Sweet Love Part 4

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Lucius Malfoy listened with an inexpression face to Dumbledore go over the rules for him to stay the night with Severus Snape his "best friend" since no one knew they were together as well as Harry Potter. It wouldn't due to get his lover fired from his job.

"Rule one: Do not talk to Harry Potter. You're not married to him!" Dumbledore spilled like it was a scandal or something.

Lucius rolled his eyes, actually he was married to Harry but that was under wraps since he was also married to a potion professor that taught at Hogwarts…

"Rule two: Leave your hands to yourself. I'm surprise you don't have child severest checking to see if you've touched your own son! Harry is half your age!"

Lucius gritted his teeth and fought to keep his face expressionless, no one ever specks to him this way. Damn the old fool! "I'd never harm my son," Lucius spat.

Dumbledore's eyes twinkled. "Rule three: If Harry Potter appears before you, you are to avoid him. Go another way in the hallway, make an excuse, I don't care as long as you do not talk to the boy within these halls! The portraits will be watching!"

Lucius Malfoy stood, "Will that be all Albus?" He asked in his best Malfoy voice before turning and sweeping out before hearing the answer.

Severus Snape stood at the entries waiting for his lover to appear. He couldn't hold back a smirk as his blond lover stepped off the stair well, but lost it as Lucius passed him without a second glance. The old fool did something.

He followed his blond lover towards the dungeons, as they passed the common room doorway, Draco stepped out. He smirked at the sight of his father and called out in greeting only to be ignored as his father strolled past seething in rage at the old fool.

Severus stopped long enough to explain, "He just came from Dumbledore's office."

"Oh…" Draco looked to where his father was spitting out the password to Snape's Courters and stepping inside. "Well, good luck!" Draco stepped pass his godfather, "I have to meet up with Harry." And he took off down the hall.

Snape sighed and went to his portrait and breathed out the password in a low mutter before stepping through.


Harry looked up from his potion text, "Hey Dray!" He called with a big grin, he had detention with Snape tonight and Lucius was coming to see him as well.

Ron and Hermione who were sitting across from him grabbed their stuff and stood up, "Good-bye Harry, see you back at the common room." Than they disappeared in a hurry out of the library.

Draco smirked as he pulled out a chair and sat down, "I see those two still run away when I'm around."

Harry rolled his eyes, " I told them if they couldn't talk nice to you then they shouldn't even try to talk to you." He shrugged, "I told you the same thing didn't i?" He looked back to his text book, "they said if they see you they will just leave so they won't be tempted to make me mad because Ron can't hold in an insult."

Draco grinned, "That's a blessing from Merlin!"

"I thought you would say that," Harry said with a yawn.

Draco watched him closely, "Have you been sleeping at all?"

Harry grinned sleeplessly, "help me with my potion's work?" he asked by passing the question.

Draco rolled his eyes, "What do you need help on?" He asked as he pulled the book towards him so he could see what the other boy was working on. "Harry we haven't even started this stuff yet?" He looked at the teen like he'd gone insane.

"I know," Harry said taking the book back. "It's assignment I'll have to make up while I'm in hospital."

"So you're doing the work early?" Draco leaned over the table, and felt the dark haired teens forehead, "Are you feeling well?"

Harry slapped his hand away, "Not funny, Dray." Harry huffed, "I can get things done when I want to!" The green eyed boy yelled getting the attention of the librarian.

"Shhh!" The librarian said to the two of them putting her pointer finger to her lips and glaring at them.

Harry blushed and Draco rolled his eyes, "Sorry," They chorused.

She shook her head and walked back to her desk. Draco began helping Harry with his assignments.


"That stupid old fool!" Lucius snared.

Severus stood back very amused and watched Lucius Malfoy tear up his room. He sighed, Malfoy men were always a little over dramatic. "Oh well, the house elves will have something to do for once…" Severus leaned against the wall and closed his eyes. This was all just too amusing to Severus Snape.