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New Senshi R

By Emma Iveli

Long Ago, the Silver Millennium was a time of a great prosperity for the Solar System. The Moon Princess held the legendary Silver Crystal. She was not only one however.

Princess Spring of the Sun also held the Copper Crystal while Princess Vega held the Cerulean Crystal.

These three Crystals held great powers and it was no surprise that evil wanted them… even if they were separate in going about it.

In the Dangai Precipice World, a young girl with long orange hair was running though it, as a gate way back to the human world. For the past month she has been training the Soul Society due to the possible return of Aizen and his army of Arrancar. However something happened back in the Human World and she had to return.

Two Soul Reapers guided her back to the Human World, it was more of a fortunately. The Soul Society respected the girl, possibility even more than her friend Ichigo for certain reasons. And those reasons are important to this story.

The three of them ran a strange tear opened up, someone came out of it which made her freeze, it was an Arrancar, one she had seen before.

"It's you…" she said.

The Arrancar injured one of the Soul Reapers… not just injured him, but basically tore off his arm!

The girl called upon her Special Powers.

"Leave!" said the girl to the other Soul Reaper.

"But!" said the other Soul Reaper.

The Arrancar used his powers to tear off his arm as well… the girl extended her powers to heal the other man.

"To heal them with such catastrophic wounds, your power is amazing." Said the Arrancar.

There was a silence.

"Come with me girl" He said, "Don't say a word other than yes."

The girl stared at the Arrancar before her.

"If you do not come, I will kill." He said, "But not you, your friends."

That was when the images of Ichigo, Rangiku and Toshiro appear on the screen.

The girl was in shock, she had no choice… she had to go with him…

Perhaps that would have happen had it been another reality. She instead remembered what a certain blonde friend with pigtails and buns said to her.

"I heard about what Mr. Hat and Clogs said about not fighting the Arrancar. If you're ever in a pinch, use your Senshi powers. Rukia told me that even the weakest Senshi can take on a Captain… maybe it's the same for Arrancar… but use it only if you have to."

"I won't let you hurt my friends!" said the girl.

She took out a blue flower shaped brooch from her pocket.

"Eris Cosmic Power! Make-up!" said the girl… who indeed Orihime.

Chapter 1: The Return

It had been more than a month since the defeat and healing of Sailor Galaxia and things has since regained a sense of normalcy… As sense there were changes from before…. Such a giant study group… it was more along the size of a class but it was still considered a study group.

"They're sleeping again." Sighed Haruhi.

They referred to Konata, Tsukasa, Osaka, Tomo and Usagi.

"How are we going to wake them this time?" asked Haruka… she and Michiru didn't want to be in the group but since their time as Sailor Senshi was pretty much over… well yeah...

Yuki took out several paper bags.

"I'm still not used to your abilities." Said Makoto with a sweat drop.

After waking them up with the paper bags.

"What just happened." Cried Tsukasa.

"Morning already?" asked Osaka.

"Why can't we just copy homework?" asked Konata rubbing her eyes.

"Because the point of this stuffy group is that we can study together and you won't have to copy any one's homework." Said Kagami.

"Your just saying that so people won't copy your homework." Said Tomo.

"You're one to talk!" yelled Yomi.

Tsukasa sighed, "I miss Orihime…" said Tsukasa.

"She was a dummy like us… but she was good at school work." Said Usagi.

"When is she coming back again?" asked Tomo.

"I really don't know." Said Tatsuki with a sigh, "She said she's doing a lot better last time I talked to her."

That was when Tatsuki's cell phone began to ring.

"Hello?" she asked.

She heard crying on the other end.

"Okay Yuzu, calm down." Said Tatsuki, "What happened?"

Tatsuki heard what going on and said "I'll be there right away."

She hung up the phone and said "It's an emergency, I'll have to leave early."

The other nodded… except for Osaka and Tsukasa who somehow fell right back to sleep.

Sometime later at the Kurosaki clinic, Rukia watched in amazement as Hotaru healed Ichigo's injuries.

There was a knock at the door.

Rukia opened the door, and saw it was Tatsuki, Karin and Yuzu.

