Chapter 10: School Battle

It was just a normal morning at… um… that school. Yukari was gathering homework. When she noticed that Tomo didn't turn hers in.

"Tomo… why didn't you turn you homework in?" asked Yukari.

"Because someone is after my life and if I die I feel like I shouldn't do my homework!" yelled Tomo.

Yukari stared at Tomo, then took out a large book and threw it at her.

Nearby, Morgana was watching the school, "I sense Titan, Ganymede and Triton here…" she said, she then gave a very evil smile.

Back at the school, the six girls were eating lunch.

"Why did you give that excuse?" asked Yomi.

"Because it's true…" said Tomo.

"I'm glad I didn't use that." Thought Kagura with a sweat drop.

That's when they heard a few explosions.

"What was that?" asked Chiyo-Chan.

They went down stairs and saw several students running away from something.

That's when they saw the thing chasing them, a monster. They went back to hiding in the staircase.

"Why would a monster be attacking here?" asked Tomo.

Everyone else stared at her with sweat drops.

"Let me check something." Said Chiyo-Chan.

She took out her communicator.

In Karakura elementary. Karin's communicator began to beep, since it was lunch it didn't matter, she was eating lunch outside with Hotaru and Yuzu.

"What's wrong?" asked Karin.

"Is Morgana attacking your school?" asked Chiyo-Chan over the communicator.

"No." answered Karin.

"Is she attacking there?" asked Yuzu.

"She is." Said Chiyo-Chan.

Karin got up and began to run away.

Hotaru took her communicator and called one of the others at the school.

"Karin's going there." Said Hotaru.

"Why?" asked Yomi over the communicator.

"Because she after her too. Me and Yuzu are going tot call the others to see if they'll come. I know Setsuna will defiantly be able to make it…" said Hotaru.

"Thank you." Said Yomi.

Yomi hung up the communicators and they all nodded.

"Makemake Crystal Power!" said Sakaki.

"Rhea Crystal Power!" said Chiyo-Chan.

"Io Crystal Power!" said Osaka.

"Ganymede Crystal Power!" said Tomo.

"Titan Crystal Power!" said Yomi.

"Triton Crystal Power!" said Kagura.

"Make-up!" all of them called out.

The Senshi went into action. They went to fight the monster.

"So that's it." Said a voice.

They turned to see Morgana staining there.

"Well, well, well… so you already transformed." She said.

"That's right." Said Sailor Titan.

"So your three also go this school." Said Morgana, "I don't care… perhaps you three will deal with my monsters."

"Monsters… are in more than one?" asked Sailor Rhea.

"I planted three of them here." Said Morgana, "I'm going to see if you 6 defeat them… if not I'm going to take your lives!"

She then disappeared…

That was when there was a loud roar, they turned to see one of the monsters.

"All right! I'm going to stay behind!" yelled Sailor Ganymede.

"I'm going to make sure she won't destroy anything." Said Sailor Titan.

The other Senshi nodded and ran to find the other two monsters.

Elsewhere in the city, Sailor Oberon, Sailor Titania and Sailor Saturn were roof hopping to the school.

"Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Sun, Pandora, Larissa, Eris, Elara and Umbriel will be able to make it, no one else will though..." Said Sailor Saturn who was the one contacting the other Senshi.

"Is it more are those the only ones that seem like they are the experts of cutting class." Said Sailor Oberon.

"Wait… Wait about us…" said Sailor Titania.

"Don't worry, I'll tell daddy what happened and I'm sure that he'll clear everything out." Explained Sailor Saturn.

They both stared at Sailor Saturn, as this was never brought up in a conversation.

"Your dad knows?" asked Sailor Oberon surprised.

"He does." Confirmed Sailor Saturn, "It's a long story why he knows."

"Long story is an underestimate." Said Sailor Pluto suddenly appearing.

This scared the twins.

"Right now we should be focused on Morgana though." Said Sailor Pluto.

Sailor Saturn and Sailor Titania nodded while Sailor Oberon just sighed.

Back in the school, the four remaining Senshi had broken into two teams, Sailor Rhea and Sailor Io had broken into one team were looking for the monster.

"Hey! Monster! Where are you monster!" yelled Sailor Io.

That is when they heard some noise, they turned to see it was Yukari and Minamo hiding under a desk.

"Are you okay?" asked Sailor Rhea.

"You're the Sailor Senshi!" yelled Yukari.

The two nodded…

"Have you seen the monster?" asked Sailor Io.

"Um…" said Minamo pointing behind them.

They turned around and saw the monster coming at them.

Elsewhere in the school, Sailor Makemake and Sailor Triton were looking though the school looking for the other monster.

"You know you're really lucky she's not after you." Said Sailor Triton.

They heard a noise, that noise was two girls huddled together and those two girls were Kaorin and Chihiro.

"Are you two all right?" asked Sailor Makemake lending her hand to the two.

"You're the Sailor Senshi." Said Chihiro.

Sailor Makemake nodded.

Kaorin took her hand and began to blush.

"There's something about her…" she thought.

Sailor Triton stared at the two with a sweat drop.

"Great… she's developing a crush on her Senshi persona as well." She thought.

That was when the monster showed up.

"Makemake Animal Guardian!"

She created a red cat that attacked the monster.

"Wow… yet another new move." Said Sailor Triton.

Sailor Makemake nodded.

"All right! Let's do this!" yelled Sailor Triton.

Outside, Sailor Oberon, Sailor Titania, Sailor Saturn and Sailor Pluto had arrived. Morgana watched.

