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Prologue: Dreaming.

"They say if you die in your dreams, you die i real life."

I knew I was dreaming. I had had this dream ever since he left. But knowing that you are dreaming almost never affects the terror or joy that the dream makes you experience.

I was standing in the woods by my house. Then, suddenly at the same time as always, I was running; or flying; I couldn't never tell which, as the speed I was traveling made it hard to determine. As with all dreams, you could be one place one second, then in an entirely different place, and feel no confusion about how it happens.

That always happened in this dream. Suddenly, I saw at the familiar cliffs of La Push; and then I was standing on the edge of the highest one. I could feel my anticipation mounting, that unbearable twisting of the stomach as you wait for something—anything to happen.

And just as suddenly, I was falling. I could see the ground slowly rushing up to meet me at different angles over and over as my mind re-played the same scene from different points of perspective, before settling on looking through my dream-self's eyes.

As I fell this final time, my head turned of it's own accord to look to the right, and in the distance, I saw an angel flying toward me.

This was no vampire, I knew, because this angel was actually flying.

His short dark brown hair was swept back from his face; revealing his brown eyes wide with panic as he raced to save me; there was blood on his face; blood I knew was his own. Holding onto his hand as he flew was a young blonde girl; her eyes too were wide as she watched me fall, and she seemed to shout something to the angel.

I wondered who she was. Someone else he had saved? Suddenly I noticed something else that supported the angel theory.

As my dream-eyes took in the massive pure white wings sprouting from his shoulders, I slowly turned my head to face downwards again, and seeing the rocks below flying up at an unprecedented rate, I knew that the angel and the girl would be too late to save me.

As I have said before, even knowing that you are dreaming does not in the least diminish the fear of the experience.

As the ground rushed up to meet me, I let out a blood-curdling shriek of terror seconds before I hit the deadly rocks.