"What happened?" asked Tatsuki.

"He fought with an Arrancar." Said Rukia, "As you can see he lost."

"Ichigo." Cried Yuzu.

"Don't worry, he's going to be fine." Said Hotaru, "I've been working on my healing abilities. They're a lot stronger than they used to be. No where near Orihime's but very strong."

"Where's Orihime?" asked Tatsuki.

"I don't know… something is blocking communication with the Soul Society." Said Rukia.

Tatsuki sighed, she couldn't help but to feel worried.

Meanwhile in a place called Las Noches, in the world of Hueco Mundo. The Arrancar Ulquiorra Cifer, was apologizing.

"I am sorry that I failed in my mission." He said to Aizen.

Aizen was surprised that Ulquiorra had failed in his mission… but hid it well.

"What happened?" asked Aizen.

"The woman… while not is not a fighter in the sense of a Soul Reaper… she is a fighter in a different sense…" explained Unrulier, "She is a Sailor Senshi."

"Is that so?" asked Aizen, "Did you get her Senshi name."

"I heard he say "Eris Cosmic Power." When she transformed. That might be her Sailor Senshi name." said Ulquiorra.

"Sailor Eris… is that so." Said Aizen, in his studying of the Sailor Senshi he remembered that Sailor Eris was one of the two other Princesses of the Solar System.

"I understand." Said Aizen with a mysterious smile.

"Well Ulquiorra it looks like the training for the Sailor Wars worked." said Gin (Aizen's right hand man) with his usual smile.

Ulquiorra nodded, after a certain incident, the Arrancar were forced to watch various videos in the style of American 1950's school films about what to do when a Sailor Senshi showed up. Basically the message was "If you see a Sailor Senshi! Run away!"

Well it could have been worse, Gin considered doing re-cuts of Barney and Dora the Explorer… but Aizen thought it was too evil…. Even if all the Arrancar locked him in a little rubber room when he told them about the Sailor Senshi.

"However I believe that a change plans is needed." Said Aizen with a smirk.

That night, in a forest just out side of Tokyo, there was a mysterious set of ruins, it was a set of strange stone rings. On the edge of one those rings were strange stone circles… 5 of them, each circle had a symbol, one stone had the symbol of Jupiter, one stone has the symbol of Uranus, one stone had the symbol of Neptune while the last two had the symbol of Saturn.

That was when the 5 stones cracked, each releasing a different colored energy, lime green, venetian red, international orange, aquamarine and midnight green into the night sky.

The center ring shatter and a young woman appeared! I'm finally free!" she shouted.

5 girls woke up at the moment… 4 of them were Tomo, Kagura, Yomi and Karin.

They all went back to sleep afterward like nothing happened.

The next day Ichigo woke up to find all of his wounds were gone, he looked to see Tatsuki, his sister and Hotaru were all sleeping in the room.

"What happened?" he asked.

"Oh your awake." Said Tatsuki who had just woken up.

"My wounds." Said Ichigo unsure what to say.

"Hotaru has healing abilities." Said Tatsuki.

"I see." Said Ichigo.

That was when Toshiro came to the window.

"Good your both here." Said Toshiro.

"Don't you ever use a door?" asked Karin waking up.

Toshiro sweat dropped.

"Either way, we should go to Orihime's apartment." Sighed Toshiro.

Stay here." Said Ichigo to his sister and Hotaru.

Ichigo left his body and went with Toshiro, while Tatsuki followed.

Ichigo and Toshiro got the apartment a few minutes later, Tatsuki came a few minutes after wards.

"Everyone's here." Said Renji, he looked at Tatsuki, "I still need to get used to her…"

Tatsuki glared at him.

They opened a link to the Soul Society and saw both Captain Ukitake and Orihime.

"There's no need to worry." Said Captain Ukitake, "Orihime is fine."

Tatsuki breathed a sigh of relief.

"What happened?" she asked.

"Well you see, the two that were escorting me were suddenly attacked by an Arrancar so I did something amazing and that scared hm off!" said Orihime.

"What did you do?" asked Renji.