"Since one of them is Oberon, I'll let them in." said Morgana, "But…"

She enacted a barrier, smiling evilly.

Back with Sailor Rhea and Sailor Io, both were having a hard time with the monster.

"Rhea Fire Storm Smash!"

The monster just brushed it off.

"I don't think we can this on our own!" cried Sailor Rhea.

"Dead Scream…"

The attack hit the monster.

"Are you guys okay?" asked Sailor Saturn.

The two nodded.

"You two should go." Said Sailor Pluto.

"Okay." Said Minamo.

"Wait… but first…" said Yukari taking out a note pad, "Can you autograph a few things?"

Minamo began to drag her away causing everyone, including the monster to sweat drop.

"That was Yukari, wasn't it?" asked sailor Saturn.

"Yeah." Said Sailor Rhea.

Else where in the building, the monster that Sailor Ganymede and Sailor Titan were fighting was having a difficult time.

"Oberon Sphere Surprise!"

The ball hit into the monster.

"Hey!" said Sailor Titan.

"All right! Let's take down his monster!" said Sailor Oberon.

The two nodded and went after the monster.

Outside the other Senshi who were able to get there came across the barrier.

"Is there any way to get passed it?" asked Sailor Jupiter.

"There might be a way." Said Sailor Mercury.

Morgana watching them and listening to their conversation, laughed to herself.

"There's no way you can get passed it." He mused to her self.

"Weird!" said Sailor Pandora.

"Right!" said Sailor Eris, "Tsubaki!"

She summoned the little fairy, it broke though the barrier like it was nothing. The Senshi went in while Morgana was in shock.

"I guess… I guess I can use this chance to take the Silver Crystal…" she said to herself.

The three groups of Senshi each went to look for the monsters.

With Sailor Triton and Sailor Makemake they were now joined by Sailor Titania and were fighting the monster in a stale mate.

"Hey!" yelled a voice.

They turned to see Eris' group.

"You guys made it." Said Sailor Titania.

"We did…" said Sailor Umbriel.

"Try not to tell my brother about this…" said Sailor Titania with a sweat drop.

"You mean about you cutting school?" asked Sailor Elara.

Sailor Titania shook her head no, and they realized what she meant.

The monster got up.

"It's coming back up." Said Sailor Triton.

Sailor Eris gabbed her wand, "Eris Flower Storm!"

The flowers hit and destroyed the monsters.

"Hey you guys all right?" asked Sailor Makemake.

"We are." Said Chihiro.

"Um… I was wondering what your Senshi name is." Said Kaorin to Sailor Makemake.

"Oh, I'm Sailor Makemake." She replied.

"Do we want to know?" asked Sailor Umbriel.

"No you don't." said Sailor Triton.

With Sailor Io, Sailor Rhea, Sailor Saturn and Sailor Pluto they continued to fight off the monster.

"Pandora Blade Barrage!"

The blades hit the monster.

"Hey you guys need help?" asked Sailor Pandora.

"Can this fish!" yelled Sailor Io.

"The monster doesn't look like a fish…" said Sailor Sun with a sweat drop.

"Maybe we should just get rid of it." Said Sailor Larissa with a sweat drop.

Sailor Sun nodded.

"Sol Star Burning Light!"

With that the second monster was destroyed.

With Sailor Titan, Sailor Ganymede and Sailor Oberon they all nodded at each other.

"Titan Earth Shaker!"

"Ganymede Supreme Thunder!"

"Oberon Sphere Surprise!"

The three attacks hit the monster destroying it.

"All right!" yelled Sailor Ganymede.

"I guess we're too late!" said a voice.

They saw Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter.

"Yeah, you were." Said Sailor Titan.

"I guess that's okay." Said Sailor Moon.

"Well so the monsters were defeated." Said Morgana appearing, "Well I minds as well take my consolation prize!"

She was about to grab the Brooch when a rose his her hand. She looked up and saw Tuxedo Mask.

"Tuxedo Mask!" said Sailor Moon happily.

The other Senshi in the building arrived and surrounded Morgana.

"Well I guess I won't be taking it another time… oh well." Said Morgana, "I guess I still have my back up plan."

She disappeared leaving the Senshi confused.

"Back up plan?" asked Sailor Venus.

"I have a bad feeling about it." Said Sailor Pluto.

Elsewhere Morgana looked at the rock she took from her seal.

"This might take a while, but it will be so worth it." She said.

Sometime later…

"And so due to the damage caused by the fights the school might be closed for a week or two." Said Tomo, "This is so awesome!"

"Yeah we don't have to worry about school." Said Osaka.

"It was a blessing in disguise." Said Kagura.

"You still are aware that your lives are in danger?" asked Yomi.

"I'm in danger?" asked Osaka.

"Not you… but… never mind…" said Yomi.

"We have a break from school, so don't worry about." Said Tomo.

Indeed they didn't have to worry, because for the time being Morgana wasn't after them but someone else… Someone who wasn't suspecting it…

Omake Time: Unable to Make It

Kagami had answered the alert from Sailor Saturn, Sailor Titania and Sailor Oberon.

"All right! Let's go!" yelled Konata who ran out of class.

"Wait… shouldn't we?" asked Miyuki.

However Nanako came in holding Konata by the ear.

"What do you think you're doing?" she asked.

"Nothing… not trying to play hooky." Said Konata.

"You better not." Said Nanako menacingly.

"I don't think we're going to be able to make this one…" said Kagami with a sweat drop.

End of Omake Time!

Next Time: Tatsuki has had it with Keigo's Senshi obsession. But she really can't do anything about it since it's a secret identity and all. What will happen? Find out next time!