order to make it to her liking.

After receiving her customized dish, she sat down at one of the many tables and started to eat. The food couldn't be compared to Sanji's. The meal was mediocre at best, but at this point she was so starved that she couldn't care less. As she brought spoon after spoon of thick curry to her mouth, Law came and sat across from her. He leaned back in the wooden chair and crossed his arms as he observed her eating. It was a bit unnerving to the female pirate at first, but she figured that she would have to get used to his peculiar actions if she were to survive here.

"I will be giving you some freedom to roam the sub at will. We will be traveling under the surface for the next few days, so i don't see the harm in giving you a little freedom. However, I can easily take that privilege away from you if you decide to cause trouble. Understand?" Nami nodded her head once to show that she had heard him. Having the ability to walk around freely would greatly aid in her search for the treasure room.

"Don't make me regret this decision. I'll have you know, You will have a curfew of midnight. I expect you to be in my quarters by that time. If you are late even once, you can say goodbye to your ability to roam." The red-head froze mid-chew when she heard this bit of information. She had totally forgotten about how Law expected her to room with him. Now she knows that if she refused, he would most certainly take her privileges away. She finished chewing the bit of food in her mouth before she swallowed it and spoke.

"Actually, I was meaning to speak to you about our sleeping arrangements." Law inhaled slowly through his nose, then let it out quickly from his mouth. He apparently knew that she was going to be difficult when this topic arose. "How exactly is this going to work? I'm not really fond of sleeping on hard surfaces, so I must insist on getting the bed. I'm sure you probably have some sort of extra padding that you can lay on the ground right?" The man before the navigator gave her a look of annoyance.

"I assure you, you will sleep on the bed, and so will I. It's only natural that a man and his woman share a bed, isn't that right? Surely you knew this, and you were only testing whether or not you could get out of it. This point is not debatable. You will submit to me, whether you like it or not." Nami let her head fall forward in defeat. There was no use arguing with him when he was so adamant about something. However, she would need to remind him that she was, in fact, not his woman.

She finished the rest of her meal in silence, as Law continued to observe her. Once her plate was free of any food, she grabbed the glass of water that had come with her dinner and drank thirstily. The cool liquid felt good on her throat after the searing, hot meal she had just devoured. With her appetite sated, she felt up to walking around and exploring.

She grabbed her dirty dishes and walked them back to the man behind the counter. He took them wordlessly and disappeared into the depths of the kitchen. Nami turned around to begin exiting the room, only to be met by the steely gaze of the dark doctor. He was standing by the door of the dinning hall; waiting for her to leave. Murky gray met with hazelnut as the pair locked gazes. To the orange-haired woman, it almost seemed as if the pirate captain planned on accompanying her further.

"I thought you were going to allow me to have some freedom." Nami placed her hands on her hips in order to display how much she was disappointed at his not leaving. He raised an eyebrow in response to her attitude, but he did nothing more than tilt his head towards the gaping doorway; indicating that they should hurry up and leave together. She let out a sigh as she did as he implied. The quicker she followed his lead, the faster she would be able to get away from his presence.

Law lead the way back towards the control room where there were many more crewmen in jumpsuits. Heads turned in the duo's direction as they made their way towards a somewhat secluded corner containing a desk with piles of paper on top. Law stopped before the desk and turned around to face the woman following him. "This is the navigation post. There are various kinds of maps from all around the world as well as equipment to draw your own maps. I figure that this should be enough to keep you busy for a while."

The cartographer nodded her head in understanding. Having the ability partake in her hobby while aboard this ship was going to keep her sane. Although, drawing maps was going to be difficult unless she could actually get out and explore the islands her herself. "As much as I would love to draw maps, I can't do that unless I personally go out and get the dimensions of the island." Law simply replied with a shrug of his shoulders.

"Whether or not you will be allowed off of the sub all depends on your behavior," A sly smile crept its way onto the face of the doctor. "and also your obedience. If I do happen to allow you to roam the island, I will be accompanying you of course." Nami should have seen that coming. Her last escape attempt showed Law just how desperate she was to get away, and he knew that the next chance she had to escape, she would go for it. He wasn't going to take any chances with her anymore. It was obvious that he planned on sticking close to her from now on.

The female pirate could feel many pairs of eyes on her form as she skimmed through the piled maps on the wooden desk. The crew of the Heart pirates undoubtedly recognized her as the woman who burst from within the sub and jumped overboard into the sea. She couldn't help but wonder if the men knew why she was here.

Her question was answered when the dark-haired man behind her cleared his throat. The crew stiffened in response to their captain who was about to address them. "This woman will be joining us on our journey from here on out. Her name is Nami, and she is my woman. None of you will lay a hand on her. If you do, I'll see to it that you won't be able to do so again since you will no longer have hands to commit the crime with. She has the ability to roam the ship, and I suggest that you respect her since she was, in fact, a former Strawhat pirate. That will be all. You may now resume your duties."

The group of men in white jumpsuits quickly returned to pushing buttons and checking gauges once Law had finished speaking. He turned around to face the stunned red-head behind him. He had called her his woman again. She really needed to correct him on that point.

He uttered the word "come" as he took hold of her wrist and pulled her towards the middle of the room. There, a lone chair with plenty of padding was stationed. Nami could only guess that this seat was the captain's chair. The supernova lowered himself into the chair as he effortlessly pulled her into his lap so that she was sitting between his spread legs. He rested his chin on her shoulder and let a puff of air ruffle her hair as he showed his contentment at her compliance. His tattooed arms placed themselves around her midsection where they would rest comfortably.

"I'm glad to see that you are taking my words seriously. Keep acting like this, and I assure you that you will be happy." His voice caused his chest to rumble against her back. Nami shot him an annoyed look from the side of her eyes, but quickly stopped when she felt Law's appendages tighten around her stomach in warning. It would probably be best if she didn't anger him now. He seemed to be in a good mood. Nothing but harm would come from ruining it.

The Strawhat pirate turned her gaze back to the room around her. There were many consoles which crew mates were slouched over as they worked. Everyone was stealing glances at her and their captain every once in a while; wondering what exactly was going on between them. Nami was a little disappointed to see that the Bepo was not present, but she figured that he may have some sort of other duty down in the boiler or something. Either way, the bear was fun, and she was sure that there was plenty of fun to be had. It wouldn't be too hard to entertain herself as she waited for the help of her friends.

Now where should she start?

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