"That's classified." Said Orihime with a cute wink (and for some reason using Mikuru's catch phrase).

"She's fine." Said Ichigo with a sweat drop.

"Um…" said Orihime, "Can I talk with Tatsuki alone?"

Rangiku smiled and began to usher everyone out as Ukitake left the room in the Soul Society (he knew what Orihime wanted to talk about as well).

"What's wrong?" asked Tatsuki.

"The thing I did… was transform." Said Orihime.

Tatsuki sighed, "Didn't Usagi say it was all right?" asked Tatsuki.

"She did… but I really didn't want to do that…" said Orihime, "Now they know I'm a Sailor Senshi."

"It's not that bad right, I remember hearing that Aizen's afraid of Sailor Senshi." Said Tatsuki.

Orihime laughed, "You are right about that… I guess they won't try to kidnap me again…"

Tatsuki sighed, "What else happened Orihime?" she asked.

Orihime sighed, "Well you see." Said Orihime who began to explain that it the Arrancar from the first attack, and that he told her to come with him or he would kill Ichigo, Rangiku and Toshiro.

"Are you going to try to keep it a secret?" asked Tatsuki.

"I told the other captains." Said Orihime.

"I mean from everyone else." Said Tatsuki.

Orihime was silent, making Tatsuki shake her head.

"Are you going to comeback soon?" asked Tatsuki.

Orihime nodded, "This afternoon, they're planning to give me different escort." She said.

"That's good…" sighed Tatsuki.

Orihime nodded…

Elsewhere, in a mysterious a space, a young woman wearing a black cloak sat. Thinking about what she should do.

"Should I go after the crystal and establish that as my goal… or should I get revenge on the 5 that sealed me away." Said the woman, "You know what the Silver Crystal now, revenge next time."

She smiled, "Things are different now… things change… Many things change."

Later that day, after school, at Juuban High.

"I got a call from Setsuna this morning everything's fine Kurakara." Said Usagi.

"That's good." Said Minako.

"I wonder what happened." Said Makoto.

"It's a little scary to have our friend be in a war that we can't participate." Said Ami.

"I know." Said Usagi.

Nearby the woman watched them.

"There the Silver Crystal." She said with an evil smile, "I guess I should do my thing…"

She created a black ball, the black ball turned into a monster.

"Go retrieve the Silver Crystal for me." Said the woman.

The monster nodded and jumped to the group of girls.

"What the!" yelled Usagi.

"Darn it!" shouted Makoto punching the monster.

"Let's transform." Said Minako.

The other three nodded.

"Mercury Crystal Power!" said Ami.

"Jupiter Crystal Power!" said Makoto.

"Venus Crystal Power!" said Minako.

"Moon Cosmic Power!" said Usagi.

"Make-up!" said all of them.

All of them transformed into their Senshi ready to fight the monster.

The monster knew what it was up against and multiplied it self.

"What the!" cried Sailor Moon.

"Maybe we should call for back up." Said Sailor Mercury.

Sailor Moon nodded and did so…

"Please a monster is attacking, it has the power to multiply itself… we need anyone we can get to help!"

The message was heard by all… even Orihime… however…

"Something's happening." She said.

"Of course…" said Soi Fon (who was escorting her) with a sweat drop, "It figures."

"Do you think we'll be able to get there in time?" asked Orihime.

"It's doubtful." Said Soi Fon.

Orihime nodded… as the continued their way though.

Back in the Juuban section where it was happening Sailor Mars there right away.

"Mars Flame Sniper!"

The attack hit but it only caused the one it hit to multiply some more.

"A lot of help that did." Said Sailor Venus.

"That's not helping!" yelled a voice, "Ganymede Supreme Thunder!"

The lighting attack hit many of the monsters, once again multiplying them… so that there were a lot more.

The 5 inner Senshi turned to see Sailor Ganymede being shaken by Sailor Titan while Sailor Triton also yelled at her, while Sailor Io, Sailor Rhea and Sailor Makemake stood off to the side.

"You don't just jump in!" yelled Sailor Titan.

"Look what you did!" yelled Sailor Triton

That was when Sailor Dione, Sailor Phobos, Sailor Deimos, Sailor Sun, Sailor Juliet, Sailor Charon, Sailor Pandora, Sailor Larissa, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus showed up.

"Wow… I didn't expect you two to show up…" said Sailor Jupiter.

"Sun threatened to tell Taniguchi we were in relationship…" said Sailor Uranus.

"He's my class' pervert." Said Sailor Sun.

Everyone sweat dropped at this…

"Maybe we should just focus on the fight." Said Sailor Phobos.

"We have to find the weak point." Said Sailor Juliet, "It will be on the original of them."

"Will our computers be able to find them?" asked Sailor Mercury.

Sailor Juliet nodded.

Sailor Mercury, Sailor Rhea, Sailor Juliet and Sailor Pandora all summoned their visors to see where the real one was.

Fortney they did so and pointed to the where it was.

"It's over there!" shouted Sailor Pandora pointing to the monster.

Sailor Moon nodded and summoned her wand.

"Spiral Moon Heart Attack!"

The heart destroyed the true monster, turning the others into dust as well.

"I guess I'm a little rusty." Said a voice.

They looked up and the woman jumped down form some trees.

"Things have changed since I've been sealed… but the Sailor Senshi are still around." Said the woman, "But I guess that I've had that feeling that the full army isn't here…"

She smirked at Sailor Ganymede, "Well it looks like the leader of the Moon Senshi is here… do you know how much you made me suffer?"

Sailor Ganymede blinked, she looked at Sailor Titan, "I think you mean her."

"I see you got that demotion… how sad." Said the woman, "I guess I should introduce myself… I am Morgana and a team lead by Sailor Ganymede sealed me away over 1,000 years ago!"

"So I succeeded in something?" asked Sailor Ganymede.

"A seal that should last more than 1,000 years…" said Morgana with a nod, "Tell me… I see Titan and Triton… are Oberon and Mimas still around?"

"Mimas?" asked Sailor Ganymede.

"I guess you must have forgotten about her… but from you said you know about Oberon." Said Morgana, "Either way, the four of you very will pay… and Mimas too if I find her. Ta-ta!"

Morgana disappeared with a flash of light.

"Okay… what just happened?" asked Sailor Moon.

"I think we should have a meeting to discus it." Said Luna appearing seemingly out of nowhere.

"Where did you come from?" asked Sailor Ganymede.

Luna sighed at Sailor Ganymede, knowing she was going to be a pain the next few days.

"We have to have a meeting." Said Luna, "We should contact those that aren't here."

The other Senshi nodded.

In Akihabara, Konata was taking her break at her job (which was why she wasn't there) and saw the text that was sent out.

"A new enemy." She said, "Time for a second season."

In Kurakara Town Orihime had already arrived, Tatsuki was looking over the text as well…

"Great…" mumbled Tatsuki.

Morgan was in what looked to be a cave.

"Things are about to get interesting for Sailor Senshi… very interesting…" she said as she laughed evilly.

Omake Time: Lucky Channel: Episode 1

"Hiya Luckies! Akira Kogami here for season 2! And of course as always we have Minoru Shiraishi." Said Akira.

"Glad to be back everyone!" said Minoru.

Akira broke her happy go lucky idol façade, "Okay… I know it's great that we have a second season… but why didn't they tell me."

"I don't know… it must have been a last minute thing." Said Minoru.

Akira glared at Minoru, "You knew didn't you?" asked Akira.

"I don't know what you mean by that." Said Minoru.

"I think we both know what you mean!" yelled Akira.

Before she could attack the end music began to play.

"Over already?" asked Akira going back into idol mode, "Bye-nii!"

"Bye-nii…" said Minoru weakly.

The place card was placed…

"I know you knew… why did they tell you and not me…" said Akira.

"I don't know… maybe it was Emma's idea." Said Minoru.

"Why that..." yelled Akira before being cut off.

End of Omake Time!

Next Time: The Senshi discover who Morgana is... and Tomo's pissed off! Here one chance to shine is gone and she decides to earn it back... If Morgana wouldn't send monsters that are pretty much made of rubber after her that is...